Kevin intends to create his own Big 3 Homes company, similar to Jack’s.


Every day, I’m becoming more and more similar to Jack. Kevin takes a significant step forward in Milo Ventimiglia’s This Is Us chapter “The Guitar Man,” which aired on Tuesday, March 15.

Kevin took the twins towards the cabin even without the assistance of a babysitter. Cassidy was hard at work with a team of veterans constructing Kevin’s new home when he arrived. When he realized that development was behind schedule due to faulty foundation pouring, he chastised Cassidy. Kevin subsequently apologized when Nicky told him that Cassidy was stressed about the project & her problems as a single mom.

Kevin got a call that night informing him that Cassidy, who had been meant to be sleeping at the cabin alongside Matty, had indeed been involved in a vehicle wreck. Cassidy had broken her collarbone and arm after colliding with a pole, which he and Nicky discovered at the clinic. Kevin felt she’d be alright, but Nicky suspected Cassidy’s adventures in Afghanistan had taken their toll on her.

Kevin planned to spend the evening in that clinic unless he could see Cassidy. He questioned if he was really behaving like he was the only kind of guy who made the right decision or if he was doing all the correct things since it was the correct thing to do. Cassidy claimed that she didn’t get enough sleep and would go on rides to refresh her mind the next day. Once they arrived at the lodge, she was overjoyed and didn’t wish to have the evening stop, although she didn’t seem to stop traveling or battle sleep once she discovered she was fatigued. Rather, Cassidy increased his speed as if trying suicide while behind the wheel.

Kevin (Kaz Womack) wished to go over to the municipal pool’s diving board in a throwback later in the show, yet Jack (Ventimiglia) informed him he needed to know how to dive beforehand. Kevin became irritated with the instruction because he was itching to utilize the diving board. Rebecca (Mandy Moore) subsequently revealed to Kevin that Jack was attempting to develop the character of his kid. Kevin said he wasn’t like his father, to which Rebecca responded that he was precisely like Jack.

Kevin returned to the poolside, following lying on Sophie in a different recollection. He eventually sat in the vacant diving board since it had been emptied even though it had been turned off. Kevin admitted to Kate as well as Randall that he lacked the necessary skills to survive at the edge of the cliff because he had been weak and had a solid base. Since his late father was indeed a strong builder, he pondered abandoning acting to remain in Pittsburgh and work in developing the same as Jack. Kate reassured Kevin because, although he was now a blunder, he could get this out eventually.