Major movie mistakes that did not go unnoticed

Mistakes happen everywhere. whether they are big or small, they are art of the life and with that, of the world. what is especially interesting and the movie mistakes. There are lots of movie mistakes that have happened on the films, and somehow that did not go unnoticed. There are many people whose job is to look for this type of mistakes. There are also many shows that show these kind of mistakes. Here is a list of some of the biggest movie mistakes in the movie industry:

Independence day

No matter if you have been to New York or not, it a common knowledge that the Empire state building is one of the most famous landmarks in the city, as well as in the world. the location of the building is just on the corner and that has remained unchanged, obviously. However, in the movie Independence Day, the movie presents the building centrally positioned between two streets. That is quite a fail because the building cannot ever be positioned in that light because it stands on the corner.


Halloween is a popular movie. It has gotten very different variations and remakes over the years. Some are better, some are worse, but Halloween is always a great inspiration for the movie makers. Well, one of the older remakes sets the actions of the movie in the fictional town of Illinois. Those who know geography, and even those who don’t know, can look it up on the map. Why do we say this? In one scene, there were palm trees present and pictured on the street. For a northern town such Illinois, the palm trees are not viable.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones is another very popular movie, and just like Halloween, it has had his fair share of remakes and new versions. The one and the most popular is definitely the one with Harrison ford in the leading role. So, the mistake here appears with difference in times. Namely, Dr. Jones returns to save his father’s book from burning. The mistake here happens in the presentation of the years. The burning of the book takes place in 1933, and the movie is set and presented five years later.

Riders of the lost ark

Another movie starring the brilliant Harrison Ford is the riders of the lost ark. These are two consequent movies that have errors and mistakes in it and Ford plays the leading role. Although this one was also very popular, the question asked is whether the film industry was not sophisticated enough to avoid all these mistakes. Here, precisely, the mistake comes as Indy is standing over a bunch of treasure. While the path to the treasure was filled with traps, the final result is it being illuminated by a sunlight. See the irony right?

The Goonis

The movies always have a good story and memorable scenes. One of those memorable scenes that also has a big mistake in it was from the movie Goonis. What the kid finds is Topps Baseball card. This cards is found in the wallet of a corpse and it is a card from 1973. The mistake here happens when the age of the corps is mentioned. The movie says that is old since 1930 and the card is from 1973. A bit of time discrepancy, not? This is one of the most memorable scenes in that movie.

The Hurt Locker

The famous video browser You Tube was launched back in 2005. Since then, it is the one and only that has a wide base of all different kinds of video. It is used by almost entire world population. You tube is mentioned in many movies, and one of them is Hurt Locker. The mistake in this movie, appears right here, with the mentioning of You Tube. The soldier in one scene, that takes place in 2004, mentions that he is putting up a video on You Tube. That does not make sense.

Malcom X

911 is the phone number that everyone calls when emergency. Whether there is a shooting, needed medical assistance or fire, 911 operator covers all of these departments and sends help in a timely manner. 911 didn’t exist until 1968. It was introduced then and is still active. When some of the movies and producers do a movie that is based in some other year and time, they forget on some important things like this. In Malcom X, Malcom asks for 911 which is a bit ridiculous because it is based 3 years after his murder and the 911 did not exit then.

The Patriot

The Patriot is a popular movie that has a strong message to send. This is one of Mel Gibson’s best roles. He played it when he was in the peak of his youth and in the peak of his career. Although there is nothing wrong with his acting in this movie, there is one mistake that many have noticed. All the children remain the same during the change of years. The movie takes place in the course of 5 years. In that time, the children presented in the movie do not age a bit which is a big mistake.

The Aviator

Leonardo Di Caprio has had some very challenging roles in his career. Ultimately, they led him to winning an Oscar. He has been present on the movie screen since his earliest days. The Aviator is one of the movies that he is also known for, besides the cult Titanic. But, when this movie was done, there is something that the writers and the producers did not foresee. And that was the chocolate chip cookie. There is one scene where Howard Hughes is ordering 10 of this cookies which in fact were not invented by 1930 and the movie is set two years later.

Django Unchained

Django Unchained is an interesting story that is set back in the time where different rules were turning the world. Although fashion was on a different level back then, the accessories present at the time were mainly based on hats and belts. This is exactly where the mistake in this movie happens. Many would not pay attention and even know, but the sunglasses that Django wears were not suitable. Until 1929 the nation did not know about sunglasses, only about the regular glasses that were worn only for medical reasons.


This movie presents another fashion mistake. Namely, William Wallace in this movie is presented as a soldier wearing a kilt. The movie is set in the year 1300. In that time, the soldiers were wearing different clothes and outfits. The kilt, in this case, is the mistake because the history and the fashion show that it was introduced 3 centuries later, in the 1600. So, there is a whole production and brains who were standing behind this movie and should have predicted and known this.


What to say about the Titanic and not ruining everyone’s image of it. It is a favorite movie for many people as well as different generations. We all fell in love in Jack and everything about him. However, the movie has one mistake, that only the ones who pay close attention and have wide knowledge of geography would have caught it. In one scene Jack talks about fishing with his father on the Lake Wissota. But, the time stamp of the movie does not correlate with this because the lake was dam-formed almost 5 years after the accident.


Russell Crowe has had the main role in the movie Gladiator. It has a very good story that goes back in the 180 year and explains the work and the life the gladiators had then. Crowe in this movie was the most popular gladiator than at he had the nickname “The Spaniard”. This is not convenient for the time the movie is set because that term was not mentioned anywhere before the 14th century. So, this again is one big mistake and only the smarter ones would have gotten it.

