45+ Selfies That Didn’t Go According To Plan: Funniest Fails


Who doesn’t like to take selfies? In the old days, there was always one person left out of photos because they were the ones holding a camera. However, these days’ people prefer to take selfies rather than pictures of others. Selfies are all the rage these days. Everyone is taking them and posting them online for the world to see. But sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. These 50 hilarious selfies will show you just what we mean! From people who accidentally caught their reflections in the mirror to those who posed with a funny face and got it wrong, these selfie fails are sure to make you laugh!

The Mirror Never Hides Anything


Mirror selfies have been and will always be the most remarkable picture someone can have. Many people don’t even look at their background and click their mirror selfies, which can sometimes become a disaster. This picture is the prime example of why you should look at your background before clicking your mirror picture. The girl seemed to care about her beauty instead of focusing on her surroundings. Although many will look at her face, not everyone will be able to lose sight of her pants still down. This mirror selfie was a disaster and not a superb picture which can be posted online.

Nothing Better Than This

I May See A Better Selfie Of A Man, A Baby And A Dog This Month But I Doubt It

Every parent would want to take cute selfie of their baby and pet. But what if they both don’t have a good bond in start? There would be no way to take a cute selfie of them together. However, this dad found a hack mistakenly. Trying to take a selfie with his son he found the dog right behind him. Not only it is a cute picture but also deceiving. The dog looks sad as the baby have all their attention. But he didn’t know that he is always the part of family.

How Did He Even Get The Time To?


During panic situations all one can do is pray and ask god to make it better for them. However, this guy is from another world. His plane crash landed on water and he is out there wearing a life jacket and taking selfie. We hope everyone can be this calm in their life. How this guy even find his phone and thought of taking a selfie. If someone has a phone in this situation they would be calling and trying to communicate with someone in any way possible. But hats off to this guy, he has something that others will believe.

The Photo-bombing Friend


One thing that is a favorite for many is photo bombing their friends when they are about to take their couple selfie. Everyone must have done this with their friends. It may seem cute but really frustrating for the couple. But this is surely scary when you see the eyes. Looks like the couple wasn’t aware of their friend peeking from behind. They thought they took a cute couple photo but don’t know what they are going to see later. Hope they noticed in time so they can take one without their friend peeking in from the glass.

Found Guilty

Reflection Fail

Everyone has their way of pleasure but this is something no one would talk openly, even to their friend. This is a topic everyone will avoid talking about and no one would be honest until they are drunk. However, this lady showed everyone how she keeps herself satisfied. This lady is proud of things she buys and there should be more people like her. For some it may look staged, whereas some people may find it as a funny fail. But the girl here definitely doesn’t care what others think what they see here.

Knock, Knock!


Before the night ends for you it is important for you to check if everything in your house is at its place, especially your dog. In addition, the perfect time for a selfie is when you are about to take your make-up off and tuck yourself in bed. Looks she forgot to take her pet in and is busy taking a selfie. Well it is a cute selfie with her pet but it could’ve been better if the dog was inside. Hope it wasn’t cold outside otherwise it would be difficult for the dog to stay outside the entire night.

Not the Right Time!

When You See It

Celebration in the dressing room the winning team is must. It doesn’t matter what sports they play, the dressing room celebration is important for every player. Everyone wants to be a part of it and it is a great team bonding moment. But here they of the thought team selfie at the wrong time. While everyone was celebrating the last man was taking a shower. But he didn’t want to miss out the moment. Just look at how proudly he is standing there. This win must’ve been very important for him as well. That is a memorable one for him.

Shut It Off!


Pets cannot speak but the more time you spend with them the better you will understand their expressions. You can know what they are trying to say to you and if you do that, change of behavior can be noticed. Just like what happened here. In pets, especially cats are one of the biggest attention seekers you will get to see. Here the cat had enough of her owner using phone. When she found her it such state her expressions are enough to tell you what she wants to say to her.

Not Very Good At Photoshop…


This guy on the side of the car thought no one would know that the car didn’t belong to him. But he chose the wrong way to establish that he’s the owner of this sparkling red car. He made enough effort to get cardboard of himself to show people that this car belonged to him. No one could understand what was going through his mind when he decided to make cardboard of himself to show that he was the owner of this car. He could have asked someone to take his picture with the car, but he opted for the cardboard version.

