Guessing Game: Celebrities In Their Yearbook Photos Vs. What They Look Like Now


When it comes to the awkwardness of puberty, some get it easy, and some have it much worse. Regardless of what they looked like in those years of growth and change, many people remember them as some of the best times of their lives. Indeed, many celebrities report feeling these exact sentiments about their teenage years. Believe it or not, even the most beautiful stars dealt with embarrassing puberty issues, just like everyone else. So, to make everyone feel better about themselves, we gathered up an extensive list of now-famous celebrities and compared their photos from when they were much younger. Whether you’re an adult who’s already left the woes of puberty behind, or a teen who’s currently going through it, read on, and we guarantee you’ll feel better about yourself by the end!

Everything Has Changed… Since Puberty

If you haven’t spotted it, the little girl you see right there is none other than the fantastic Taylor Swift. Young Taylor looks like your typical high school girl who loves braiding her hair and blushes when her crush talks to her. We hope her song ‘Mean’ wasn’t made for high school bullies – no-one deserves to go through that. From how she looks right now, we guess it’s safe to assume that puberty transformed her drastically. Just look at her now, with her modelesque body and perfect posture. Oh, and don’t get us started on her hair. It’s always so perfect that it’s kind of unfair! She’s transformed into a true style and music icon!

The Girl Who Grew Up To Have A $ Sign In Her Name

Figured it out yet? If not, then welcome to the club! We also had a hard time recognizing this young little girl with her curly hair and carefree aura. Apparently, she was an active girl-scout member who enjoyed her childhood as a typical suburban high school student. Looking at her picture takes you back in time – it’s a reminder of how much things have changed since when she was a kid. Surprise, surprise, it’s Ke$ha. Can you believe the level of evolution? Kesha Rose Sebert transformed from fresh-faced high school kid to a woman who loves to wear face paint, sport crazy colored hair, attend red carpet events, and make bad-ass music. What a glow up, and we are all loving it!

You Will Never Believe Who This Kid Is

This photo is the kind that you’d hide from anyone who didn’t see you in that stage. We have to admit, we’d personally burn it – anything to have it deleted from the face of the Earth. Just look at that poor kid, donning the worst haircut in history. But we have to give it to him – he looks so comfortable in his own skin that the geeky haircut and glasses just kind of work! Little did everyone know that this awkward little boy would evolve into one of the sexiest men in Hollywood. Can you believe it? It’s okay because we couldn’t either! That geeky boy right there is none other than George Clooney. An icon, a legend, and an inspiration to us all.

And who might this guy be?

We have to admit, we were clueless as to who this person was when we first saw the photo. But if there’s one thing we noticed about him, it’s his sneaky eyes that are a little bit too familiar. We just couldn’t pinpoint where we recognized them from. The haircut, the big round glasses, and the camera resolution suggest that this kid was from the 80s, right? Are you surprised? You’re not alone! That kid looked nowhere near Ryan Seacrest. But we knew we had seen those trademark eyes somewhere! His mother says that he always knew what he wanted to do. As a kid, he would walk around and pretend he was the host of his own show. Well, he must be living the dream as he is one of the most successful hosts in Hollywood today. Cheers to chasing dreams and actually living them!

Okay, So Here’s Another One For You To Guess

It’s amazing how many changes a woman can experience once she hits puberty. The girl shown in this photo looks so cute with her big smile, punky haircut, and lovely bright yellow outfit. Who could she be? We’re pretty sure no one would have guessed it, but if you did kudos to you. It’s none other than the stunning January Jones! She started her career right around the time this photo was taken too. Some of her first movies were Seeking Justice and Unknown. The actress would later become one of the leading stars of Mad Men, a highly successful and critically acclaimed TV show. So kids, take it from January: no amount of bad haircuts will destroy your future.

Don’t Say That You Don’t Know This Guy

We’re not going to lie; the moment we saw this photo, we knew who it was. There was practically no change at all, except for the fluffy haircut. We’d recognize that expression from miles away, that’s Jamie Fox! If you met his young version, would you ever think that he’d go on to be considered one of the sexiest guys in Hollywood? We have to admit, we wouldn’t have picked it! He’s living proof that things really do get better as long as you keep pushing forward!

