50 Celebrity Lookalikes That You Better Not Miss


Have you ever come across people that looked like you or someone you knew? Well, guess what? It is a real thing! There are people who look exactly like each in this world. Just look at Katy Perry And Zoey Deschanel! While these two exist in the same era, many celebrities have had people look exactly like them in ancient times.

Proof of through pictures makes us all believe that perhaps time machines are real. You will question this yourself once you take a look at all of these celebrities. We have 50 pictures of such pictures in store for you. So, stay tuned!

Which One Came First? Michael Jackson Or This Sculpture?

If you’re wondering whether this sculpture is made as a tribute to Michael Jackson, then you’re wrong! While it definitely looks like it given that the two look exactly the same, it isn’t true. But how does one believe anything else given the details? It looks like a professional sculptor took this picture of Michael Jackson to create this bust.

The truth is that this isn’t as a tribute to the legend. Instead, it has been in the world way before Michael Jackson was even born! It’s an Egyptian sculpture that has been in place since a long while now.

Henry David Thoreau Is The Ancient Version Of Ellen

Take a look at these two. What to do you see? A lot of similarities indeed. The two look like they’re a part of the same family. Perhaps close relatives at the minimum. But guess what? They’re not a part of the same family. They’re not even descendants of any sort! So, how do they look so similar? Beats me, for sure.

Had Ellen been born a man, she would surely look like this fellow on the right. He’s a renowned essayist, poet, and philosopher, Henry David Thoreau. But the thing is, he existed in the 1800s. Having his picture next to Ellen’s makes my head boggle because they’re so similar!

The Female Version Of Barack Obama

Who’s your favorite politician? Barack Obama? Well, what if he had a twin female version who was equally competent? That will seriously give him competition. Look at this picture of a white woman during the 1960s. She looked so much like Barack Obama that we know now.

Their smiles, noses, and eyebrows match perfectly. It’s like Barack Obama had a twin who was more than just a few years older than him! These two black and white pictures make their features and appearances look much more similar. Had this been a colored picture, then that would’ve shown the obvious differences. But, looking at this, it feels like you’re looking at a female Barack Obama.

A Painting That Looks Exactly Like Sylvester Stallone

Everybody loves Rocky, don’t they? Well, the shot on the right is from when Sylvester Stallone played Rocky. But then what’s that on the left? Is this a painting of Sylvester Stallone? No, that’s not true. You’ll be surprised to know that this is a part of the painting of Pope Gregory IX! This man is just a part of the painting, there aren’t any specifications as to who he is.

But when you look at this painting, this man looks exactly like the heart throb Sylvester Stallone! The nose, the eyes, the eyebrows, and almost every feature indicates that it could easily pass off as him.

Eddie Murphy Or Eddie Murphy?

We all love Eddie Murphy! But who’s this fella who looks exactly like him? It looks like it’s him playing the part of a classy man in the early days. I certainly cannot tell the difference between the two. Can you? There’s so many similarities going on that it makes me think that perhaps time travelling is a thing.

Look at the moustache, the eyes, the arch of the eyebrows, and even the bowties! How can someone look so similar to another person? I guess this picture is going to leave all of us guessing who’s who for a long time.

Conan O’Brien Of The Mid 1840s

Have you ever looked at someone and thought that you’ve seen them somewhere before? That’s what I thought when I came across this picture of a union army soldier, Marshall. And that’s when it clicked me, it’s Conan O’Brien!

Well, it isn’t O’Brien exactly. But can you see how similar they are? The only difference I can possibly think of is their personality. Conan O’Brien has an easy-going and a comical way as his career requires it to be. On the other hand, is this mister from the army. I guess I can understand the difference in the facial expressions. The features, however, are spot on!

Is John Travolta’s Lookalike A Dancer Too?

If it isn’t the grease star and the phenomenal dancer. Wait, why am I seeing doubles here? Is there something wrong with my eyesight? That’s not John Travolta?

