66 Of The Funniest Airport Photos Ever Taken


Airports have a lot of bag stigma attached to them. While most of them were built to be massive, and sometimes even luxurious, the massive queues, frustrating security procedures, rigid rules, and general discomfort can make them stressful places (if not downright dreadful).

Adding to the inherent unpleasantness are the occasional dramas like overbooked flights, weather delays, invasive security checks, and other travel-related issues that drag down the reputation of airports. Of course, there is always a silver lining in everything. Amidst the stress and discomfort, there are many fun times to be found, each one capable of wiping away the negative vibrations. The photos you’re about to see are proof that airports can be the best places to see bizarre things and have a laugh.

Long Waiting Hours

Now, this is a photo every traveler can relate to. We’re pretty sure many of those reading this have experienced sleeping in an airport after waiting for so many hours. Delayed flights are always such a nightmare, but what makes them more stressful is when all the hotels have been booked already (or you’re on a tight budget), and you have nowhere to go!
If you’ve been a victim of a heavily delayed flight, you can probably understand this girl’s desire for sleep. But turning these benches into a bed? That’s resourceful and economical. What a way to make the best out of a tough situation. And that’s rule number one of surviving delayed flights!

Yeah, Baby!!

This has Austin Powers written all over it, sans the heels. Actually, the heels are a go also since Austin did love his platforms. For us though, we love that this guy can strut in heels but still has a flip phone

What’s Inside That Bottle, Anyway?

While we’re quite sure flight attendants aren’t allowed to drink on the job, everything about this shot implies they may have had a few drinks.

Sticker Book for Humans

A long layover is a nightmare for any parent with little children, and this dad is certainly taking one for the team. When he pulls them off his hairy arms, he’ll be sorry for his decision.

Mobile Yoga Session

Okay, so assuming a yoga stance on a travelator probably isn’t the smartest thing to do inside an airport, but it’s certainly impressive! Even if she doesn’t fall, she’ll be lucky if she doesn’t get a stern word from security.
It would be amazing to see the aftermath of this moment. Since we don’t have that photographic evidence, we can only laugh and be amazed at how this woman ever thought of doing this in an airport. Maybe it was a dare? Or she just really felt the need to do yoga before her flight? If it’s the latter, well, 10 points for epic multitasking!

Distractions Galore

It’s not every day we see celebrity-level hotness in an airport and were pretty sure the person who took this photo felt surprised to see such beauty. They probably never thought that a simple white tank top could look this good, right? Again, looking the most while doing the least! That’s our phrase for today.

The young lady with beautiful tan skin and balayage-style hair is obviously snatching everyone’s attention, if not breaking their necks from staring. It must have been hard for the TSA employees to focus on doing their work as her beauty is so distracting.!

Looks Quite Stylish, Actually…

If, seeing this picture, you decide to get offended on behalf of Jewish people, please don’t: the author of this article is Jewish, and it is my opinion that the guy looks absolutely stunning. Red underpants have been attractive since forever, the fluffy things hanging on both sides (I don’t mean the sidelocks. The red things in the picture.) create perfect harmony of color, shape and texture. A perfect example of style as timeless, as the precious traditions of my people.
When you’re stressed from all the waiting and lining up at the airport, seeing things like this can instantly lighten up your mood. The guy seemed to be waiting for someone to arrive; we hope that person fills him in on the joke, so he got to have a giggle with the rest of us.

The way You Shake It, I can’t Believe It

(That was a reference to a song by Eminem. Just in case. Aniway,) The first time you try a good quality neck pillow on a long flight, you realize why frequent flyers are so obsessed with them. They offer excellent neck support as you try your best to sleep through the tedious and sometimes turbulent transit. And if you can time your sleep well during your flight, you can outsmart the dreaded jet lag.
While this lady is certainly going to improve her flying experience by having a neck pillow in tow, she might want to rethink the color and placement of her accessory. We just hope she wasn’t too embarrassed when someone finally pointed it out to her.

Mary Peeping

What’s the best approach to keep your kid away from a filthy restroom? By carrying her on your shoulders and allowing her to infiltrate almost everyone else.

Airplane Nap

Here’s another entry in the ‘crazy airport nap’ series. Just look at how relaxed the guy’s face is despite his awkward position! It might seem like it’s not the best sleeping position, but his face tells a different story.
We’re beginning to think that this might have been the best nap in his life. We just hope he got into his plane on time. Also, check out that guy behind him. Is he laying across the armrests of the chairs? Surely that couldn’t be comfortable!

It is a virtue to be young.

These two flight attendants are young and inexperienced, because they would not look as nice if they had a few years under their belt.

Personalized Luggage

Here’s a piece of luggage that would be hard to lose. No-one would dare steal it because you can quickly identify the person who took it. It might be a little bit funny looking, but it’s a great idea to deter thieves.
There are many ways that you can incorporate this into your own style. You can have your name printed on your luggage or in or if you are as bold as the man shown above, your favorite selfie!

