10 Richest Atheists in The World


Some of us rely on prayer to get us through the day, or through any difficult situation in life. Prayer is also sometimes used by some to bring about success, or a specific triumph.

There are other individuals who don’t feel the need to pray, and in fact, don’t believe in any sort of higher power at all. Nevertheless, those who believe, as well as those who don’t, can all be super successful. But just in case you weren’t aware before, here are 10 of the richest atheists in the world:

Stephen Hawking

One of the most famous physicists and cosmologists of all time, as well as the author of The Grand Design and A Brief History Of Time, Stephen Hawking is worth $20 million.


In The Grand Design, Hawking discusses how unnecessary it is to involve the concept of god in order to understand existence, as “spontaneous creation works fine.” The scientist also told an interviewer in 2011, that heaven is a “fairy story for people afraid of the dark.”