11 Things You Should Be Wary of When Dating


We have all been there, that dreaded first date routine. For some people it comes naturally, for others not so much. There are plenty of things that are just unacceptable to do. Therefore, ladies, if your date does any of the following things on a first date, make sure to end it on the spot.

11. He’s trying to be someone he’s not.

Many people on a first date want to make a good impression and often tend to highlight their good qualities. Though there is a fine line between showing off your assets and looking ridiculous. So if he’s not funny, he shouldn’t try to be. If he doesn’t know a lot about Mozart, he shouldn’t pretend to.


10. He’s a cheapskate.

One of the worst things qualities a partner can have is being stingy and cheap. Whether it’s from the choice of restaurant to ordering the wine, he should never resort to the cheaper option, unless it has something sentimental to you both. Also, sharing a meal is out of the question.


9. He discusses the dating site you met on.

Many people these days end up meeting online, so probably the first time you meet them can be quite awkward. The important thing to understand about dating someone you met online is its not a subject that you should bond over. No one ever wants to know how many dates you’ve been on or who else you’re currently talking to on the site. Make sure he pretends that you met each other in real life, and all the awkward moments should pass.


8. Being late = FAIL.

No one minds if someone is a little late to meetings, even friends will forgive you for being an hour late, but you both should be on time to your first date. There is a little element of suspense for being a little late, but never be more than a few minutes out of schedule. If this happens, he should have some manners too and tell you he’s running late with a text message.


7. Have outdoor manners.

If you think you look cool because you are walking on the road rather than the sidewalk then think again. Your first date partner is not going to be too impressed if you get splashed on by a taxi or stopped by the police. Just walk on the sidewalk like a normal person and try to rub arms with your date. That is if you like them.


6. He asks too many questions.

If you are speed dating, then this can be ignored. But if you are on a first date, this is something he has to remember! No one likes to be interrogated, and even though he might think that this shows them he’s interested in your family history, it actually comes across quite stalker-like. Also, staying on a topic for too lo can bring about the danger of running into those quiet moments where neither of you know what else to say.


5. He answers a phone call from his mom.

If you are one of those people that still gets phone calls from their moms when they know you are on a date, make sure you put the phone on silent. He should know that his date does not want to hear him talking about laundry, Saturday night’s dinner or his grandmother’s hip whilst you eat your dinner. Avoiding any calls is probably recommended, unless he is playing the aloof game and getting someone to call him on purpose.


4. He’s getting too drunk.

If there is anything we all know about first dates, it’s that it’s meant to be awkward and that drinking your way out of that feeling is a bad idea. You will either really embarrass yourself by puking on the road or telling your date about how you are still in love with your ex. If he is doing something like this, run for the hills!


3. He’s playing the victim.

There is a very strange phenomenon that happens when we meet new people, we often try and play victims. He’ll might play the nice guy that can’t get the right girl, because girls only want bad guys. You might tell him how guys are such sleaze balls because they expect you to put out straight away. Both of you: stop. No one wants to hear that. Both of you should be confident in yourselves, rather than blaming others for your lack of success in the dating scene.


2. He’s hooked to his phone.

You have probably experienced this before, whether on a date or with friends, there is always someone that ends up being hooked to their cell phones. This is a huge no no on a first date and should only be used if you are looking up the address of the next bar you are going to hit. If you are trying to get out of the date, you should also know that there are numerous apps that will help you do that, so you’re forgiven.


1. He talks about his ex.

We get it, you are going on first dates because you just got dumped or you ended your 4 year relationship. That doesn’t mean that your potential future partner wants to hear all about it. If he is using your first date as a counselling session to talk about everything his exes did wrong, you will probably both feel deflated and a chance for intimacy will go out of the window. Just…no.