That Is Literally a Flex


This is one amazing selfie. The girl here is not showing her pearl whites but her flexibility. It is amazing to see such selfie where people are showing their talent rather than their stupidity. Not only that, just look at how good she is with her foot. This is an extraordinary pose that we have found people brushing their teeth in. She must be a gymnast but if she isn’t it would be disappointing to hear that. She needs to show her skills in front of the audience and not in a restroom.

Disappointed Mother


There are countless things that a parent would disapprove their children from doing it. Parents work very hard in ensuring that there children are raised right and disciplined. However, this is one thing that no parent would want their kids to be doing in their room. Extreme disappointment can be seen on the mothers face. She may be thinking that is not the child that she raised. We wish we can see what she did after seeing her daughter like this. Finding her slipper and chasing her down the hallway would be a must one in this house.



Sometimes animals become so unpredictable, and we don’t even know what they might do when they are kept behind bars in the zoo. Seeing people might be their newest experience, and they might become more unpredictable. That is why there is a reason why many zoos have signs in which it’s asked not to disrupt animals and let them be however they want. This shows the prime example of why animals shouldn’t be irritated, and primarily not for a selfie. This camel decided to go for the lady’s head when she tried clicking a selfie with the humped animal.

The Tall People Selfie


Oscars are memorable events which stay in people’s minds. The pictures which come with the Oscars are also impressive. The Oscar selfie of 2014 was the most retweeted picture of 2014; it had 3,431,000 amount of retweets. This selfie had many memorable faces. Many famous people were seen in the Oscar selfie, tall people to be exact. It ought to be a hit with many famous faces in the selfie. This famous selfie was followed by a hilarious post from the back. In the picture, Liza Minnelli is standing on her toes to be in the selfie. Still, she is failing miserably because of the taller people in front of her.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.


Faking things on social media is normal now; people try to fake things more to seem cooler and less lonely. But sometimes, the portrayal might seem fake because of being oblivious of your surroundings, just like this girl in the photo. This girl thought no one would know that she was the one who was clicking her sleeping form. She wanted people to see how beautiful she looked while sleeping and how she might be in competition with the sleeping beauty. But she didn’t know how a mere mirror could tell who was lying and faking.

When You Can’t Find the Right Angle


Short length mirrors are not enough to capture full look hence they can be a hurdle when you want to capture yourself in full dress. Whenever you are dressed up you always want the outfit to be captured nicely. This attempt has been made here by a girl here but the mirror was short length. So in order to capture herself fully she stood in the toilet which gave a really amusing outcome. It is justified to find ways to be captured fully or to capture your dress but such options can sometimes lead to hilarious results.

A Deceiving One

Aww My Boyfriend Is So Sweet! Sneaking In Shower Shots Of Me

This girl thought she can be smart but was failed wrong by just a mirror. She tried to show that her boyfriend is also in the shower and trying to stop her from taking a selfie. But what she didn’t know is the mirror is there exposing her. Why do girls try to show as if they are in a relationship but in reality they aren’t? God knows what satisfaction they feel from doing such thing. But this girl got exposed right in the moment when she clicked the selfie. She must’ve been embarrassed if she posted this.

Never Miss an Opportunity

Selfie Background Fail

We have seen many people going for the selfie opportunity as soon as they get a chance. No one has ever discovered what excites people for taking selfie all the time. The scientists should research about this as well. It will clear everything out for once and all. This lady was no doubt looking pretty and her makeup was amazing. She thought it would be perfect to take a selfie while she is busy. However, the thing she was busy in should’ve not been disclosed, especially in the selfie she took in the restroom.

It Must Be Cold…


It must be cold where she is or likes to show off. Well it is clear that she couldn’t decide between which jackets to wear. But since the window is down it is confirmed that it wasn’t cold outside. Only she knows the reason behind this. Looks like she wanted to show her Guess denim jacket, but since she has a huge wardrobe taking a decision was difficult. We haven’t seen this trend yet but if this keeps on happening it might turn into one soon. But wouldn’t look good on everyone.

‘Daaaad! Stooop iiit!’


Privacy and personal space can never be an option if you live with your parents. Locking your doors can never happen, even when you are trying to take a picture to post on your social media. The same thing happened with this girl, whose selfie was photo bombed by her very shirtless father. You can bear your parents being embarrassing in real life, but it can get a little out of hand on social media. The girl probably thought she would click a harmless picture in which she would be posing, but it didn’t go as she wanted.

