Cynthia Bailey: Family Or Career?..


Cynthia Bailey has parted ways with the hit Bravo show, but it wasn’t by her own choice. The model and businesswoman are leaving the show to focus on her marriage to Mike Hill. The show takes away too much time from her family, and right now, her marriage needs rebuilding.

Cynthia Bailey has been through this before with her first husband Peter Thomas

Cynthia has been quite busy focusing on her marriage. She and her husband refocused their relationship a few months ago, and judging from the photos; they have been going strong ever since.

Bailey has been quite busy spending time with her family while realizing that some parts of her life are best to be kept private. She’s had some upsetting days before. Sadly, her first marriage crumbled before her eyes, and she was left without an identity.

Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey’s split wasn’t pretty. The two showed their love for each other in front of Bravo cameras, and then they were shown arguing and pushing each other out the door. It was a sad moment for all of them and one that should not be repeated.

Cynthia’s husband, Mike Hill

Now that she’s stepping away from the show, Cynthia is taking the time to get the situation with her marriage right. The couple will be re-evaluating their relationship, and it looks like they’ve decided to take their relationship to the next level.

They’ll be focusing on strengthening their marriage, and it’s a wise choice. That’s what she needs to get right before anything else. While she has been busy with the show, her marriage has suffered, and this time things need to be different. Her husband, Mike Hill, supports her decision, but the show will be the last thing on his mind. He’s not one to care what other people think of him; he’s got other things to worry about right now.

Filming Real Housewives Of Atlanta takes up too much of their time and energy

It’s hard for a couple to really focus on anything. When cameras are all around you, it’s hard to focus on anything other than the show. This is the reason why many stars like to separate their personal lives from their professional lives.

They need to focus on their own lives, and that’s why Cynthia Bailey is leaving the show. She wants to focus on her marriage, and it’s time for her to take some time off. According to a source, she might be back to the show at some point. But for now, her marriage is more important to focus on.

It’s time for everyone to get real

There are a few questions that come to mind when hearing this news. Will her co-stars understand the decision? What will they say? Only time will tell.

Cynthia Bailey has been on the show for years, and she’s an integral part of it. She’s the glue that holds the group together, and she has a huge personality. But it’s time for her to focus on her marriage and maybe take a break from it for a while.

There’s no doubt the show will change, as it does with each new addition to the cast. New faces are always welcomed, but will she be missed? The chances of everyone missing her are pretty high, and no one would be upset if she eventually came back to the show.