The man on the right is surely easy to identify as Joh Travolta, but the man on the left looks exactly like him! Who is that? I don’t know either. All I know is that he existed in the 1860s, and that he looks exactly like John Travolta.

Just look at their eyes and almost every other feature. It makes me feel like I am seeing doubles, when in reality they’re two different people.

Bruce Willis Times Two

If there are any two people that look exactly like each other in every possible manner, then here’s the proof. That’s Bruce Willis. You’re probably thinking that they both are Bruce Willis. No, your eyes have not mistaken as they look exactly alike. It’s just that they are two different people from different timelines.

While one is the phenomenal actor, the other was a field marshal of the Philippine army. What’s better? He lived from 1880 to 1964, so there’s no chance that you can see this man in action. But you have Bruce Willis to do that for you!

Great Grandpa Or Johnny Depp?

These two pictures placed side by side just blow my mind! Apart from the hair, what doesn’t match? Did Johnny Depp go back in time or did someone’s great grandpa travel to the future and change his identity? I guess we will never know!

But, all jokes aside, look at the similarities of these two. I could easily confuse this as a picture of Johnny Depp. He plays such different roles in his movies, there’s a possibility that you might actually be confused at first glance.

What’s more surprising is that both of them have the same sense of style when it comes to their glasses! They’re the same shape. I’m amazed.

Is That Natalie Portman Or A 13-Year Old Boy?

Look at these two pictures carefully. Doesn’t it look like it’s Natalie Portman when she was younger? Well, guess again! That’s a 13-year old boy who looks exactly like her. Who would have thought about this?

I’m blind-sided by the fact that a small boy could play off as Natalie Portman at any time. Just take a look at all of their features! How do you tell them apart?

Well, the only difference that I can think of is the eyebrows. Even their hair color is similar. Look closer, they even have a black spot on their cheeks! What is this sorcery?

Michael Jackson’s Painting

You thought we were done with the King of Pop? Not even close. Look at these two pictures. One is a painting and one is Michael Jackson. Was this painting made of Michael Jackson? Nope. That’s not Michael Jackson at all. It’s a painting of a random man by Barent Fabritius.

At a glance, you will believe that this painting is of Michael Jackson. Just look at the many similarities the two have! It took me some time to figure out what was going on. While on the surface it looks like a Michael Jackson portrait, but it really is a painting of a random young guy!

Is That Matt Damon In The 1960s?

By the looks of it, you can easily say that, “hey, that’s a picture of Matt Damon!”. But, when you look closely you realize these two pictures don’t belong to the same timeline. While it does look like Matt Damon in a classic black and white movie, but that isn’t so.

Here, I present you a picture of my parents on their wedding in 1961. Yes, you read that right. This isn’t a part of a movie or anything. It’s a moment captured that makes it look like it’s Matt Damon. Both of these pictures have a lot of similarity that makes it look like they’re the same person!

Justine Timberlake Looks Exactly Like This Miner!

It’s like someone copied this person features and pasted it on Justin Timberlake. Look at all those similarities. The man on the left is just a miner named Charles Burns. His curly hair and the facial hair match exactly those on Justin Timberlake!

How can this be possible? Well, you have to believe it because these pictures are taken from completely different time zones. They are proof people who look exactly like you exist! How cool is that?

Just look at the eyes and all the other features. It looks like Justin Timberlake from a different era staring right through you!

Jimmy Fallon, The Funny Guy Or A Revolutionist?

Let’s take a look at Justin Timberlake’s best friend and his lookalike now! Jimmy Fallon has supported one look for a long while now, and that’s a clean shave. But, over here, he’s got a horseshoe moustache growing. This makes him look exactly like the man from the past in the left picture.

The guy on the left is a revolutionist named Mahir Cayan that supported the Marxist-Leninist ideology. But how do you take him seriously now that all you can see is Jimmy Fallon dressed up in a moustache?