No Need to Zoom In!

Mirror Selfie. Look Closely

This one perfect selfie and the girl thought it the same way. For her everything was going her way but it was till the moment she had a proper look of the selfie. The angle, lighting, and the pose were right on point. But just the mirror wasn’t positioned well. Not only her magnified nostril but the stain on the small mirror makes it look like she has a running nose. It would’ve been great if she cropped the picture before posting it anywhere on her socials. But some people got a close look of her nostrils.

You Are Not Alone!


If we knew this girl we would definitely tell her to not get too immersed in getting a selfie. Have a look around yourself. Taking a selfie picture is a fashionable and fun-filled activity nowadays. People do not hesitate to take selfies anywhere. Some shots come very hilariously as the guy’s only focus on themselves. This pretty young lady indulges in her beauty so much that she almost forgets about her surroundings. She didn’t notice anything unusual in the background and eagerly took the selfie. Later, she found some intruder peeping at her with a single eye behind the curtain.



Who doesn’t love ice cream on a hot summer day? There is nothing that can beat the satisfaction of having an ice cream on such day. This girl here was trying to make other jealous but didn’t know what was going on right behind her back. Don’t know about making others jealous, but the cute dog behind her was surely was. She was ready to just gulp that soft serve right off her hand. But is very well-trained that he is still looking at it. That is a great definition of self-control right here.

Eyes Never Lie and Glasses Reflect the Truth


We all know traffic on a hot day is one of the last things someone would want to encounter. Anyways, selfie is now a part of our lifestyle no one wants a reason to click one. However, this lady did but lying is what she was not good at. The caption says about being in traffic. Whereas, her glasses clearly reflects that there is no single car on the road. She just wanted attention and a reason to take selfie and pout. Other captions would be better than a lying one. How did she not notice it?

Attention Seekers


When the lady pulled out her camera one of her cats saw it as a moment and took over to come in front. But when the other cat saw it she knew she wanted a better position to be in the picture. Here you can see where she decided to sit on. The white cat on the head looks like a perfect model. And you can see the black cat being jealous of the other one getting a better center of attention. The fight for attention between cats is a war going on for a long period now.

Pay Attention Please!


A lecture room is a place that requires you to pay the most attention. A lack of focus can cause you a great deal of marks and that would be the last thing you would want. Here is a lady trying to look her best for a selfie. The lecturer would be disappointed to see this picture. Where others are studying she is taking a selfie. But what if she is already prepared for whatever she is going to study here. That could be one thing that we didn’t think about properly in detail.

That’s Unique


We all have seen people posing with a pout or smile for selfie. Some people hold it so close to their face that one might be scared if they suddenly opened the picture. But this guy looks like a professional in this field of photography. Not only his pose but he got the perfect lighting, position and angle. Boy got it all sorted it. The distance between the camera and his face will make it look like someone else captured it. What a genius this guy is! We hope we can see the selfie taken.

A Cute One!


Everyone knows how cat parents are attached to their pets and love them even if they continuously scratch them. That is a next level love they have for him. There is nothing that is going to make them think different. Just look this selfie and see their bond. Just look at how similar they look and they share some similar features. Having the same colored eyes and that too with your cat is not common at all. And something that we don’t get to see every day.



No matter how confident you are in public gathering or other events. There is something that can easily make you feel awkward. Selfie is taken when someone is comfortable so they can feel their best to look the best. However, someone can definitely relate to this guy here. Not only that the selfie is a backward mirror selfie. The guy taking the selfie is caught off guard and the guy entering the restroom is also captured. The eye contact between these two guys would be a cold one. That is something they both will remember for their life.

Wait A Minute!


It may take you some time to notice things wrong in this selfie. It mainly looks like the lady just got her cup of morning coffee and is on the wheel to drive to work. Yes, take your time to see what could be wrong here. She is not only driving but has coffee in one hand and camera for the selfie in other. Then how is she handling it. This is a complete safety hazard and something that she should take seriously. In addition, she is not also wearing a seat belt that should be must.

Selfie Is a Priority


Some people can be great in multitasking. They can do multiple errands at a single time and still don’t mess up things. Otherwise, some people can ruin things they have in hand. Here you can see that not only she is great in multitasking but takes selfie as a priority. Those cookies look delicious but the way she has taken is hilarious. Notice one thing that she is doing all this in a toilet. That is why she holds the spoon with her mouth and won’t keep it down. But what is the reason to do this in a toilet?

