7 Animals Without Bones


This might be a shocker, but the majority of all animal species don’t have a spinal column, or in other words, bones. From the deep oceans to the wet rainforests, there are hundreds of species on our planet that do not have a single bone in their body.

Here are 7 of the strangest creatures you will ever come across.


There isn’t one person that has ever said a jellyfish is cute. This animal’s more formal name is Cnidaria, and are found in the deepest oceans. Amazingly, they have no brain or central nervous system and simply react to the things around them. Don’t let it be you.



This is something that could be out of the horror movies. Literally a flat worm, it eats and wastes through the same hole in their body, and is usually both male and female in gender. This amazing creature doesn’t have a respiratory system, instead has oxygen diffused through its flat body.


Water Fleas

Their scientific name doesn’t give this animal justice, which is why water flea seems more fitting. There are over 620 species of water flea in existence and they are more likely to be found in inland water areas, rather than the oceans.



Some scientists would not consider this species as an animal. Why? These tiny single cell organisms cannot be seen with the naked eye and are normally between 10 and 52 micrometers. They are probably some of the strangest creatures on the planet and can keep alive by preying on other tiny organisms.



These are not the sponges you find in your shower or bathroom. These are creatures that live in the oceans and are made of collagen, a jelly like substance. Looking more like a plant than an animal, sponges are probably the weirdest species on our list.



One of the few fish that have no bones is one of the most intelligent on the planet. It has a huge brain compared to other invertebrates. The most interesting part about this animal is that is can change its color to blend in, just like a chameleon.

One of the most loved sea creatures, the starfish makes it onto our list because it has no bones at all. There are around 1,500 species and the weirdest thing about them is that they can regrow their arms if they lose them.