Indispensable Adam Levine: Reasons Why The Audience Needs “The Voice” Couch To Be Back Rapidly


Levine explained that he left the project to spend more time with his children, and noted that he would miss the competition and especially Blake, with whom he developed warm friendships, despite the constant jokes about each other on the screen.

The army of fans of the competition “The Voice” awaits new releases on Mondays and Tuesdays with a sinking heart weekly. The show can be watched on the NBS channel, thereby collecting great ratings and creating heated debates around. However, viewers are deeply dissatisfied that Adam Levine, lead singer of the iconic pop group Maroon 5, has left the judge’s seat. The singer has been a regular judge of the show for 16 seasons and during that time, it seems to have become a blue-eyed boy of the audience. The fans of the show miss him so much that they even inundated Twitter with requests to return Adam to the show.

Subscribers of Twitter want Adam to repel the dogged coach Blake Shelton. The fastidious “The Voice” judge keeps the participants tight-lipped. But it’s not just Shelton’s severity, it’s that fans miss Blake and Adam’s tandem, they like to look after them building bridges and sniping each other sometimes, though. For 9 years, since 2011, Adam has been the constant coach of “The Voice”, it’s visiting card as well. Only the new Songland show, which is a songwriter’s competition, managed him to leave the judging chair. However, the new judge who replaced Adam is the bombshell, Gwen Stefani. Thus, the judging team of “The Voice” consists of Blake, Gwen, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson.

Although the star line-up has been approved, on Twitter, viewers are still hoping that the producers of the show will make an exception and enhance the number of judges for 5. The fifth fate, according to the floats of the show, should, of course, belongs to the lead singer of Maroon 5. Fans still cannot move away from the loss of such a judge as Levine and continue to reflect and lament about the lack of Adam on the air. Such hopes are absolutely evident because Gwen Stefani just returned to “The Voice” again, after leaving it in season 18 which made the audience turn their greedy attention to Nick Jonas, who replaced her. The viewers are also very interested in watching the Adam-Blake tandem because of their comic enmity and jokes.

For what it’s worth, an ironic battle between singers on Twitter, when Black called Adam “a pain in the ass” because he took the second line in the iTunes rating chat after him.

Adam Levine is a real “long-liver” in the coaching chair of the American Voice, and only Blake Shelton, the country performer carried out the duties of a coach for the longest time. “The Maroon 5” frontman lost to him in the number of victories: 3 versus 6.

Despite all ups and downs through the history of “The Voice”, the show’s fanbase is growing rapidly, and more and more people are following the intense competition with passion.