Minka Kelly Looking Stunning At LAX Airport

If you want to see drop-dead gorgeous celebrities walking around, looking the most while doing the least, try going to the LAX International airport. Everyone knows that LA is filled with stars, so this tip might help you live out your fanboy/girl dreams!

Take, for example, this photo of the stunning Minka Kelly, a Friday Night Lights actress. You can see her preparing to depart the airport on an early morning flight to get her well-deserved vacation. Can you believe how incredible she looks? Bon, voyage sis!

This Is NOT How You Transport Your Kids

If there’s one thing people hate more than turbulence, it’s noisy toddlers and infants crying non-stop. Everyone just wants to get through the plane ride by sleeping, watching movies, or thinking about the things they’ll be doing once they arrived. So frustration at the interruption of a loud kid is understandable.
Just look at this little kid barely hanging on to her dad’s luggage-turned moving bed. She must have been so tired from all the flying. Well, at least she’s not disturbing anyone by crying!

Luggage With A Cause

Everyone has the right to speak their mind. Some people do it to convey their personal message, while others do it for the good of the world. While it’s hard to think about global issues, especially when you have problems on your own, we take our hats off to those who fight for other people’s welfare.
There are so many ways to make your cause known, and this individual carried out one of the most creative protests. This luggage right here screams human trafficking; it reminds people of an ongoing issue that needs to be talked about for it to finally be stopped. What a brave airport activist!

The Rock Is Probably Carrying Smaller Rocks.

Why not? He is stron enough to do it. Everyone knows that The Rock is a giant, so his oversized hand-carry luggage looks quite appropriate for him. But imagine if someone else tried to carry it! Surely they must have sent him back to check that in.
The bag size is one thing, but the design and material? We want one in every color! It looks like Dwayne Johnson knows a lot about what’s fashionable and what looks good. But what do you think he’s got inside that thing?

This Is Not How You Transport Your Crocodiles Either…

The airport isn’t known for being such a pet-friendly place. You can’t really blame management because not everyone does well around animals. So, pet owners must consider the welfare of others if they need to bring their creatures with them.
This is such a clever way for customs to hit their target market, letting people know that if they’ve got something hiding in their bag, it’s best to declare it now. Still, people try every day to struggle even stranger things than a crocodile past border security!

This Is Not How You Transport Your Departed Relatives

It’s hard not to associate boredom with airports because it’s almost always an issue. Look in the departure lounge of any airport and you’ll see an ocean of people all doing one thing – waiting.
This guy obviously knows what to do, conserving his energy until it’s his turn. He’s not going to stay awake standing around for hours. Brilliant or dumb? You be the judge!

And Not Like That.

We may never know why this person slept near the bathroom, but what we do know is that this photo is hilarious. We just hope he was able to wake up in time to catch his plane.
We’ve all been there – running late for our plane and eventually having to buy another ticket. But what if the next flight available isn’t until tomorrow? We hope this passed out gentleman didn’t have to deal with such issues when he woke up!

It’s Thanksgiving! Grab The Kids! We’re Leaving The Country!

Some people are determined to celebrate Thanksgiving with a turkey, no matter what it takes to make it happen. Take, for example, this animal that was flown through the skies so a family could serve the poor thing on their table. Talk about dedication to tradition!
Thanksgiving is one of the most loved holidays in the US, and it wouldn’t be complete without a turkey (and some bloated stomachs). We hope this turkey was pardoned, but the odds are slim.

Let The Airforce Be With You

Is there an intergalactic war going on that we haven’t heard of? Or did the TSA just get some cool, high-tech upgrades? We really hope this is a rollout of the new airport security uniforms as this would make the check-in process way more entertaining.
We’re sure all the Star Wars fans present on the day were taking plenty of selfies with the stormtroopers. Apparently, the force is strong in this airport. Get it? No? Bad Joke? Okay.

Fantastic Parking Skills

If you thought airport parking was a nightmare, imagine trying to park a plane! There are so many things that can go wrong. That’s why pilots spend so much time in school, learning how to maneuver the massive aircraft around safely.
Do you struggle with reverse parallel parking? If so, then you can surely sympathize with these poor pilots and their parking fail. Imagine the pain of parking a huge plane after a long-haul flight, only to hear (and feel) that sickening metallic crunch as you smash into another aircraft. Ouch!

Too Much Duty Free Jack Daniels

Here’s an unexpected photo that went viral the moment it was shared online. The lesson we can take from this? When the cabin crew says you can unbuckle your belts, they’re only talking about your seatbelt!
Poor guy, good thing his face wasn’t shown in this photo, or he would be really embarrassed about his viral fame.

This One Is Probably Drunk Too

If any of this pilot’s passengers saw this, they would have panicked. A pilot sleeping mid-flight isn’t the most comforting sight to see. But don’t worry, there are always two pilots driving the plane, and they can take turns!
While it’s true that there is an auto-pilot setting, human guidance and observation are important. So don’t worry folks, the one who took this photo is likely his co-pilot!

