Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are happily married, and a lot of people remember them from the amazing Game of Thrones. But the interesting thing is that in GoT, their encounter was not really the best. Rose’s character died early on and apparently and also quite strangely, that’s the scene that seemingly Kit Harington likes the most.

Apparently the reason behind that is that he worked really hard to come up with a unique and rather different way to react to challenges that were in front of him. The true benefit regarding this is that they got to share a very good chemistry and that brought in a variety of different and interesting ideas to the table.

They knew each other since 2012 and they started dating then. Apparently there was a split between them, followed by a very fast reconciliation. It’s one of those relationships that apparently were meant to be, which is exciting and downright poetic at the same time. But it’s these little things that always strive to bring in something unique and different.

Kit Harington states his time on GoT is one of the best in his entire life and he loves that so much. We can see why, he met the love of his life there, he also earned quite a bit of money and this is what brought him to fame. The chances of Kit Harington working with Rose Leslie on another project are slim, but who knows when and how will that happen. The possibilities are definitely there, and GoT fans will obviously go nuts for this type of stuff.

And that’s the main thing about Kit Harington’s relationship with GoT, while there were plenty of challenges to deal with, there were also amazing times and just being able to handle and deal with all of that is what you want to tackle in a situation like this. Nothing is more important than just cherishing life and enjoying everything that it has to offer.

In the case of Kit Harington, he does owe a lot to the show and he worked really hard to make this a success. While the ending might not be everyone’s favorite, there’s no denying that the experience itself and the excitement really pay off and the journey is amazing. Even the production value put into this is what really defines GoT as a whole.

It’s nice to see that cast members like Kit Harington are moving on, yet they still have fond memories about all of this. At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of understanding the process and actively trying to be a part of the industry. It’s definitely rewarding and exciting, and being able to see this is a very interesting thing. We like how Kit Harington’s unique role came to be and we hope that he will have a great experience and some amazing roles in the future as well.