Kylie Jenner Uses Her iPhone To SnapHer Daughter’s First Vogue Cover


No one should be surprised in the least that Kylie Jenner’s daughter is front and center on a Vogue cover. After all, she does belong to a clan that isn’t shy about being in front of the camera. However, the real shocker is that Kylie shot her own pictures of her daughter, Stormi Webster, using an iPhone. Nope, there were no fancy camera crews, lighting, or anything like that in this photoshoot. It was Kylie and her little gal pal and her trusty iPhone.

The most alarming thing might not be the pictures she took

Kylie made a startling announcement that left everyone wondering what she meant. The reality star and super-wealthy business mogul said that she plans to allow her daughter to wear makeup. No, don’t worry, her Vogue photoshoot didn’t include any face paint. However, Kylie expressly states that she expects her daughter to want to wear makeup in the not so distant future. The question isn’t if baby Stormi will want to wear makeup, but when. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see Stormi supporting some lip color when she gets out of diapers.

Kylie started wearing makeup at an early age

Believe it or not, Kylie began wearing makeup when she was just ten years old. Kylie admits to sneaking into her mother’s makeup and wearing blue eye shadow. The six grader began wearing makeup and eventually fell in love with the stuff. It should come as no surprise that she loves makeup, considering she owns Kylie Cosmetics. She also owns Kylie Skin, and it appears there’s no end in sight when it comes to her cosmetic inspirations. No one ever knows what she’s going to do from one minute to the next, and she probably gets that from her business savvy mom, who is the type who always has her fingers in something.

Are there other photoshoots in the pipeline?

The coronavirus has put a damper on the lifestyle of this reality star. However, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to believe that there would be more photoshoots somewhere down the line. As the virus seems to weaken, the only answer is where baby Stormi will appear next. Someone who has such a famous mom doesn’t end up in the back pages of a magazine. Her beautiful face will be plastered all over the front pages of magazines across the globe. That means no matter what, the public will be well aware when the next pictures of her are taken.

The limelight is where she sparkles best

Ever since day one, Stormi hasn’t been able to escape the limelight. Kylie was just ten years old when her family began to put themselves on display in homes all over the world with their reality television show. It seems that baby Stormi is following in her mom’s footsteps. Will she eventually have a reality show all of her own? No one would ever be surprised if the entire life of Stormi Webster is documented from the time she’s born until she’s well into adulthood.