Take Me Down To The Paradise City, Where The Boots are Pinks And The Men Are Pretty


Las Vegas is a colorful place, and it is probably one of the most famous cities in the world. People here can party, gamble, get married, and do whatever they want to have fun and seize the day.
Vegas fans – have you seen a high-roller like this? His all-pink ensemble is a flamboyant choice, but we’re not complaining! We love the fact that he’s a splash of color over a backdrop of monotony.

I Got 99 People But The Plane Hasn’t Come

We were always told to come as early as possible to the airport before a flight. This way, you’ll be prepared and relaxed with no fear of traffic jams or unexpected events causing you to miss your flight. But these people took being prepared to a whole new level.
Whether this was staged or not, it’s still a funny photo. We feel kind of scared for them because the stairs seem rather flimsy with so many people stacked on top of them. We hope they were all safe after they got their photo op.

Jenga: The Baggage Claim Edition

This photo of luggage stacked together to make one giant airport luggage monster is so reminiscent of that anxiety-inducing block tower game. Except luggage-Jenga has much higher stakes – one wrong move, and you’re in trouble! Kids, don’t try this at home.
Do you think this is real? Or an art installation designed to raise awareness for some kind of luggage-related issue? We have so many questions about this, and one of those is ‘How the hell were they able to stack them up like this?!’

The Conspiracy Hub Of Denver International Airport

For all the conspiracy fans out there, going to the Denver International Airport (DIA for short) might be one of the best things that you can do. Why? Well, because the place isn’t just for traveling, but also for seeing conspiracy theories come to life.
The DIA is a conspiracy hub where you can see sculptures and images about the Illuminati, underground cities, and even the 32-foot blue bronco sculpture complete with his piercing red eyes called the ‘Blucifier,’ a representation of one of the horsemen of the apocalypse.

How The Los Angeles International Airport Looked In The 60s

Everyone loves retro vibes, especially considering how cold and clinical modern airports can be. It’s refreshing to see a blast from the past amidst a sea of modern ideas, structures, and aesthetics.
There is a ‘Theme Building’ located at LAX created by Pereira & Luckman, a world-class architecture firm. It was designed to resemble a UFO landing in the middle of a parking lot, and it features a restaurant appropriately named ‘Encounter.’

Lord Of The Rings, Airport Edition

New Zealand is an amazing country with lots of stunning scenery and plenty of action-packed adventures to be found. It’s only fitting that their tourism is booming, and with that popularity, the Wellington airport welcomes thousands of travelers from all around the world each year.
Here, passengers are welcomed with a giant hanging structure of Gollum from The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit. The character is depicted trying to catch some fish, and he looks characteristically cute and creepy. We’re sure many Middle-Earth fans visiting the site of the film’s shooting location are swooning over this amazing welcome structure!

Mind The Polar Bear

Uh-oh! It looks like there will be some flight delays until they remove this seemingly lost bear from the airport runway. How do you think the staff announced this situation? Please ‘bear’ with us? If they didn’t, we certainly would have!
Polar bears have sadly been experiencing starvation because of habitat loss. The ice is melting, and they are dying little by little. This is probably the reason why this bear is hunting for food where the humans hang out, instead of on the ice.

A Fun Solution

We’re pretty sure that being late is something everyone here has experienced at some point in their lives. Certain situations arise unexpectedly, like traffic or accidentally waking up late, and you’re left racing to make it to the airport on time.
Singapore’s Changi Airport recognizes this issue and tried to address it with a brilliant and fun solution. The management installed a four-story slide that twirls and twists across the terminals to lessen the chances of passengers being late for their flights.

Pet-Friendly Bathroom

There’s nothing we love more than a place that accommodates everyone. Inclusivity is essential for us to have a happy society, and it should be extended to all races, genders, sexual preferences, spiritual beliefs, and yes, pets! Just look at how much thought they put into making this bathroom.
Whoever came up with this design concept, we take our hats off to you! It’s both funny, cute, and honestly, genius! The fire hydrants were a great touch, and we’re sure all the guide dogs and service animals have fun using it!

Landing Mistake

One thing that came to our minds when we saw this: we hope everyone was okay! The crash looks like it was pretty severe, but we hope the ramifications weren’t too bad. How did the vessel end up in such a situation anyway?
Maybe the runway was too slippery because of all that ice? Or perhaps there was a major malfunction on the airplane. It looks like it won’t explode, so that’s a good sign. Always be careful on your flights – a reminder for both passengers and pilots.

Flying Pokemon

With the rise of the Pokemon Go app, even the older generations have heard of the popular anime-based franchise. Indeed, Pokemon continues to make waves in the gaming and anime scene, with all sorts of spin-off products and merchandise. This popularity stems from the fact that Pokemon appeals to kids and adults alike, and that means it has a huge market.
We bet these amazing Pokemon-themed airplanes drew plenty of attention as they taxied from the runway. What a clever marketing decision! Everyone wants a glimpse of the pocket monsters; everyone wants to catch ’em all!