These pictures make it look like that the funny guy Jimmy Fallon is playing a role of a serious man. But in reality, they’re completely different people!

Is That Jennifer Lawrence Or Zubaida Tharwat?

These two beauties look so similar that I cannot process it. While Jennifer Lawrence is on the right and Zubaida Tharwat, the late Egyptian actress on the left, their features are almost identical. Just look at the shape of their faces! The bun hairstyle makes it much more difficult to tell the two apart as all of the other features looks very similar.

Look at the lightness in the eyes and the similar eye makeup. It’s making their eye’s pop out in the same manner. Let’s not forget the nose shape and the eyebrows. So many similarities between the two completely different actresses!

Arya Stark, The Girl Who Has An Ancient Twin

Who doesn’t love the feisty Arya Stark from Winterfell? Her character is amazing and she puts on a great show! Now, look at these two pictures and try to figure out whether these two girls are different. They certainly don’t look like it, do they?

Unfortunately, these are two different girls belonging to different timelines. On the left, you will find a girl who’s probably super old by now! Yes, it’s not Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. She looks exactly like her, doesn’t she? We’re all thinking the same thing. She looks like Arya Stark during the start of the season.

Is That Nicolas Cage Starring In An Old Movie?

Nicolas Cage is surely one of a kind as an actor. On the right, you can see what he currently looks like. On the left, you can see what he looked like over a 100 years ago. Jokes apart, this man from the 1870s looks exactly like Nicolas Cage that we know now! Look at the eyes and that perfect facial expression!

But, guess what? That’s a Tennessee man who isn’t in this world any longer! I guess, Nicolas Cage is his doppelganger for real. If you place the picture on the left, everyone will jump to the same conclusion: Why is Nicolas Cage dressed like that?

Mrs. Doubtfire, Is That You?

Can you tell which one is Mrs. Doubtfire and which one isn’t? Well, I surely cannot tell the difference between the two. I guess the only way you can tell the two apart is by the picture quality. The one on the left looks like it is taken from a family photo album. While the other is, well, Mrs. Doubtfire. But you could easily believe they’re both the same!

The main giveaway is that we can see Robbin Williams beautiful personality peeking through on the right. That’s how I was able to determine that they’re indeed two very different people.

Whose Grandpa Is This?

This one is extremely difficult. How can I even begin to differentiate between these two people in the picture? We all know it looks like the heart throb Mathew McConaughey no matter how much we try to think otherwise. It’s just so difficult to tell who is who!

The only possibly different that I can point out is that the guy on the left has bigger eyes than Mathew McConaughey. That’s the maximum that I can do. Just look at their faces and see how similar they are and you will agree! There’s no differentiating the two. They’re the same people. At least, I would like to believe that they are.

Jack Gleeson Has A Sculpture Made?

King Geoffrey, is that your sculpture? Well, it certainly looks like it. The second I saw this sculpture, I thought of Jack Gleeson from Game of Thrones. Doesn’t it look exactly like him? Look at these pictures and you will believe that the sculpture was made of him. But how true is that?

It’s not true at all! The sculpture is of the Roman emperor Caligula. Not what you had in mind, right? We all thought it was a tribute for the famous King Geoffrey, but I guess not. It is a Roman emperor that looks exactly like Jack Gleeson.

Is This What T. Swift And Hugh Hefner Would Look If They Were The Same Age?

Had Taylor Swift been born at the same time as Hugh Hefner, then this is what the two would have looked like together. While they don’t look identical to the couple in the picture, I can see some clear similarities between these people. While it isn’t a striking similarity as many others we’ve seen till now, you still have to give some points here.

Just look at Hefner’s features and the man on top, looks like a younger version of him! Whereas, the picture of the woman denotes an older version of Taylor Swift. They’re different, but also similar at the same time.

