At The Super Bowl, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck could not leave the stage while dancing


Ben Affleck and  Jennifer Lopez started their Valentine’s Day with an exciting trip to Super Bowl LVI in the presence of her ex-fiancé.

Several eagle-eyed supporters could not give up admiring the Marry Me actress, 52, and her lover, 49, in the grandstands. Throughout the first half of the game on Sunday, the Cincinnati Bengals met the Los Angeles Rams.

Lopez and Affleck, whose rekindled relationship made news for the first time in May 2021, were spotted dancing during NBC’s big game coverage. The New York native wore a white button-down top and trousers with her large spectacles. Affleck donned a dark blue shirt and stood by his girlfriend for his small part.

Several Super Bowl fans were more interested in Bennifer’s arrival on matchday than in the Bengals or Rams’ performance on the pitch.

On Sunday, one digital media enthusiast wrote, “32% of Super Bowl fans are just viewing for the Ben Affleck – JLo appearances.” “I…….. adore J. Lo and Ben Affleck,” commented yet another.

Likewise, the 48-year-old veteran MLB player sat in a different stadium section to watch the final contest. “Wow, such a performance!” Rodriguez described a photo he shared on Instagram when he and Lopez broke off their two-year relationship in late April 2021.

Lopez said in her On The JLo email on Friday, February 11, accompanying a link to a remixed version of her “On My Way” track, “I am going to share something extremely unique and personal with you that typically I would only share with my closest circle.” “Ben gave it to me as an early Valentine’s Day gift.”

“Seeing it made me realize about just the path of genuine love, its unanticipated ups and downs, and how, when it’s genuine, it can endure forever,” she wrote in her weekly message. “This has completely brought tears to my eyes.”

The Very last Duel actor combined historical clips of the couple — who have been romantically linked from 2002 to 2004 — over the years with footage from Lopez’s actual new music promo in the movie. The actual footage, created by Santiago Salviche, debuted in December 2021, just before the launch of Marry Me.

The film, which came out on Friday, chronicles the strange couple’s public connection. Lopez portrays Kat Valdez, a pop diva who finds out her fiancé Bastian (Maluma) has been accused of cheating on her before their scheduled onstage wedding. She tries to pull her single father, Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson), off his position and declares that she would marry him rather than escape shame in front of a big audience.

Lopez, who has 13-year-old children Max and Emme with former husband Marc Anthony, reunited with Rodriguez last year after her divorce from the Good Will Hunting actor. (Lopez previously performed with Shakira at the 2020 halftime performance.) Rodriguez showed his love for his then-fiancée with a lovely Instagram story, saying, “Absolutely incredible!!” well, at the moment. She COMPLETELY DESTROYED IT! That was just a huge amount of fun! Jen, I’m extremely happy for you!”)