The Legendary Walt Disney

This is quite a surreal image – one man giggling and the other looking downright creepy in his mask. For those who don’t know, the one on the left is the legendary Walt Disney. His name is pretty explanatory, given that his business empire is still the biggest in the entertainment industry.
It would be amazing if the world could still communicate with him. And who knows? Maybe one day soon we’ll develop the technology needed to reanimate his cryogenically frozen body. To hear his insights would be incredible.

Kooky Characters

Most of you probably don’t recognize this odd collection of characters, but they were famous in their era. They had such an excellent reputation that they were hired by Southwest Airlines to do promotions back in 1973. These characters brought joy and happiness to many people.
It would be great to see cute creatures like these in our era. Seeing retro characters like Peter Panda, Huge the Shoe, Dirty Bird, and Connie Cone would be an amazing blast from the past.

A Comfy Flight

We know how hard it is to sleep when you’re stuck in one cramped seat for hours. But this woman found a way to sleep like a baby – in the luggage area! We don’t know how she got inside, and why no one stopped her from doing it, but she did it.
We are taking our hats off to this woman who somehow escaped the watchful eyes of the cabin crew, and slept the long sky transit away in her own private sleeping cubby. Do not try this on your flight, kids!

When Pilots Take Selfies

Pilots are humans too, meaning they also love taking selfies! The media usually depict them as serious individuals, and though they are dedicated to the job, this photo shows that they are more than that.
It is also a testament to the fact that selfie culture is making waves not just on land but also in the air. Now that’s a worthy selfie!

A Bird’s Eye View of The Sunrise

Sunsets and sunrises are among the most beautiful things to see in this world. Many photographers earn a living merely by capturing stunning images of this phenomenon. But have you ever seen the sunrise while you’re high up in the sky?
With this picture, you can see for yourself how majestic it can be. Such views of the planet make you realize how small our problems are compared to the grand scheme of things.

Penguins In Flight

It’s not every day you get to share your flight with adorable animals. So, this photo of penguins boarding their flight is quite amazing. Everyone adores penguins, and seeing them do ‘human’ things makes them even more lovable.
Penguins are cute and cuddly birds that settle with one partner for life. They’re flightless (except when airplanes are involved), and their fascinating behavior is one of many reasons why they are always featured in animal documentaries.

Retro Flight Attendants

Flight attendants have been in existence ever since the commercialization of airplanes. They are trained to keep passengers happy and save their lives in case of a calamity. And they manage to do all these things while looking immaculate.
Saving lives, giving service, and looking good can be quite a challenge, but these hard workers prove that it isn’t impossible. Over the years, flight attendants have had a profound change when it comes to their uniforms; here’s how they looked back in the early days of commercial air travel.

Robot Shoe Shine

Now here’s something weird for you guys out there. We can’t really tell if these are characters from Ultraman because we are too distracted from seeing them getting their shoes shined in an airport. It could be a marketing stink or that they really couldn’t resist having a shiny shoe.
Oh right, those are the Cybermen Cyborgs from the Doctor Who storyline. Apparently, they were installed in the airport in the lead up to San Diego’s Comic-Con! Everyone must have had a great time posing with them!

Cute Little Pony

There are many animals capable of working harmoniously with humans. Nowadays, many of these clever creatures work as therapy animals, helping individuals dealing with physical and mental issues. They are trained to give love and affection to their owners, calming them in trying times and helping them navigate the world.
While a therapy pony makes sense, taking it on a plane is a bit of a stretch, though it does look cute snuggled tightly against its owners’ legs. Who knew that ponies aren’t just cute, they are also healing!

Ducks On A Plane

You thought you had seen it all after seeing penguins, ponies, and turkeys on an airplane, but did you know that ducks make use of air travel too? We wonder where this little guy was off to and where his human companion put him during take off.
Can you imagine seeing that cute little face waddling up the aisle? Ducks are peaceful animals and having them board a plane surely wouldn’t be as much of a nuisance as a pony!

A Baby Kangaroo

Kangaroos are fascinating animals as females carry their young in a body pouch located on their bellies. They stand on two feet and use their hands in a way that’s almost human-like.
Did we mention that they are adorable? We know bringing animals on planes can be quite problematic. But we also think the reason why this baby kangaroo was allowed inside is that it looks so innocent and cute!

Modern Flight Attendants

A while ago, we gave you a glimpse of their history, and now it’s time for a look at how modern-day flight attendants (now more commonly referred to as the ‘cabin crew’) look. Though a lot has changed, they still have super cool uniforms.
If flight attendants were always smiling brightly like this, passengers would surely feel at ease, despite the turbulence that typically happens on long haul flights.

Does The Need To Be Scanned?