The Dark Lord Rises


These two girls were enjoying their day in a park and trying to feel the fresh breeze. It must be refreshing for a time and the girls decided to take a selfie and post it. Little did they know that the Dark Lord photo bombed them. Looks like the dark lord form Harry Potter appeared right away and was enjoying the rides as well. It may not have disturbed them in the park but looking at this selfie later would be very disturbing. Let’s hope they notice that and stay happy.

A Memorable Prom!


There is no doubt about the fact prom is one of the most memorable nights for everyone. This is something everyone looks up to. But what if you are getting your prom photo shoot done and see a tornado headed your way? Click a selfie! This is a not a night to be scared of anyone, but what if it is a tornado? Looks like this girl isn’t even scared of it. Standing right over clicking a cool selfie while the tornado is headed right her way. She should think more about her safety than her expressions.

Must Be Halloween!


Looks like Halloween is here but why the daughter isn’t dressed up. If it wasn’t Halloween then there is no explanation why the father decided to such thing with him. He looks scary and ugly at the same time. The makeup artist could’ve done a better job at this. The daughter in the back looks confused. She doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she looks at her father. The dad tried to look like Kesha but failed terribly. But now there is no going back from this and have to carry out this look for the day.

They Had Enough

Australian Police Have Had Enough Of Your Shit

Cops are one of the people who work day and night to ensure safety of every single citizen. Yes, they have been received some backlash for the behavior of few officers. But that shouldn’t be the reason to treat every officer with disrespect. They deserve some love. It looks like the cops had enough of their stupidity. This is so wrong when some young citizens try to tease the officers and test them to the every last nerve. This is something that should end but not everyone can be thoughtful about such things.

License and Registration Please!


Getting pulled over is something you are going to experience at least. Even if you didn’t do anything wrong you will be pulled over to make sure there is no safety hazard. But who doesn’t love to go over the speed limit when you have an open road in front of you. And before handing out your papers you decide to take a selfie with the police officer standing at the window. Not every officer is as cool as him. Make sure not to do this with any other officer as they may see it as an issue.

Time for a New Camera

That Moment Your Camera Focuses On A Horse's Butt Instead Of Your Selfie

Sometimes getting the camera to focus during daylight is a bit difficult, especially if the sun is right behind you. It can make you look dark and it and is challenging to take a good picture. But here the sunlight was hitting from front angle. It looks like he needs a new camera or photographer. The camera focused on the horse better than it did on the guy. Yes, for the horse it is a good flex but bad for the guy. This will surely make him buy a new camera right away.

That’s A Big Burn

Buddy Sent Us A Picture Of His Turf-Burn. When You See It

A turf burn is one of the most painful injuries a person can get. It not only burns your skin but also leaves behind some marks, especially if it is a burn this big. However, the guy was so busy showing his turf burn that he didn’t notice something else. How can people make such small mistakes? Now rather than feeling sad for him people would be laughing. And the chance for them to joke around was given by this guy. Let’s hope he has some good friends who didn’t make it feel bad by this.

I am Here, Mom!


Taking a picture with your little one is never an easy task. Little minds are always curious to explore new things. This mother is trying to capture a nice selfie with her cutie pie in the mirror, but the baby does not allow her to do so. The young one looks upset by his facial expressions. Maybe he does not like the idea of a picture. Perhaps it’s evident in the mirror that he is trying to hold the camera and take the picture himself. Finally, Mom takes a selfie with the baby’s front and back posture.

Tiger and Tattoos on my Back


She might have new tattoos engraved on her back, and she is styling her hair to show her naked back to capture these in a bright selfie. She may have gone to the studio, and simply unnoticed, her pet’s water bowl was left empty. Meanwhile, the Tiger (pet dog) felt thirsty and didn’t like the idea of bothering its lady owner. To help himself, he went to the toilet bowl for a drink. It was taken in the shot by a large mirror and grabbed the attention of the picture more than the girl herself.

Best Revenge Ever!


It is a lovely selfie where we can notice the dog is showing his emotions of anger and jealousy like a human. These two gorgeous best friends did not offer the pup to come in between for a photograph, but he did not compromise on this ignoring attitude. While the girls are posing for the camera with sweet smiles, he puts his bottoms up, makes sure to come into the frame with an angry look, and successfully ruins their picture. We must say he got the best revenge ever. The girls will never dare to kick him off the snap.

