15 Ways to Sneak Veggies Into Your Child’s Meals Without Sacrificing Taste


Sadly, most kids hate vegetables. It seems as though putting it on their plate is asking for it to be wasted. However, we have this nifty list of tricks that you can use to sneak vegetables into their food, ways that they will never be able to detect lima beans, broccoli, carrots, or any other veggie for that matter?

15. Bake with ’em.

Your kids probably have sweet teeth, but did you know that you can bake breakfast sweets with veggies? Try making some tasty bran muffins, packed with zucchini and carrots in addition to the basic raisins, walnuts, and cinnamon recipe.


14. Frittatas

Families tend to love to begin the weekend with an egg-heavy brunch. Mix some eggs with veggies for a healthy, but filling breakfast. Bonus points for making enough in advance to have for the rest of the week.


13. “Cheese” soup

Even the pickiest eaters will love this tasty recipe. If your kids can’t stand the sight of cauliflower, just make this soup, and call it cheese soup (We won’t say anything!). You can even add more root vegetables like sweet potatoes to make it look more orange (cheesier).


12. Sweet potato pie.

Sweet potatoes, as well as other root vegetables can be helpful in assisting you in hiding vegetables in your kids’ meals. Due to their orange hue, you can easily convince your child that it’s cheese. So, a sweet potato pie can be a great way to sneak in the sweet potatoes. Just add some cheese or pumpkin puree!


11. Make it fun!

The next time you pack your kids’ lunch, decorate it! Cut veggies into thin strips, and create a face out of it! Cherry tomatoes for the eyes, peppers or carrots for the smile, or any other variation you’d like. They’re guaranteed to be convinced, simply because of the delivery of the food.


10. Make pudding a healthy breakfast.

If its base is avocado! Some of the most delicious recipes for chocolate pudding are made with avocado…and the best part is, that the kids will never even suspect that there is avocado in their pudding! Mwahaha.


9. Pumpkin/Butternut Squash Pancakes

Next time you decide to make pancakes, throw some pumpkin or squash puree into pancake or waffle mix. This will not only enhance the taste, but also add an extra serving of veggies, plus give it a fun color.


8. Add veggies to breakfast smoothies.

A handful of spinach or kale goes amazingly with any green fruit smoothie Try the classic Green Monster by blending 1 cup milk (or better, almond milk!), 1 frozen banana, 2 handfuls of spinach, some strawberries and other berries your kids like, and 1 tablespoon almond butter. Delish!


7. Make Yellow Cake!

Many moms all over love this recipe. This cake mix for cakes and cupcakes is versatile, and kids can bring it to school. There a super sneaky element, though, which keeps all the taste and texture of the original. It is yellow cake with oats, applesauce, and orange puree.


6. Zucchini-crust pizza

This is a sure way to get your kids to eat more vegetables. No one will ever know that you used zucchini instead of bread, and your kids especially, will not be able to detect the super-green color of the zucchini.


5. Make pasta with fresh tomatoes and veggies

When spaghetti and meatballs is your mid-week dinner, add a ton of extra veggies (like fresh tomatoes and other veggies) to the dish instead of opting for a plain and boring side salad (that your kids will never touch, anyway).


4. Grilled Cheese

Because of the melted texture of cheese in grilled cheese sandwiches, you can easily throw in some broccoli in the middle of the sandwich. Not only will your kids not be able to taste it, but they will probably not even spot it, as it’ll be lost in the cheesy goodness.


3. Blend in mushrooms

Replace half the ground meat in recipes, such as burgers, meatloaf and meatballs, with finely chopped and cooked mushrooms. In terms of color, they will blend in well with the meat, and even the texture won’t give your secret away.


2. Mac and Cheese

This is a classic American favorite, and let’s be honest: we all crave it. Instead of using Kraft, add a load of fresh veggies for a dose of extra nutrients. Spinach, tomatoes, peas, and broccoli make delicious additions.


1. Potatoes.

Everyone loves mashed potatoes, but they are extremely starchy. To add some extra nutritional value, mix every potato with cauliflower, or if you’re feeling adventurous and your kids are likely to comply, then add spinach, as well.