Funny Celebrity Pictures of 2021


A Lady Is Gotta Eat…

When you got the munchies then you gotta eat… this is one phrase that singer, songwriter, actress, and all-round American sweetheart Tori Kelly as she was photographed ravaging a very satisfying box of pizza. From the picture it looks like Tori Kelly was at out sharing a box of pizza with the guy in her company and just like most of us humans, she couldn’t even be bothered about the cameras pointing at her as she was stuffing her face with a delicious slice of cheesy goodness, covered in pepperoni. Our guess is wherever she bought that pizza from, they are going to be getting solid 5 stars on Yelp.

A Day Out In The Sun

It was a clear, sunny summer day in Miami just like any other day until the COE of FUBU showed up. We all know Daymond John from the tv show Shark Tank and also because he is the COE of several companies and a successful motivational speaker, we know that he is confident and courageous, but little did we know that the multi-talented millionaire isn’t scared to show some skin and let it hang out just like this picture of him on the beach has just revealed. Looks like the people in the water with him aren’t bothered anyway… Have fun man, have fun!

Look Out! Stone Cold’s Coming Through

Rob Riggle and Stone Cold are two people that clearly have a thing for chaos and destruction and are definitely no strangers to monster vehicles like a military tank. WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Steve Austin (aka stone Cold) and former marine, comedian, and Hollywood Star Rob Riggle were both caught on camera taking a tank out for a joy ride out in the desert and apparently participating in a private demolishing derby. The pair are a match made in heaven and will certainly give even the Dukes of Hazard a good run for their reputation.

Scot Prat Doesn’t Mess Around

Don’t we all just love it when celebrities are caught having fun and showing that the little kid in them is still very much alive? This cute picture of Scot Prat and an Unidentified kid playing a game of rock, paper, scissors has to score an 11/10 on cuteness scale (even if it is made in Russia). The Guardians of The Galaxy Star has been known to be a down to earth guy with a great sense of humor, but this picture is definitely going to win him some more fans. We hope he lets the kid win, but from the look of things, he likely won’t.

Sophie Turner Might Still Have Her Eye On The Throne

Even before Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner earlier this year, the pair have always enjoyed each other’s company and have been caught on camera attending a lot of events together, but be that as it may, this picture of the couple apparently attending a kid’s party and each wearing a party hat is got to be one of the most adorable photos of the pair. Sophie Jonas the Hollywood actress who made her professional acting debut playing the role Sansa Stark in the multiple award-winning series Game of Thrones has no problems wearing hats (obviously!) but so does pop sensation, Joe Jonas, as he is doing a good job rocking that hat too. Who do you think killed the look better?

Everybody Loves A Great Ice Cream Sundae

James Todd Smith aka LL Cool Jay is a rap legend who has taken on an acting successfully and has featured in both movies and Tv series like In The House and NCIS: Los Angeles is definitely a man of many talents and titles and now he officially has a new title of “sweet tooth” as he was spotted enjoying an Ice Cream Sundae(you can tell by the grin on his face) in public to the delight of his fans and people who were at the location. Congratulations on your new title sir! And we only hope that next time he is out getting a desert he will have some company enjoying it with him… the more the merrier.

Lookie Here Baby!

When the world needs of some crazy weird humor, who else can best to deliver just that than Marion Wayans and Molly Shannon? And lucky for us there was an abundance of that in the movie in the new Netflix movie they both starred in. Marion Wayans and Molly Shannon were photographed striking a funny pose at an event promoting Sextuplets; the new comedy directed by Michael Tiddes and co-produced by Rick Alvarez, Ricky Heiman, and of course Marion Wayans. If this, not sexy pose is anything to go by, movie lovers are in for one heck of a laugh.

There Is Definitely A Hint of Hilarious in That Wine

Who remember Spencer Pratt? Well, chances are, if you are a fan of reality TV serials, then you will remember he is the stud that starred in the reality television show The Hills in which he dated Heidi Montag and later got married to her. Although he and his wife have starred in a couple of other major reality tv shows like Celebrity Big Brother, little has been seen of him for a while, but in this picture, he was captured relishing a glass of wine and striking a cool pose with a security guard who was all smiles. We hope we get to see more of him.

Royalty Love Their Wine

Today we are privileged to be on hand for a wine tasting class with the Duke of Cornwall and Rothesay, Prince Charles Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne. In this picture the Prince of Wales was captured wearing a traditional Scottish look quite nicely and taking a whiff of what we guess is a very aged, quality wine in a wine cellar. With his kids all grown up and having kids of their own now, the graceful Prince now has a lot of time on his hands and can afford to enjoy some quality wine. Thank you, sir, for the special wine tasting lesson.

More Shirtless Pictures of Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is one celebrity who isn’t worried about being caught bare-chested in plain sight, yes… In more than a dozen of occasions he has been caught on camera on a beach and in this picture, what looks like a water fountain shirtless. One thing is for sure though, the sexy Aussie movie star popular for playing the Marvel character Wolverine and host of other characters in award-winning movies should have no worries with bearing it all out thanks to his awesome body and physique, which we are sure a lot of ladies around the world wouldn’t any complaints about.