The Unibrow Kid

This bright-eyed kid with a smile that could capture anyone’s heart would eventually transform into one of the most recognizable sex symbols in western pop culture. With appearances in blockbuster movies like Transformers and a role as the main demoness in Jennifer’s Body, it is undeniable that Megan Fox is one Hollywood actress no one could ever forget. But just look at her when she was young and innocent, unibrow and all. Adorable! Megan is considered one of the sexiest faces in Hollywood, and we couldn’t agree more. Her movie roles have empowered women to write their own stories and become their own women. She’s not just a beauty, she’s also got brains and grit.

Hey Girl, What Cha Doin’?

We’d recognize that sweet little face anywhere! This is the girl who made us all cry in 500 Days of Summer and laugh as we watched New Girl. We loved her then, and we still love her now. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Zooey Deschanel! Those cute eyes and innocent smile are just too recognizable. The youngster in the picture was destined to grow up to have the perfect combination of cute, sexy, and charming. Zooey says she lost weight as she grew up. However, in terms of her quirky style, she never changed. The actress even brought with her the vintage styles from her earlier years, and we love her more for doing that! Everyone knew Zooey was going to make it to Hollywood because she was raised by a beautiful actress mother and a famous director father.

Another Easy Guess

The iconic High School Musical star has captured the hearts of everyone in his generation so hard that he can’t go anywhere without being recognized. Those enchanting eyes and cute smile will always be remembered as having made Gabriela (Vanessa Hudgens) swoon. He’s got the face, but that hair? We’re sure this crimpy do makes an older and more mature Zac cringe! We agree that no one is perfect, but modern-day Zac Efron puts this theory to the test. Those abs, that face, his hair – it’s hard not to stare. His transformation went from innocent to ‘Zaddy’ real quick.

A True 80s Kid

Judging by the photo, this kid was all over the hottest trends of her era. Any fashionable kid from the 80s knew that colorful sweaters, puffy bangs, and big glasses were hits, and they wouldn’t be caught dead without at least one of these accessories. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with this kid, but would believe us if we say that she’s the same girl who starred in the famous chick flick 13 going on 30? Yes, that’s a young Jennifer Garner! The Elektra star would also go on to marry one of Hollywood’s most dashing bachelors – Ben Affleck. She has cemented her name in the entertainment scene as an iconic force to be reckoned with.

Guardians Of The Camo Shirts

Okay, so that title probably gave away a little too much, but we just had to! Anyway, if you’re still not clear on who that is in the picture, this young highschool jock would grow up to become a ticket salesman, and then the star of Marvel superhero films, the first of which was, of course, Guardians of the Galaxy. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that guy right there is none other than the dashing Chris Pratt. As a young boy, he was the star of his wrestling team at school. Little did he know that he would soon become an A-list actor who would be part of the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe.

XOXO, Puberty

The teenage girl shown above got through puberty way too easily. Indeed, she was the head cheerleader, class president, and choir member at her school. That’s beauty, brains, and talent all wrapped up into one sweet and innocent package. Do you think it’s unfair? Well, it kind of is! This girl passed teenagehood with flying colors while most of us still get hit with random cringe moments when we think back to those awkward days. Since she’s barely changed, it’s pretty obvious that this overachiever is none other than Gossip Girl’s Serena Van der Woodsen – Blake Lively. Can you believe she didn’t even want to become an actress? She wanted to go to Stanford University, and yet here she is now, one of the most famous actresses in the scene.

Do You Know This Kid?

Here’s proof that mustaches and mullets don’t pair well together. Would you believe that this teenage boy wanted to become a priest? We’re not judging, but we can’t really see his modern self as someone who’d teach the gospel. Or maybe we’re just thinking that way because we know this kid would grow up to become one of the funniest people in Hollywood? If you haven’t picked it yet, that’s Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show! Good thing he ditched the mustache and mullet combo or he would be getting daily roastings by The Tonight Show crew!