Peter Dinklage In The 1600s

Peter Dinklage is our favorite. Now, look at his lookalike from the 1600s. Doesn’t it look like someone made a painting of our favorite Game of Thrones character and placed him like this. The facial expressions say it all, they both might be from different eras, but their persona looks pretty similar.

The resemblance of the two is uncanny and I’m here sitting thinking that these both are Peter Dinklage. However, that’s Sebastian de Morra. Not Peter Dinklage. I know, right? How do they look so similar? It’s like Peter went back in time or that Morra came to the future.

Daniel Radcliffe Is A Part Of Every Era

Who doesn’t like Daniel Radcliffe. We’ve all been a huge fan of him since our childhood. Look at these two pictures are figure out whether the one on the right is Daniel Radcliffe or his lookalike. I was extremely confused when I say this for the first time as well. It isn’t him! It’s a man from the 1940s!

Surely Danial Radcliffe wasn’t born in the 1900s. But then again, we saw him with Andy Samberg earlier as well. What does this mean? Does he have multiple lookalikes? Or has he cracked the code to time travel? We will have to find out.

Dexter (Michael C. Hall) And His Son From The Series? Nope.

Are these pictures hurting your eyes? Same. I can’t tell the difference between Michael C. Hall and this man (they’re not the same person, guys). I have been trying really hard to figure out how to prove them apart, but I cannot! How can the two look so similar?

The color of their hair and all those features! At first glance, all I can see is that there are two pictures of Michael C. Hall next to each other. But, it isn’t true. They’re two completely different people from different times that happen to look exactly like each other. I know you’re all amazed by this.

Jay Z In Harlem?

A black and white picture of Jay Z on the shoot of Empire State of Mind in New York? Well, no that’s not Jay Z at all! That’s a man that is just chilling in Harlem during the early days. But it’s surprising how he has the same features and facial expression as Jay Z.

There’s no denying that it’s difficult to spot people that look like Jay Z. But to find a man that looked exactly like him? That’s unbelievable. But you have to believe it because these pictures prove that there was (or perhaps is) a man who looked exactly like Jay Z!

Elijah Wood And The Female Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood is known for his works in the Lord of the Rings. This picture of him was when he was in the character of Frodo. The picture on the left is of a completely random person from the 1900s. That too, of a woman!

Their features look so similar that I’m baffled. The eyes, nose, lips, and even the hair are similar. It’s too difficult to tell them apart. The only thing that perhaps makes me feel like they’re different is the turban. But, then again, he could be playing a character, right? I am trying really hard to find difference in these two people, but it’s just so difficult.

Dave Franco Never Looked Better!

Well, what do we have here? Dave Franco’s pictures? Doesn’t he look great in both of these pictures? You think so too? I knew it! You couldn’t tell that the one on the left isn’t Dave Franco, could you?

Just by glancing at these two pictures, you can easily believe that this was Dave Franco’s college picture with a vintage effect. But, that’s only what you and I want to believe. They’re in fact two different people.

I wish I knew how to differentiate between the two. There really aren’t many differences except the eyebrows. Everything else looks almost identical.

Harry Potter As A Girl

The picture on the left is of someone’s great aunt! It’s not Harry Potter! What it looks like is Daniel Radcliffe playing Harry Potter, and asked to take a picture with the team. The black and white effect fits perfectly well and it can easily be assumed that it’s indeed Harry Potter.

But as you look closely, you’ll see two buns on the sides of the head of the black and white picture. I don’t remember Harry having long hair? Well, that’s not Harry, to begin with. It’s an identical version of him with the same glasses, and even the slight fringe in the front!

Nicolas Cage Or An Emperor?

I am back with more of Nicolas Cage lookalikes. On the right, it is a picture of Nicolas Cage now. On the left, it is Emperor Maximiliano of Habsburgo. Yes, you read that right. It’s not a caricature of Nicolas Cage, it is indeed another person from a completely different era.

