5 Creative Things To Do When You’re Bored


Boredom is something that, unfortunately, can happen to all of us. However if you want to turn this time wasting condition into something productive you can find some very creative things to do with your time. From DIY jobs that you haven’t yet got round to, or investing some time into a creative hobby that you have, there are endless possibilities to make you feel like you have used your down time wisely.

This list might help inspire you to get up and do something fun next time you are about to waste another half an hour stalking your friends on social media.


Most people have a nostalgia for making scrapbooks, often about our holidays or special occasions in our lives. This boredom relieving activity will help you organize and present your life in an attractive visual way. These days there are great additions you can buy to make your scrapbook pop. Think stickers, glitter, flowers, photos.

The main objective of a scrapbook is to be personal. If you are someone who still receives letters in the mail, you might want to incorporate them into your life scrapbook. Spending those 5 minutes when you are bored going through your personal correspondence might help you reconnect with old friends, or simply remember how good it is to receive mail through the post.

There are many websites now where you can send people letters or postcards all over the world and also receive in return. This way you will always have lots of beautiful content to fill your scrapbooks with. This is rewarding not just for your scrapbook, but for your personal relations too. Who knows who you might strike up a connection with and make lifelong friends?

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If you want to be extra creative, why don’t you make cards in your spare time? If you are already scrapping you can find ways to make really unique and beautiful cards that you can use for birthdays, well wishes and holiday seasons.

Yoga – Meditation

You might be one of those people that when you are asked if you do yoga or meditation you say, I wish I had more time. Well now you do! Just take those ten minutes that you might spend on Facebook or browsing the web and turn them into your spiritual time.

To do this you don’t need a special area or studio. You can even find yourself meditating whilst on the loo. OK, you might not be able to do yoga at your workplace toilets, but spending 5 minutes doing a breathing exercise can really give you the boost to get you going for the rest of the day at work.

If you are an outgoing person, you can get your colleagues to take part in a ten minute yoga session at lunch. Bring in yoga mats, turn down the lights and turn on some ocean sounds. You will find yourself bonding with your colleagues on a whole new level.


If you are desperate to do more yoga, why not wake up ten minutes earlier, honestly this will not make you more tired than if you stayed in bed. Doing simple exercises such as stretching your ankles and wrists is an act of yoga, then you can actually say to people – yes I do yoga!


This quiet hobby is something that you might not think of when boredom strikes. Its normally associated with your grandmother and fireplaces, but this chic craft is something that can fill your extra time and make something unique that you can be proud of.

The basics of knitting can be learned in half a day, and once you get it right, it can be as therapeutic as a massage. There are endless videos online that will help you navigate the art of knitting, and also teach you some very advance techniques, once you cover the basics.

What is really cool about this boredom buster is that you can also be very social whilst doing it. If you get the knack for it, you can actually knit without looking down too much at your hands. This means that when you are sitting in your lunchroom you can actually have great conversations whilst making your friends Christmas scarves.


Knitting is much more fashionable than you think, and by learning a new skill you will also have a brand new conversation started to share with people you meet at parties or events.


Most people have dreamt of writing a book before they reach a certain age. So when you are next feeling that boredom kick in and you don’t know what to do, why don’t you nurture your creative writing skills and write a masterpiece.

You might think that 10-15 minutes writing will never amount to anything, but by using this time you are just beginning to get your creative juices flowing. Once you start writing, inspiration for novel ideas will start coming to you much faster than before.

It doesn’t even need to be something as big as writing a book. You can start having a pen pal, or keep in touch with old friends. If you want to do a smaller project you can write poems or short stories that can entertain the family. Using humor in writing will also motivate you to keep going as you will be making yourself laugh too.


Writing has so many positive benefits that even if you can’t bring yourself to do any of the other things suggested in this list, then find yourself a pen, laptop or pencil and get writing.

Do It Yourself

There are people who live to make improvements on their home. Most of us try and put these things off and always end up wishing you made time to finish that last project off. This activity can be extremely rewarding, though planning is involved and you should think ahead so that you can buy the right materials. DIY – Do It Yourself – can be tricky to do if you are at work or on holiday.

It basically can be an activity for when you are bored at home. There are endless things you can do to spruce up your home, and if you are at a loss for inspiration there are many online sites like Pinterest that will help you get going.


It doesn’t need to be expensive either. If you can think creatively you can do some amazing things on a budget with your time. Think spray painting acorns, or painting old photo frames and using sponges to create clouds on your white walls.