Having your stuff scanned through an X-ray machine is normal in an airport. Deadly weapons, illegal items, and contraband must be detected for the safety of everyone who goes inside the airport.
But this woman wanted the TSA to feel at 100% ease by including her baby in the scan. Is this a joke, or was she serious? We genuinely hope the baby didn’t make it all the way through the machine!

Ready For Miss Universe

Beauty pageants are growing bigger and bigger as the years go on thanks to the support of fans across the globe. Every aspiring beauty queen dreams of competing for the Miss Universe crown, but alas, only the best of the best get in.

That’s why those who make it to the Miss Universe competition will do everything in their power to get at least to the top five. Being a part of the whole event is already an honor, but if you get to rise above the numerous delegates from different countries, then you become something truly special in the pageant world. Here we see Chalita Suansane, a Miss Universe candidate from Thailand, and her 17 massive pieces of luggage at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the Philippines.


Okay, so this is a really weird machine. We think people are overdoing it with technology if this is going to be implemented worldwide. Human hands are fine, thank you!
Though, of course, it appears that this machine isn’t really in action in an airport. Can you imagine how weird it would feel to step inside a machine that touches your body? Yikes!

Is Santa Okay?

From his true story back in medieval times to how he is portrayed now every Christmas, Saint Nick (aka Santa Claus) has been through quite an evolution.
Kids around the world pray that he will come on Christmas Eve and leave piles of gifts for them. Indeed, he is the reason they aspire to be good children the whole year. But why does he look troubled here? Santa, are you hiding something?

Retro Party Plane

Can you believe this is what air travel used to look like? Back in the olden days, people were allowed to drink, smoke, party, and socialize on flights. An airplane ride was like a party in the sky!
Nowadays, only the super-rich get to indulge in sky parties in their private jets. Here’s hoping one of the airlines will see a market for fun flights and kick off a renaissance of this retro tradition.

Rules Of Engagement

This brilliant installment at Denmark’s Aalborg Airport allows travelers to kiss and say goodbye to loved ones before they leave – so long as they contain their affection to 3 minutes We wonder if they have a security guard timing kisses?
We’re willing to bet at least one couple has lasted longer than 3 minutes because who wouldn’t? Saying goodbye is hard!

Flight Attendants At Your Service

We don’t know how this was allowed, but these flight attendants are wearing some pretty skimpy outfits! Maybe it was done during a summer promotion? That might explain the deviation from the normal cabin crew uniform.
Whatever the reason, we’re impressed that they’re able to traverse the aisle during turbulence wearing those massive go-go boots!

Oink Oink!

Is that lady planning to pop her massive pet in the overhead luggage compartment? We know how smart these animals can be, but we didn’t know they could be brought inside a plane.
If only everyone treated their pigs with such love and respect. If you love your bacon, then there’s no need to fret. After all, we cannot avoid the fact that we are omnivores. But we can at least let them die humanely, right?

A Big No-No

It’s obvious that this photo was taken years ago. It was deemed inappropriate then, and it is still inappropriate now. Women should be allowed to wear whatever they want, and men should be taught to control themselves.
This message should be spread across the globe: Men need to act like the adults they are and leave women free to dress how they please without being objectified.

Mmmm Bacon

While humans love eating pork and bacon, pet pigs love belly and back rubs and get separation anxiety when their owner isn’t around.
Seeing a pig on a flight after all the stressful airport experiences could really lift your spirits. They sense emotions and can easily make you feel happy. What a cutie this one is!

Hush Little Baby

One thing most people dread when they step inside a plane is a crying baby. Once they start, babies will usually cry nonstop for hours, and all passengers can do is turn up the volume on their headphones. When you think about it though, it’s understandable that babies are confused and scared of flying.
Here, the flight attendants had to take the matter into their own hands, teaming up to make the little ones happy. Thankfully, the tears ended with a smile and a sigh of relief from all the passengers. Everyone can calm down now and get some much-needed rest.

The Wall Of Fame For TSA Confiscated Items

This is a rather creative way to inform passengers about what they cannot bring with them on a flight. Some would surrender their items to the TSA after seeing this wall of fame.
This booth is located at the Cleveland Airport, and these are a collection of all the confiscated items from passengers past to help prevent people from bringing illegal items and then losing them to the display.

Cigarette Smoking On Planes

Back in the early days of air travel, there weren’t as many rules as we have to contend with today. Everyone could drink and smoke whenever, whatever, and wherever they want. However, due to the closed environment and revelations about the horrible effects of smoking (especially second-hand smoke), the practice has been strictly prohibited on planes.
Today, it is a federal offense to smoke while on-board an aircraft because it harms the health of those around you. Crying babies may be annoying, but can you imagine how awful it would be if we still exposed the poor little things to second-hand smoke on planes?

Emergency Mime Show

Apart from looking good and having the knowhow to save the lives of many, flight attendants must be trained to teach the passengers everything they need to know to ensure a safe flight.
Anyone who’s been on an airplane in their life knows the drill – the flight attendants gather in the aisle to give a mime show of the flight protocol and emergency procedures you must follow. It seems in the early days, they really played up the mime aspect by giving the cabin crew while gloves!