A mystery child who grew up into a mystery adult

This kid screams androgynous in so many ways! As it turns out, this is actually Christin Milioti’s yearbook photo. We all had that weird phase when we didn’t know who we were or what we wanted. For Christin, this meant a look that kept people guessing in her teen years. Funnily enough, she went on to play roles that kept people guessing in How I Met Your Mother and Black Mirror. You may also recognize her from The Wolf Of Wall Street, amongst many others. As a kid, Christin Milioti loved doing school plays and participating in the drama club. Everyone knew she would end up working as an actress, and they were right. In fact, she exceeded everyone’s expectations.

First Thing’s First She’s The Realest

The girl right in the center of that picture is Amethyst Kelly, and ever since she was young, she had a big attitude (as is quite evident from her facial expression in this photo). Born in Australia, this girl started writing rap lyrics when she was 14 years old. She would then change her name to Iggy Azalea and become a world-famous rapper, TV personality, and model. She moved to the US at just 16 years of age in hopes of getting exactly where she is right now. Dreams really do come true – especially for Iggy!

We’re Pretty Sure You Know This Guy

He doesn’t look like much in that picture but trust us, this guy would grow up to become one of the most famous stars out there. It’s just that no one escapes the process of puberty, and this guy was hit by it, hard. This photo was taken during a time when he still went by the name Marshall Mathers. Of course, that’s the giveaway – yes, that’s Eminem! He didn’t always have that sexy buzzed hair and that handsome face. The rapper had to finish puberty before he could look as hot as he does now.

Make A Wild Guess

Okay, this awkward little girl looks so adorable with her pigtails and happy smile. Something about her big eyes and messy hair literally just captured our hearts. She might not be the conventional pretty girl, but she was the most charming one, for sure! Would you believe that that girl grew up to become the first British singer ever to win 5 Grammy Awards? This musical legend is none other than the late Amy Winehouse!

The Glow Up Of The Century

Okay, so the kid looks a little bit like a young, overweight Elvis, but he’s not, okay? This chubby kid grew up to become one of the funniest and most successful British stand-up comedians in the world. Russell Brand is the name, and we’re pretty sure you’ve heard his brand of comedy before. One of the reasons he’s lost so much weight since this picture was taken is because he had Bulimia. Russ has admitted to being a very lonely child who didn’t have a wonderful upbringing. But look at him now – mega-successful in his craft and working on changing the world.

This Is A Shocker

At first glance, the girl that we see here looks like your studious classmate who loves going to church and would do anything to get her parent’s approval. She looks the kind to get married and live in a cute house behind a white picket fence, right? That’s where we’re all wrong. That is, in fact, a yearbook photo of a supermodel who changed the face of fashion forever. Her presence on runways marked an end to the voluptuous supermodels of the past, introducing a new age of androgynous and lanky muses. It’s none other than the legendary Kate Moss! Now, this is a shocker.

Posh Puberty

The girl in this photo is so adorable with her 80s ponytail and tooth gap. Sadly, she couldn’t see the cuteness we see and hated how she looked. In fact, this beautiful girl had so many insecurities about herself that no one could’ve predicted she’d ever consider herself posh. But that’s exactly who she is – Posh Spice from the now-disbanded but once famous girl band. Yes, the adorable girl you see right there is Victoria Beckham. Today, Victoria has a luxury fashion brand, is married to the handsome David Beckham, and is the mother of four beautiful children. She’s a famous pop star and a fashion icon to boot. Talk about winning the game of life!

From Adorable Geek To Emo Chic

Were you one of those teenagers who went through a massive transformation of style after puberty? If so, you’ll be able to relate to this innocent looking girl who underwent a massive change a short while after this photo was taken. She traded in her geeky glasses and haircut for rebellious clothing and catchy music at the young age of 14 years old. This girl is Avril Lavigne, and she was a rebellious pop icon of her generation. With hit songs like ‘Sk8er Boi,’ ‘Complicated,’ and ‘Happy Ending,’ amongst many others, she has cemented her name as one of the most recognizable stars of her era.

