Facts You Didn’t Know About Dreams


Everyone has experienced dreaming, whether it was in childhood, your turbulent adolescence or until today you are having recurring dreams. Even though we might dream every night, we know very little about them and why they happen.

This list of 8 facts is surprising, eye opening and slightly strange, but its worth reading on if you wonder what is happening during 8 hours of your day.

Premonitions Actually Happen in Dreams

Throughout history there have been many instances where people have dreamed their ominous future. In general the premonitions have been of something bad about to happen, including the world trade center attacks and even the Titanic sinking. It is even documented that Abraham Lincoln dreamt of his assassination. Don’t go thinking every bad dream is a premonition, it might just be a bad dream.


You Can’t Read or Tell the Time In Your Dreams

Have you ever felt that you have woken up but you didn’t know if you were still dreaming or not? The way to check if you are awake is to try reading something. If you cannot read then it means you are still in your dream. You can do the same test with time, in your dream you are unable to tell the time and if you are dreaming the hands of the clock will not appear to move. Strange right?


Dreaming has Created Some of the Best Inventions

Some of the best inventions have been thought of during dreams. Larry Page dreamt about the idea of Google, and even the sewing machine was discovered in the dreams of Elias Howe. Next time you dream something strange, it might be the next big thing.


The Most Common Dream

You might have wondered what the most common dream people have is? Yes it has been studied and the results are conclusive. The most common dream is one about your partner cheating on you. This type of dream is often reoccurring and is not necessarily based on infidelity rather a fear of being left alone.


Lucid Dreams

This popular practice has been taken up by the new generation of dream fanatics. This technique allows people to have control over certain aspects of their dreams, and enables them to fly, pass through walls and travel back in time. It is not an easy skill to master, sometimes it takes years to even have one second of consciousness in your dream. Though with a power like that, it might be worth it.