Let’s Go for A Swim… It Isn’t Shark Week Is It?

It sure is nice to take a little break from your busy career to go on a little trip to a place where you can just dive into the arms of the deep blue and get wet… this is an experience the famous A-list supermodel and businesswoman Kate Moss can relate too. In this picture the British model who have had a very successful career in the modelling industry and has taken on the runway for popular designers like Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Burberry, Versace and many more awards was captured diving into the ocean for a swim in her sexy lingerie as she seems to be enjoying her time away from the spotlight. It is apparent that the drop-dead gorgeous woman is still got it.

Michael Buble Looks Like Michael Buble

Known for his rich, robust, amazing vocals and very good looks, Michael Buble has been serenading fans and selling out shows with his wonderful songs and lyrics for many years, and it looks like Michael Buble is his own no. 1 fan. So, this picture of Michael Buble doing what he does best on stage, and rocking his signature suit and tie look and holding a picture cut out of his face while trying to make a funny face similar to the one in the picture shows that he has a funny side too. The fans definitely had a ball.

How You Like Me Now

Part of deal when you become a celebrity is that you are always in the public eye and that the paparazzi and their fans get to take pictures of them whether they like it or, but someone forgot to tell Chris Pratt to stick to his role because in this picture he points the camera right back. The movie star is famous and loved by fans for his healthy sense and humor and how much he likes to mess around, in his picture the star is taking a picture of a fan pointing a video camera at him… he simply couldn’t resist.

Shhh… Class Is in Session

There are a lot of things fans of Supernatural love about Jared Padalecki like his great physique, perfectly chiseled face and smile, long hair, good acting skills, and soft-spoken nature, wait… add knowledge sharing to that list. Jared Padalecki has been playing the character Sam Winchester in the hit TV show that’s been on for a decade, but in this picture, he seems to be playing a different role as he was captured engaging in an interactive session with his fans and looks like he is having a great time in the company of the audience. Get back to fighting evil Jared, the word isn’t going to save itself.

Keeping Up With The Seacrest

Some folks are just addicted to success and conquering new challenges if these people were to have a group, Ryan Seacrest will be the poster boy of that group. The workaholic radio/TV personality, host of the American Idle and producer never seems to have his hands full and apparently can easily put down the mic to go behind the wheel quite easily, as he is seen in this picture participating in a car racing event. Ryan Seacrest can’t help himself but take on any challenge that is thrown at him, but even more amazing is that he always does in Grand! Style.

A-Rod Is Riding… Ahhh Clean

A theory suggests that all men love driving monster trucks because it makes them feel even more manly, A-Rod loves trucks too, but surely has no problem feeling like a man. Alexander Rodriguez aka A-Rod is probably one of the most talented and iconic baseball players to ever play the game, and now that the former shortstop for the New York Yankees and have retired from the game, he should have more time to enjoy a drive, just like he is captured in this photo riding in a brilliant blue Ford Bronco. The New update just in… A-Rod is still the man!

What is Damon Wayans Wearing? Who is He Wearing?

Ahhhh… Damon Wayans! We love you because you never fail to make us laugh and you basically good great at everything you do, but your style… not so much! Damon Wayans Jr. is a comedian and movie star that has been casted in movies like Let’s Be Cops, How To Be Single, and Someone Marry Barry and Tv shows like New Girl and Happy Together, was spotted on a beach wearing beach shorts and a T-shirt with an image of a cartoon character in swimsuit, which is so Damon. At least he has managed to maintain an 8-figure figure, very sexy!

Nicki Bella Is Worth The Chase

Staphanie Nicole Garcia-Colace also known as a Nikki Bella is a WWE superstar and a sexy, gorgeous woman that has been stealing hearts and breaking some. Nikki Bella was once engaged to fellow WWE star John Cena but after 6 years being together, they both called of the engagement in 2018, after which she began dating Artem Chigvintsev. The star of the reality TV show Total Bellas in which she stars with her twin sister Brie was photographed using an ATM machine. This picture says a lot about Nikki Bella because even though she got a boyfriend again the girl still pays her own bills.

There Is Nothing Wrong with Wanting A Hug

If you are fan of the movie star and legend John Goodman, then you will be interested to know that the actor is playing a major role in the new HBO Network TV comedy series The Righteous Gemstones starring Adam Devine, Danny McBride, Gregory Alan Williams, Walton Goggins, Dermot Mulroney amongst other huge stars. John Goodman seems to still be very comfortable in front of the cameras as he was photographed at an event promoting the new show and still looking very good. Aww, John Goodman you softie we all love you… you can get a hug anytime you want.

Jake Paul The Cake Slicing Samurai

Earlier this year Paul Jake and Tana Mongeau both famous YouTubers tied the knot after a short period of engagement. The wedding was reportedly filled with a lot of exciting moments, some scary ones too as a fight broke out at the event streamed live on YouTube and watch by thousands of people. The crazy mood obviously carried on to the wedding reception as this picture showing Jake Paul wielding a sword and going crazy on their wedding cake, also in the picture is the wedding officiant Arman Izadi. We do hope that the couple have a blissful marital life filled with plenty of exciting memories, chances are, they will.