Body Flex with Grandma


This boy must have tried hard sessions to practice body flex. Now it’s time to take the progress into the record and have a picture with flexing Abs. No one can take a selfie while stretching their limbs. That’s why he had asked his grandma to take the picture. Hey, wait. Grandma is spotted in the picture, too. She was so keen to get her grandson’s picture perfect. At the same time, she might have forgotten to hide from coming in the mirror and ended up a big failure.

Memorable Selfie


Going out for a walk with your partner and pet is one of the great feelings, especially if it is a Sunday morning walk. You can walk to new spots and relax there to feel a bit relieved from all the stress you’ve been going through. What if you pull out your camera for a selfie and you realize what your partner is doing in the background? It looks like the man and the dog; both are embarrassed of what she is doing here. At least he captured it to show other how their Sunday walk went.

Am I Doing It Right?


Perspective photos are the new cool when you are in front of a monument. Many mistakes occurred while clicking this picture, some were on the guy’s hand, but many were on the photographer’s. People usually take perspective photos at the Washington monument, but it takes direction more than skills to click a picture. This guy thought he was in the right direction, but he didn’t know that he had to move to the left. The photographer didn’t even tell his friend to move a little to the left and let him think he has held the building and made a masterpiece.

Is It a Twinfie?


Twining can be a little awkward for some people, but this man felt awe when he saw someone else wearing the same shirt as him. He couldn’t believe his luck and decided to take a twinfie with his shirt-twin. The man in the background might share the same shirt as the man in the front. But his facial expressions tell the other story. The man in front is cheerful while looking at his shirt-twin, while the man in back looks oblivious. The man in front had a psychic sally moment while donning the same shirt as someone else.

How to Push the Tower of PISA?


The leaning tower of Pisa is a historical monument with many memorable pictures of people. People try to create different and unique photos by pretending to push the leaning tower of Pisa. In this picture, the same is being seen. Someone clicked this hilarious picture of the other side of the amazing pictures in which people are seen to be pushing Pisa. This background picture shows how many people were creating masterpieces but looking funny while doing so in the process. The process of clicking perspective pictures looks funnier; this shows how this destination has become a famous tourist spot.

The Spiderman Selfie


Sometimes people don’t have enough space to show off their whole outfit. That is why people find poses to show their entire outfit. This monkey pose shows how you can show your whole outfit with your shoes without worrying about less space. This guy didn’t have enough space to show his whole outfit. That’s why this guy decided to do something different and hopped on the door to show off his outfit. He couldn’t care less how funny he looked but, in the process, made a masterpiece.

Give the Man Some Privacy


While having cameras in cell phones, people have become crazy about the pictures and selfies. They don’t even bother to see the place they are standing and who is around them. The youngsters are always trying to take their best pictures ignoring who is standing next to them. People even don’t mind taking pictures in washroom because of bright lights and full mirrors. But it should be always kept in mind that place and time both are important for taking picture. It is very insane to take pictures in public washrooms while people standing next to you and looking at you with a surprise.

Bathroom Photo bombers


The people fond of pictures are always in a ready state to take picture and don’t even notice the surrounding before hitting the capture button. Similarly this girl is so absorbed in taking picture that she did not notice the agitation between a mother and son in background and made the picture so amusing. Being very absorbed in taking pictures can sometimes make you unseen whatever is going on next to you. In such situations, a reasonable picture can become very funny but unintentionally. In such cases your mood can really be affected after the pictures.

The Royal Selfie


People who are crazy to take pictures can even break rules for them. This is an example of the case. A kid has managed to take selfie with the queen of England which is not allowed to public there. It looks that he has jumped on her way going somewhere to take her into the selfie. This act deserves to be appreciated because this is a very daring act as it is against the law to take picture like this with any member of royal family. However, this picture will always stay with him as a memory and he will laugh looking at it.

Selfie with a Laptop


It is always appreciated to work with whatever resources you have got and make the best use of them. This guy is an example of this. He might have lost his phone, so he took his computer screen to the mirror and attempted to take a selfie of his own selfie. He could have just taken his selfie from front camera, it looks he has made an attempt by taking the screen in front of mirror to make front camera and taking the picture from the mirror. He has made a double effort, which is exciting.