Frizzy Hair, Don’t Care!

We’re not going to deny the fact that this is Nicole Kidman. She was a beautiful kid but had big frizzy hair that she was super insecure about. Can you believe one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood, someone who’s an award-winning actress, being so shy about her beautiful hair? Nicole moved from Hawaii to Australia when she was four years old. She started acting when still in primary school and claims that she fell in love with the craft immediately. Seeing a stage production of The Wizard of Oz was what inspired her to become an actress.

She’s Cute, But Who is She?

Let’s stop trying to kid ourselves by pretending not to know who this girl is. It’s hard to keep the guessing game going with someone who became famous as a teen. Those eyes, lips, nose, and hair all scream Katie Holmes. It seems her face has barely changed, apart from getting a tiny bit more mature. Do you all remember her role as Joey Potter in Dawson’s Creek? Today, Katie still sports that baby face. In addition to being a successful actress, she’s also a successful entrepreneur, director, producer, and full-time mom to her daughter, Suri.

Shia Later, Alligator!

That was a bad joke, we know, but can we talk about how little Shia has changed since he was a kid? We loved him for his role as Louis Stevens in the hit Disney Channel comedy series, Even Stevens back in 2000. Today, he is known for his strange YouTube videos and quirky humor. Shia LeBeouf grew up in a low-income family, but this did not stop him from becoming the famous star he is today. He also claims that even though they weren’t rich, he had a great childhood.

Guess Who!?

This rather serious picture was taken when this future star was attending the Harrodian private school in London. The cute but stone-faced little boy would go on to join the school’s theater program, which helped him launch his career. The kid you see is none other than Robert Pattinson. The world recognizes him for his role as Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter films, and of course, Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga.

Geeky To Hunky Transformation

This kid’s floppy hair perfectly captures the fashion of the early 90s. If you haven’t recognized that tell-tale smile, allow us to fill you in – the youngster in this picture is the famous Jake Gyllenhaal; now considered one of the sexiest and most talented actors of his generation. Jake had a specific acting style that got him many different roles in his younger years. His talent as an actor made him a favorite among directors like Sam Mendes, David Fincher, Ang lee, amongst many others.

She’s Still, She’s Still, Jenny From The Block

If you started dancing and singing at the age of five, maybe you can be as famous as Jennifer Lopez one day. But until then, let’s talk about her yearbook photo, shall we? As this picture reveals, J.Lo looked amazing, even as a kid. If we’d seen her back then, we’d definitely say that she was destined for greatness – and we would be right! Today, Jennifer Lopez is one of the sexiest and most successful divas of all time. Ever since she released ‘Jenny From the Block,’ her career has only shot upwards.

She’s A Beach Babe

We’re just going to assume that most of you will get this one wrong. Though the dark hair makes her look a bit like Jessica Biel, this is actually Pamela Anderson before she went bottle-blonde. Who would have thought that this typical looking girl with her fantastic 80s mullet would go on to capture the hearts of so many men? Pamela got her big break when she was cast as the ultimate beach babe in the hit TV series, Baywatch. Today, she is still one of the most iconic sex symbols the world has ever seen.

The Cutest Kid

Okay, so this kid is arguably the cutest on the list. We all want to pinch his chubby little cheeks and give him everything he might ever need or want. Sadly, all cute boys grow up. The question is – did this one stay cute and adorable? While the answer is “no,” it’s not all bad news. This cute kid became an international superstar with a bevy of adoring fans. He’s none other than Calvin Harris! We’re really disappointed about his breakup with Taylor Swift, but we guess that’s okay as long as he continues to make great music!

The Hottest Yearbook Photo

If Calvin Harris’ yearbook photo was the cutest, Brad Pitt’s is arguably the hottest. It’s quite unfair really to look this amazing at such a young age. The actor’s yearbook photo could score him modeling jobs! Everyone knows the extent of Brad Pitt‘s success, and it wouldn’t have been possible with just great looks only. His talent for acting is tremendous, and that’s why he is considered one of the best in Hollywood’s history.