It’s easy to believe that this would be a cartoon made of Nicolas Cage or perhaps a character he played. But no, that’s not even close to what the reality is. The man in the drawing was an emperor! Look at all those identical features. How can we believe it’s not Cage?

That’s Not Steve Martin Dress As A Woman!

What do you think of these pictures at a glance? It’s Steve Martin wearing woman’s clothing. Perhaps it’s a role in an upcoming comedy film! Nope, you’re wrong. That’s not Steve Martin at all. So, who is it?

Well, that’s a picture of a friend’s great, great grandma! Who would’ve thought that Steve Martin would look exactly like her? Now that I look at these two pictures together, all I can think of is that’s Steve Martin in woman’s clothing.

From all the comedy roles he has done, this won’t come up as a surprise if something like this does happen. I’m sure everyone will believe it.

Queen Latifah And Zora Neale: The Singer And The Novelist

Queen Latifah is a beautiful woman with a wonderful career. The same goes for Zora Neale, an African-American beauty who wrote many novels in her time. The two appear to be so similar that if Zora Neale was still alive, it would be difficult to differentiate between the two.

Look at both those beautiful smiles. How does one tell them apart? You would need to have a keen eye to figure out the difference in their features through this picture.

The only thing that perhaps can be differentiated is the makeup that Queen Latifah has on in this picture. Zora Neale can be seen with mostly a bare face as her freckles are visible!

Jason Segel Or Lee J. Cobb?

Here we have our favorites Jason Segel, the one packed with comedy movies and Lee J. Cobb, who was a more serious actor. Both of them belong to such different times yet they look so similar that it leaves me baffled when I look at their pictures.

Just look at these smiles! How can you tell them apart? But it is not just the smiles, is it? Look at all of their features. It is like they were the same people, but from different timelines. If only we could see them perform together! How confusing would that situation be like?

Mark Zuckerberg, The King

All hail the Facebook King. Wait, that’s not Mark Zuckerberg? It’s actually a king of the 1600s? Well, yes. Even though this seems like someone painted a picture of Mark Zuckerberg, it isn’t him!

It is, however, the King of Spain from the 1605 to 1665. How cool is that? While Zuckerberg rules the kingdom of Facebook these days, King Phillip was reigning Spain for a long while. They also have pretty similar features if you’re not looking too closely.

The long face, nose, and the hair, it all looks all the similar. Making me feel like perhaps Zuckerberg took a break from Facebook and teleported to Spain in the 1600s.

Eminem Or A Roman Emperor

Marshall, is that you? Well, you might think this sculpture is of the rap god Eminem, but it’s not. It was made for the Roman emperor, Severus Alexander. This man dates back to the timeline 208 to 235. It’s that old. Imagine a man that looks like Eminem living a life of the emperor at that time!

The short hair, the nose, the eyes, what doesn’t look the same? Was this emperor also into rap? Imagine that. But sadly, rap wasn’t invented during that time, so I guess we can’t assume that. All I can assume while looking at this sculpture is that it represents Eminem.

Chandler Lookalike Surely Lived His Life

Friends favorite Mathew Perry aka Chandler Bing is loved by everyone. Now, imagine if he had a twin. Wouldn’t that make things amazing? Well, it would be if he was born in the same timeline and was similar to him.

The picture on the left is a lookalike of Mathew Perry who was alive during the years of 1821 to 1875. This man was a renowned lawyer, politician, and had been the Vice President of the US! Yes, it is John C. Breckinridge, the youngest Vice President of his time. How cool is that Mathew Perry looks identical to him in every way?

Jack Black And Paul Revere

Who would have thought that the famous comedian actor Jack Black would resemble Paul Revere, the locksmith and Patriot. But you have to admit, they’re too similar to not notice. The way their face is shaped and their eyes are almost identical.

The only possible difference that I can tell is the facial hair in these pictures. But if you remove the facial hair from Jack Black’s face, then there’s probably going to be no difference between the two.

Just look at them! Look like Jack Black has been painted or is casted in a new movie where he plays as a locksmith with all those tools around.