Plane Doggy

How adorable would it be to see this fluffy head in front of you, eagerly watching an in-flight movie? We’re pretty sure passengers were amazed to see such a cute creature having the time of his life while riding a plane.
Dogs are very intelligent creatures, capable of so much love and loyalty. That’s why our species has become so attached to having them around, a practice we’ve been engaging in for hundreds of years now. Here’s hoping that pooch is potty trained!

Who Needs Six Flags Or Disneyland?

One of the most exciting yet daunting activities that you need to do when traveling is packing up your things. For some people, this is fun because they get to think about the outfits they’re going to wear, but it can be a bit stressful when you’re short on space and worried about forgetting things.
If only airport security would genuinely let you ride your luggage on the conveyor belt. Luggage can be a bit heavy when you have to carry it, so flipping the situation and having it carry you is genius.

Oxygen Mask Party

These oxygen masks were accidentally deployed during a flight. Thankfully, nothing bad is happening. Though a few people might have taken a break from the stale air of the cabin to have a cheeky toke on the fresh oxygen.

The shock of all the oxygen masks dropping from the ceiling is something no-one wants to experience. However, if it has to happen, here’s hoping it’s just a meaningless malfunction – one that doesn’t impact the engines!

The Youth Of Today

If there’s one thing worse than having a screaming baby on a plane, it’s having a bunch of wild teenagers on board. As you can see, there’s a commotion happening. It’s probably because this is their first time flying without parental guidance.
We have a hunch that they are on their way to spend spring break away from their parents. What’s the bet they’re on their way to Florida?

Pipes and Whiskey

This is what a first-class plane ride looks like. As we learned earlier, people were once free to smoke on planes. But the rich could do it in style, with top-shelf whiskey, pipes, and other luxuries.
That’s right, cigarettes weren’t the only things allowed on flights – pipes were a-okay too. Though the gentleman does look rather stylish, we’re glad people aren’t allowed to do this anymore. Non-smokers can now experience peace and fresh air.

Who’s That Celebrity?!

Nicolas Cage is one of the most famous celebrities out there, which means that he is easily recognizable when walking around public places. But what happens when you sit right next to him on an economy class ride?
Knowing Cage and his crazy antics, he’ll probably take an awkward selfie with you! The big question is, what was he doing in economy class? Everyone knows he’s loaded. But he is an oddball. Maybe he has a thing for cramped spaces and terrible food? Or perhaps he simply went back for some photo ops with fans.


These two are obviously in love with each other. But what made this photo so special is the fact that our source revealed that they were off on their dream honeymoon.
Apparently, they had just gotten married in Las Vegas and won millions of dollars at the Casino. Do you think the money lasted long? Do you think their relationship lasted either? We’d love to hear the story of how it all played out.

A Retro Airplane Waiter

Here’s another high-class photo showing how luxe air travel was in the early days. Can you imagine having a waiter serve food to you on a plane as if you’re in a luxury restaurant? If you compare the meals served today to the ones provided before, you will see many things have changed.
Airplane meals were once a lot more nutritious, and you didn’t have to eat them from a foil tray! Instead, your meal was served to you by a classy waiter. There was an actual menu, with plenty of food options on offer.

Punk Military Princess

Okay, so let’s start with the word ‘wow.’ It’s a bold look, and you have to give this punky military princess points for confidence and creativity, but is this really an appropriate choice for a flight? We were always told to dress in soft comfy clothes!
If this isn’t the person’s usually fashion style, we’re guessing someone lost a dare. If this is the Las Vegas airport, then the story could be even more bizarre. What do you think? Do you have any theories?

Airport Hotel

Given that it’s one of the most common sights you will see inside an airport, it’s only fitting to end this list with yet another creative sleeper. Once again, we have to give this man points for confidence and creativity.
The newspapers are definitely a nice touch, keeping his hands warm in the cold air-conditioning, blocking the glaring fluorescent lights, and just generally creating that sense of being in a safe cocoon. Sweet dreams!

