10 Ways To Order Wine Like a Boss


Ordering wine is one of life’s lessons that is not taught by your parents. This is something you need to figure out alone. And when you’re sitting for dinner with your boss you will wish you had read this list to help you out in this tricky situation (and maybe even impress him).

These 10 tips will help you next time the sommerlier approaches and asks you, “And what will you be ordering today?”

A Glass or a Bottle?

Depending on how many people you are at dinner will depend on whether you get glass or a bottle. If you are on a romantic date, one bottle is probably enough. It will serve 4-5 glasses which should keep you entertained throughout the meal. Don’t forget, its always better to start slow too.


If you are a work party of 3 + people, ordering more than one bottle is advisable. You can make it more interactive by suggesting that you order a different bottle for each course which can complement what you eat.

Decide What You Are Eating

The first thing to do before ordering wine is to decide what you are going to eat. This will also depend on what time of the day you are dining. If you’re having lunch, white wine is probably a better choice. White meat and fish go really well with this type of wine, so try and look for that on the menu.


The most important thing is not to rush. If the waiter offers you the menu, tell him you would like to think about it. Then let yourself decide if todays meal is going to be full bodied red and meaty, or light with chicken.