Is That Mesut Ozil Or The Famous Racecar Driver

Ozil is known for his famous driving skills. But is he also known as a race driver? Nope, you have got the wrong person. This is the famous Enzo Ferrari on the right that was a known racecar driver of his time.

Now, when you look at these pictures, you can’t tell who’s who. Unless they’re wearing their attire. Just look at those features. How can you possible tell which one is which if they weren’t shown in different situations?

Ozil has been known to resemble the famous racecar driver and is popularly known to be the identical version of the late Enzo Ferrari.

Orlando Bloom As The Famous Painter, Nicolae Grigorescu

Is that Orlando Bloom with longer hair? Nope, that is the famous painter Nicolae Grigorescu that looks exactly like him! Even their moustaches look the same. All you need to do is imagine Orlando Bloom with longer hair, and you’ll have the famous painter’s picture in your mind.

They’re both pretty stylish and have a necktie thing going for them. Is Orlando somehow related to this painter? Probably not. But does it look like it? Definitely! Just by looking at their faces, you can say that they’re perhaps long lost twins or siblings at the least! You know you cannot deny the resemblance.

The 13th President Of The US And Alec Baldwin

Do you think that is Alec Baldwin’s relative? Well, he could easily pass as one given the similarities in their appearance. But, that is indeed the 13th President of the US, Millard Filmore. While they’re presence has been in completely different time zones, they look more like relatives in these pictures.

Imagine Alex Baldwin starring as Millard Filmore in one of his next movies. I’m pretty sure I will be taken aback by how similar he looks to him. Everyone will be searching for who Millard Filmore is, and then conclude that it is Alec Baldwin’s ancestor! They’re not related, just to make sure you know.

John Krasinski Of The Older Times

John Krasinski is a sweetheart, especially when you see him and Emily Blunt together. Now, imagine if there were two of them. That would be just perfect! Looking at these pictures shows that there is a possibility of two of them. But, unfortunately, they happened to exist in different eras.

While the guy on the right looks exactly like John Krasinski, this man happened to exist in very early times. Had John been a part of that century, he would also wear something similar. Imagine how adorable he would look with that smile and dapper clothing. Even their hair looks extremely similar! How is this possible?

Andy Samberg And Daniel Radcliffe Happen To Belong To The 70s

Andy Samberg? Daniel Radcliffe? Is that you from the 70s? NO? Well, then are these guys vampires who don’t age because they look exactly the same! Apart from the change in the styling of hair and clothing, everything else points that these two have been almost the same age since the 70s.

How cool is this? If you look at the picture on the left, you will believe that this is Daniel Radcliffe and Andy Samberg when they were teenagers in the 70s. So, how old would that make them now? All these pictures are just mind boggling, isn’t that right?

Why Does Hugh Grant Resemble Oscar Wilde So Much?

Everyone knows Oscar Wilde. He’s the amazing playwright that writers aspire to be like. Now, have you ever wondered why he resembles Hugh Grant so much? Well, I don’t have any answer to this. It was only to make you curious as to how people can resemble each other so much.

Observe these pictures and then tell me how they don’t look similar. There’s only a difference of dressing and hairstyle, otherwise, everything else is pretty similar to me. It feels like Oscar Wilde was reborn as the famous Notting Hill actor, Hugh Grant who is loved by the audience immensely.

Zach Galifianakis Looks Exactly Like Louis Vuitton

Are you seeing what I am seeing? Apparently, these are two different people that existed in completely different times. Louis Vuitton looks like an angrier version of Zach in these pictures. Doesn’t he?

How they look to similar is out of my understanding. But, imagine the comedian Zach as the famous designer. He can easily do an entire movie on this! I, for one, will love to see this movie if it ever releases. But only if Zach Galifianakis stars in it! Who wouldn’t like the comedy spin on? Or perhaps a more serious side of the famous actor and the life of the designer?