Key Facts about Student Debt in the United States

  • Women, Black borrowers, and those who attended for-profit universities had the greatest average federal student loan debt.
  • Borrowers who attended for-profit universities had a greater default rate than those who attended non-profit or public institutions, owing to higher average debt levels as well as inferior earnings and job results.According to the most current statistics available, 34% of students who started their education at a for-profit institution in the 2011–2012 academic year and entered federal debt repayment by 2017 failed on their loans.Black borrowers have a high default rate of 29 percent, which is more than twice the white borrowers’ rate of 12 percent. This is partly owing to greater enrollment rates at such colleges.Women and men fail on federal loans at similar rates (17 percent and 16 percent, respectively).
  • The amount of federal student loans in default or delinquent was growing before the federal government temporarily suspended payments because to the COVID-19 outbreak.The amount of such loans has almost doubled in the last several years, from $178 billion in 2016 to $263 billion in early 2020.
  • According to Federal Reserve analysts, student debt may lower the homeownership rates of families headed by young people.The homeownership rate for all families fell by 4 percentage points between 2005 and 2014, while the rate for households headed by someone aged 25–34 fell by approximately 9 percentage points.Other studies have shown that student debt has ramifications throughout the economy, including stifling small company development, reducing Americans’ ability to save for retirement, and even delaying marriage and family formation.
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  • A personal private banker, the potential to earn interest on your balance, and bonus rates on chosen CD and IRA products are all included in the PNC Performance Select checking account.Customers also get charge exemptions and discounts on consumer credit products as a bonus.If you keep a monthly balance of $25,000 or more, the $25 account maintenance charge is waived.
  • You can acquire a mortgage with little or no money down, but you may not want to.VA loans and USDA Rural Development loans (which apply to a lot of not-so-rural locations near cities) both provide mortgages with no money down.Conventional mortgages sponsored by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac may enable you to put down as little as 3%, while Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans only need a 3.5 percent down payment.These may be the difference between being able to purchase a house and not being able to, but keep in mind that you’ll be starting with little to no equity and will owe more than the property is worth if the value drops.
  • It’s possible that your mortgage will be sold:It’s now fairly typical for a mortgage to be taken out with one lender and then sold to another.Your loan may be serviced by the other firm or your original lender, who will collect your payments.Although having your loan sold isn’t always a terrible thing, it may be jarring, particularly if you hoped to stick with your original lender.Don’t worry, the new servicer will be held accountable for the loan’s conditions.
  • Borrowers who attended for-profit universities had a greater default rate than those who attended non-profit or public institutions, owing to higher average debt levels as well as inferior earnings and job results.According to the most current statistics available, 34% of students who started their education at a for-profit institution in the 2011–2012 academic year and entered federal debt repayment by 2017 failed on their loans.Black borrowers have a high default rate of 29 percent, which is more than twice the white borrowers’ rate of 12 percent. This is partly owing to greater enrollment rates at such colleges.Women and men fail on federal loans at similar rates (17 percent and 16 percent, respectively).
  • The amount of federal student loans in default or delinquent was growing before the federal government temporarily suspended payments because to the COVID-19 outbreak.The amount of such loans has almost doubled in the last several years, from $178 billion in 2016 to $263 billion in early 2020.
  • According to Federal Reserve analysts, student debt may lower the homeownership rates of families headed by young people.The homeownership rate for all families fell by 4 percentage points between 2005 and 2014, while the rate for households headed by someone aged 25–34 fell by approximately 9 percentage points.Other studies have shown that student debt has ramifications throughout the economy, including stifling small company development, reducing Americans’ ability to save for retirement, and even delaying marriage and family formation.

Essential Statistics About Mortgages

  • Home prices vary by state and other circumstances, but mortgage statistics in the United States indicate that the average balance has risen gradually over time.Indeed, it has risen by more than $55,000 since 2007.The increase is mostly due to rising property prices, particularly in California, New York, and Colorado.
  • Buying a new home with cash is not an option for most Americans, particularly if it is their first home.It would take decades to accumulate that sum of money, particularly because house prices in numerous areas, including Idaho, Utah, Tennessee, Georgia, and Arizona, are rapidly rising.As a result, all mortgage sector figures predict a future increase in house loans.Mortgages are the only viable option for young individuals who want to purchase a property.
  • Real estate values are growing, indicating a market that is rebounding from the Great Recession.In fact, almost $4 trillion has been added to this figure in the last five years, and the trend seems to be continuing.A fresh recession, on the other hand, may disrupt such expectations.
  • In comparison to 2004 figures, mortgage loan statistics reveal an almost 5% reduction in owner-occupied house ownership.The data reveals the continued concentration of real estate wealth among a small number of owners, as well as the tightening of lending criteria in the aftermath of the Great Recession.Consumer skepticism is another factor:Following the previous financial crisis, some consumers are still hesitant to take on debt.
  • Finance gurus and mortgage lenders have traditionally advised you to put down a 20% down payment on your new property.In today’s real estate world, this counsel has evolved from practical to aspirational.Many properties are now available for purchase with just a 1% down payment.Rising property prices are cited as a major influence in mortgage origination data, and there is little indication that this trend will reverse very soon.
  • Since 2011, statistics indicate a continuous growth in the number of new and existing residences sold in the United States.The overall number of property sales in that year was 4.75 million, while forecasts for 2019 anticipate a total of 6.44 million.In less than a decade, that’s a 26.2 percent gain.It denotes the country’s economic recovery since the conclusion of the global financial crisis in 2009.
  • Statistics from the mortgage business show a significant movement toward non-bank lenders.Independent lending firms have risen to prominence as a result of the transformation.These non-banks have increased their market share from 9% in 2009 to almost equal that of banks.Non-bank lenders made up five of the top ten mortgage lenders in 2019.Quicken Loans is the biggest.
  • While a large rise in overall mortgage debt may seem to be a negative indicator, it is really a sign of an improving economy.Mortgage debt figures have been declining for years due to industry stagnation after the financial crisis of 2008.Rising mortgage debt, particularly on new mortgage loans, shows that the economy is finally improving and that consumers are growing confident in their decision to buy a home.
  • Because the value of real estate assets has climbed to $25.6 trillion, Americans now enjoy the largest degree of equity in the country’s history.The previous high point was attained in 2005, when total house value reached $13.41 trillion before plummeting due to the financial crisis.This time around, the economy is considerably more solid, and the gain in equity provides homeowners with greater security.

