2022 Celebrity Hair Makeovers: Chrissy Teigen, Lea Michele


New hairstyle alert! Stars are not hesitant to change their look, whether with a radical haircut, extensions, or a test run of a wacky hue. And their tresses always look fantastic, owing to the assistance of Hollywood’s most excellent stylists and colorists.

Celebrities will undoubtedly debut some of the year’s greatest trends to start 2022. Several styles make a statement, including bobs, vivid colors, and powerful red tones.

Lea Michele is a good illustration. The 35-year-old actress requested a blunt cut from hairdresser Tommy Buckett, which will undoubtedly be popular in a few months. The Glee alum has been sporting long hair for a while, so the “huge shift” is a significant adjustment.

The stars decided to experiment with nearly every color there was. This year, Chrissy Teigen prioritized a modest change. She debuted a shoulder-length haircut and a lighter color courtesy of hairdresser Luke Pluck Rose.

Fans were shocked by the minor alteration in her appearance since they noticed a strong connection between Khloé Kardashian and the author of Cravings. One person commented, “I assumed this was Khloé Kardashian,” while the other said, “Damn! This is what Khloé felt. Another person said, “Is this really the Khloe Kardashian filter?

Khloé has not changed her hair color yet this year, but another family member has undergone a significant makeover. Her niece Penelope Disick launched a vivid red tint on TikTok in January.

In a video made for the “To the Salon” track, the little girl captured every step of the hair coloring procedure. Penelope demonstrated that she is well on becoming a beauty icon by getting painted in her living room, rinsing away the dye, and blowing out her hair.

She has worn hot colors before, though the red shade may be her most daring yet. In April 2021, Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter first introduced a color like this.

We are compiling the top looks of the upcoming year, from Paris Hilton to Nicki Minaj.

Doja Cat

A new beginning! In August 2022, the artist made her buzz cut debut on Instagram Live while telling her followers she “Never enjoyed getting hairstyle.”

The singer admitted to her fans that she never intended to have hair.  I have never been a fan of hair. Since the start of my existence, I can not recall once thinking, “This really is fantastic.” Simply put, I detest having hair.

King, Joey

Imagine pink! At the Bullet Train premiere in Germany in July 2022, the actress made her hair debut with an edgy, pink asymmetrical hairstyle.

January Jones

In March 2022, the actress went to hairdresser Bridget Brager for a bowl cut. She posted a photo on Instagram with the message, “Revisiting my childhood self.”

Sofia Richie

Baby, go blonde! With a bit of assistance from hairdresser Tauni Dawson, the model got rid of her deeper tone. She wrote in the description of her March 2022 Post On Instagram, “Brunette no more.”

Sydney Sweeney

Beautiful new color! The Euphoria star adopted the honey red hairstyle just before the March 2022 Film Independent Spirit Awards.