Is That John Locke Or Adrien Brody?

Well, look who we have here. If it isn’t the famous actor Adrien Brody who’s known for his notorious acting skills and the philosopher John Locke. Do you see the resemblance? I surely do. Look at all those features.

From the nose to that jaw line, they look like one of those father-son pairs that look identical! But they’re nowhere close to being relatives, so how did this happen?

Is Adrien Brody living a secret life where he travels back in time? Or perhaps it’s John Locke who has it all figured out and travels to the future with a younger appearance. I’m utterly shocked looking at this.

Ron Weasley, Why Are You Dressed Up As A Famous Painter?

It is confirmed. Rupert Grint, also known as Ron from the Harry Potter series is dressed up as a painter of the earlier times in this picture. You believe it? Good. Because that is exactly what it looks like.

The truth, however, is that is not Rupert Grint. In fact, it is Sir David Wilkie who is a renowned painter. Now that you look at him, he does look familiar, doesn’t he?

Had you not known this, would you have been able to tell the difference between the two? I know I would have straight up accepted him as Rupert Grint.

If It Isn’t Keanu Reeves… Or Paul Mounet

Love Keanu Reeves? Well, who doesn’t? He’s proven himself as an actor and generally a great human. Want to see someone who looks exactly like him? Meet Paul Mounet, the copy of Keanu Reeves. Or, perhaps, Keanu Reeves is the copy of him.

Paul Mounet was born in mid-1800s, so the only possibility I can think of is that Keanu Reeves is his second identity. And, wait for it, that he is immortal. Well, if you don’t believe this, then just take a look at these pictures. Is there any other possible explanation for this? I guess not. Also, who wouldn’t like to have an immortal Keanu Reeves?

Sacha Baron Is Made To Play As Joseph Stalin

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? The two look so similar that if Sacha were to be cast as the Soviet politician, he would completely rock it. Given Sacha’s impeccable acting and versatile characters, he can surely take this on without a challenge.

Is there anyone who disagrees? I hope not. Looking at these pictures makes me think of nothing else but to see Sacha Baron play the character of Joseph Stalin in a movie. That will be iconic. With this moustache look and the untamed hair, there’s no better person for this than Sacha. Just look at how similar they are in appearance!

Maggie Gyllenhaal As Wilder Lane

While we’re talking about actors playing roles, let’s take a look at this. Doesn’t Maggie Gyllenhaal completely fit the description of the journalist, activist, and writer, Wilder Lane? While there are some notable differences, they largely look very similar. The features are pretty similar and with the right makeup techniques, Maggie Gyllenhaal can look exactly like her!

Looking at these two, you can tell them apart only because of the face structure. While Maggie has a heart-shaped face, Wilder Lane has a rounder appearance. There is not much other than this that’s differentiating them! Take a look and verify it yourself.

There’s Another Wilde Lookalike!

I thought Hugh Grant was the only one, but I was wrong. How can I possibly forget the iconic movie where Stephen Fry took on the role of Oscar Wilde. How perfectly fitting as they look so similar! While these pictures are different in the sense that they’re both of different ages in this, but you’ll see that the features are pretty similar.

You might be able to tell them apart up close, but from far I can clearly see that Stephen Fry can easily be called Oscar Wilde. Not only are their faces similar, but Stephen Fry is also a writer that is close to what Wilde is known for.

It That A Young Leon Trotsky or Andrew Garfield?

Well, looks like we’re on the last one and probably one of the most shocking lookalikes. Left is the famous Spider Man actor Andrew Garfield, and on the right is a Marxist revolutionist Leon Trotsky. It looks like I’m looking at twins here. There’s subtle difference between the two, no doubt. But largely, look at their similarities.

The hair, the nose, and the lips, they’re all the same! What can be differentiated is their face shapes. That’s the only thing that I can say is different between the two. This just makes me want to see a movie where Garfield plays this revolutionist now!