The Cool Kid

With an alcoholic father and a mother who had left by the time he was 12, it’s great to see that the boy in this picture grew up to be such a success. He looks confident, happy, and strong, and could be a great example to many other disadvantaged kids out there!

If you haven’t guessed it, this cocky looking teenager is a young Ben Affleck, and we’re happy that he passed through his rough childhood so smoothly. We couldn’t imagine any other actor playing his roles in Dazed and Confused, The Accountant, or Gone Girl.

A Star Is… Photographed

This kid may have changed a lot as he grew up, but that smile is instantly recognizable. While he looks like a bit of a jock, he also seems like he would’ve been kind and friendly to his fellow students. There’s no trace of the jock-bully stereotype in that clean-cut style. We’re sure you’ve guessed by now that the kid in the pic is Bradley Cooper, the guy we all loved for his roles in A Star Is Born, The Hangover, Limitless, and The Silver Linings Playbook. As it turns out, Bradley isn’t just a great actor, but also an amazing director.

When She Was A Single Lady

There’s clearly no point pretending that’s not Beyonce! Despite the fact that this photo was taken 20 years ago, and features a young B wearing wig-like hair and a teeny-bopper looking outfit, her face hasn’t changed a bit. Beyonce Knowles is now a living legend. She has achieved so much in her life, especially in the music scene. The singer is now married to famous rapper Jay-Z and has a beautiful daughter, Blue Ivy.

The Guessing Games

The girl you see in this photo seems like a shining example of your typical prom queen cheerleader with her blonde hair and angelic features. You’d think she had everything figured out, but she actually had a tough childhood. This girl is none other than Jennifer Lawrence, a girl known for being hilariously vocal about her insecurities and anxieties. Though she still claims to be insecure, her life certainly took a turn for the better when she became a famous actress.

Who Wouldn’t Recognize This Happy Guy!?

If you didn’t guess from the hint in the title, that’s the talented Pharrell Williams. We just went ahead and revealed who this kid is because his style makes it is kind of obvious. At school, Pharrell played the keyboard and drums, and his talent for music ensured he was always one of the cool kids Today, the ‘Happy’ singer is a well-known musician, producer, and model for high-end brands. Music really can take you far!

Another Recognizable Smile

Can we all take a moment to appreciate the hair on this young kid? Those thick locks and bushy eyebrows are something many people would be jealous of, and as you probably guessed, they belong to Jerry Seinfeld! Seinfeld dove right into the New York stand-up comedy scene in the year 1970. He jumped from one open mic nights to another until he ended up appearing on an HBO Special made by Rodney Dangerfield. He went on to star in his uber-famous, self-titled TV series, which aired for nine years. Jerry ended up becoming one of the highest-paid entertainers in the world.

Do We Know Her?

Even with the frizzy, outdated hair, we’d recognize the face of everyone’s favorite diva anywhere. Mariah Carey knew she was destined to be a star and this shone through in how she presented herself to the world. Big hair, wide smile, and a confident spirit were always part of her repertoire. Mariah Carey’s success isn’t only attributed to her attitude but also to her immense singing ability. The singer is considered to be one of the music industry’s greatest voices of all time, with a range that few people can come close to emulating.

The Fresh Prince Of… Puberty!?

If you’ve watched his recent film Gemini, you probably instantly recognize the young version of this Hollywood star. Fans of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will surely remember him too, even though it’s been more than two decades since the show ended. In many ways, Will Smith still looks the same – he just got a bit beefier! Indeed, Smith is a shining example of how much a person can upgrade their appearance simply by working out. Can you see that A-list sparkle in this young lad’s eyes? How could you not when he is equipped with such a wide range of talents, including singing, acting, rapping, producing, directing, and so much more. Smith is now married with two beautiful and equally talented children, and he’s said to be worth around $250 million. That’s what we call living the dream!