Celebrities Who Give Away Their Millions

  • Elton John contributed a stunning $46 million in 2017, according to the Sunday Times Giving List.The bulk of the money went to his charity, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, which has offices in both the United Kingdom and the United States.Over the last 25 years, the two foundations have raised around $385 million.
  • Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have donated millions of dollars to aid the less fortunate throughout the years.They established the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation, which has given grants to a range of charities including the Baltimore School for the Arts, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the Lupus Foundation.
  • The Pitt-Jolie power couple was no stranger to assisting the less fortunate prior to their split.Pitt is a humanitarian and Jolie is a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.Over 60 charities were supported by the pair.The pair donated the proceeds from the sale of the first photographs of their twins, Knox and Vivienne, to their Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation, which is committed to community development in Cambodia.

Statistics About Mortgages

  • The delinquency rate on home debt is the strongest indicator of the economy’s continuous recovery.The rate reached an all-time high of 11.54 percent in January 2010.It has been steadily declining since then, and it is presently at an all-time low.This data implies that Americans are good at managing their mortgage debt.
  • Banks are making it more difficult to get a home loan.The current baseline of 758 is higher than the previous high of 708 set in 2006, although it is not the highest it has ever been.In reality, in 2012, when the average credit score was 781.23, the highest credit score threshold was required.Since then, lenders have been steadily relaxing qualifying restrictions.
  • When it comes to financing a new house, mortgages are still the most popular option.Yes, many individuals find the mortgage application process stressful.They do, however, recognize the benefits of having real estate.In any case, they apply.
  • Instead of meeting with a loan representative one-on-one, fintech lenders enable house purchasers to submit papers and complete applications online.They’re fast gaining popularity.Fintech’s participation of the mortgage industry in 2010 was under 2%, or $34 billion in loan originations.Mortgage data from 2016 shows an increase of 8%, or $161 billion.Lenders have every motive to accelerate the use of fintech solutions in the future, thanks to continuing service improvements and lower technological costs.
  • On average, using a fintech lender may save processing time by ten days, or 20%.Depending on the kind of loan you want, you may be able to save even more time.Homeowners who refinance their property, for example, notice a 14.6 percent decrease in loan processing time.The average processing time for conventional home-purchase mortgages has been cut by 9.2 days.
  • Since hitting a record low in 2012, mortgage rates have ranged between 3% and 4%, according to mortgage rate data.The rate almost hit 5% in the fourth quarter of 2018, although it has subsequently fallen.The highest mortgage interest rate in history occurred in 1981, when it hit an all-time high of 18.63 percent.
  • Young people seem to be afraid of house ownership and large loans, yet the number of properties sold to them is constantly growing.Since the previous year, the proportion has increased by 2%.Around 70 million millennials live in the United States.For today’s lenders, this group is the most crucial demographic.
  • The mortgage market is evolving as a result of technological advancements.Younger purchasers, who have grown up in a digital environment, anticipate speedier services, which fintech solutions provide.Despite this, the majority of respondents indicate they would prefer to speak with a person throughout the most essential stages of the procedure.
  • This exemplifies the importance of the internet in the mortgage sector.Only 57 percent of consumers said they did internet mortgage research ten years ago.Borrowers spend the most time researching the best rates, followed by loan possibilities and lender reliability.
  • According to mortgage loan data, speed is a top priority for 29% of those who take out loans online.Security, at 28%, and simplicity, at 20%, are two other major criteria.Other variables score substantially lower, indicating that borrowers value these three considerations above all others.
  • One of the reasons for non-banks’ fast expansion is their inability to adapt to automated operations.Over the last six years, digital lending services have grown at a breakneck pace.By 2020, digital lending is estimated to reach $122 billion, making it a significant concern for banks.
  • Mortgage fraud figures reflect an alarming trend: from 2017 to 2018, fraud on new mortgage applications increased by a whopping 12.4 percent in a single year.According to analysts, this is mostly due to income fraud:Buyers respond to rising prices by inflating their income in the hopes of obtaining a mortgage.
  • Since its legalization in 1990, more than a million reverse mortgages have been taken out by senior individuals.According to reverse mortgage data, both rich and middle-class homeowners find the ability to pull cash out of their houses useful.Some people use money to better their lifestyle, while others use it to pay off debt or save for retirement.