Back to the future

Each state and each country has its own set of rules that apply in different areas. The same goes for the license plates. Especially in the US, the license plates are quite different than those in Europe and the rest of the world. In the movie Back to the future, DeLorean has a time machine that has a license plate. This license plate is from California and it says “OUTATIME”. The total of 8 letters is the mistake in this movie because the California plates have 7 characters – something that should have been known to the screenwriters.

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is one of the most highly rated movies in the history of the film, Tom Hanks, in its leading role, does a brilliant job and there is no question there. the movie itself is very interesting and education. But, it was not free of mistakes. Again, only the smart brains could have gotten this mistake. Forrest Gump receives a letter from Apple in which they applaud their investment in their company. The letter is dated 1975. Apple as a company was not publicly traded until it was 1981 so here comes the discrepancy.

Panic room

Here is one situation that can only happen in the movies which brings a mistake with it. all those who are a bit in chemistry or did their research precisely inspired by this movie would know that this mistake is justified. In the movie Panic room, intruders flood the entire room where Jodie Foster is with propane. She manages to hide below the flames, which is not the case in real life. why? Well, the propane is heavier than the air. So, if this happened in a real life situation, they would all be burned by the fire.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

The pirates of the Caribbean is a great movie with several sequels. The acting team is quite marvelous, including the fabulous Johnny Depp. Although we might see the movies as perfect, there are some mistakes that the brains did catch it. In this sequel, the characters all travel to Singapore. Well, Singapore did not exist until 1819. Here comes the mistake. Although this movie is fictional, this mistake makes it even more fictional. This mistake did not influence the rating and the popularity of the movie.

Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan is another movie that has left a huge and positive mark on the movie history. it also has a great story and there is no denying there. there is one mistake though, that is quite obvious if you think deeper. The action in this movie is set somewhere in the 1940s. During the war and the action happening, captain Miller, in one scene, is leaned up against a motorcycle. That exact model of that particular motorcycle was first produced and manufactured in 1963, which makes a 20 years’ gap.

The Green Mile

Many movies that are connected to prisons and prisoners and justice system speak about different death sentences. In the Green Mile, particularly in that fatal scene, John Coffey is sent to an electric chair. This is a very strong and troubling scene, and emotional too. But, to make the things easier for those who had this scene engraved in their minds, the good thing and the mistake come from the fact that the first electric chair was made in 1940. This comes almost 5 years from the time the movie is set.

Robin Hood: the prince of thieves
The story of Robin Hood is well-known. Stealing from the reach and giving to the poor has been an inspiration for many cartoons and movies in the history. There have been many versions of the movie Robin Hood, and mainly, all keep to the point. However, there are some you do have some mistakes, again, not recognizable by everyone. The telescope presented in one scene is certainly not proper, because the story is set back in 1194. The telescope on the other hand was not invented by the 17th century.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Another mistake comes from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Although the perfect acting and humor of Johnny Deep is undeniable, the producers did oversee something important. As the entire movie is set back in time, a granny smith apple appears in the movie. It is so strange because this type of apple has not been popularized until 1868 in Australia. And the movie presents the time way before that. These are some things that more attention should have been paid in advance!

The Sound of Music
This might have been the first more serious movie that every one of us has ever seen. It was popular back in the time and it caught the hearts of the entire world. The Von Trapp family has crossed the Alps in order to escape Austria. But the town Salzberg does not border with Switzerland but with Germany. This is also something that has gone unchecked and untaught off. But that is why there are persons who get these kinds of mistakes. Mistake or no mistake, the movie is great and will remain a classic.


The story of Troy is a history and it is something that is studied in class. The history lessons about Troy show very different kind of family relations, war, people and events. There have also been lots of different movie versions of Troy. In this particular scene, there is one beautiful sun umbrella present. This type of umbrellas, called parasols were not present until the 5th century BC, which is almost 800 years before the true events at Troy happened. These type of mistakes happen almost always when the story is far in the past and some things present today were unknown at the time.

Top Gun

Tom Cruise has made lots of unique and interesting roles, among which the most popular are Top Gun and the series of Mission Impossible. Top Gun particularly has been one of the most famous movies in his early days. It is quite an action movie. But it certainly had its mistakes. When you think a bit deeper about it, there is one scene when the two pilots wave at each other, while the planes are one over the other. By any law of physics, that is quite impossible because the wings in this case would have collided and the planes would crash.

The passion of Christ

Jesus has always been a topic for discussion. There are so many stories about the appearance, race and the look of Jesus that a precise one cannot be found. Many actors in the history of the film industry have played Jesus, and all of them presented him in a different light. However, it somehow became established that Jesus was a Middle Eastern male, so he would have a bit darker skin that the regular white man. In the movie the passion of Christ the actor Jim Caviezel plays Jesus and he is plain white, so the mistake here comes in the choice of actor.

Cast Away

The story of the movie Cast Away presents the fight for life after a plane crashes and the man wakes up and survives on a deserted island. With lots of difficulties he faces, he manages to get through he long time while he is being rescued. One scene though, that presents the mistake in this movie is the one where he finds a FedEx package. Being in the water for so long, the package he finds is in a pretty good condition. There is nothing destroyed, the letters and the colors are all good which in real life would suffer a lot being all that long in the water.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Whenever Jim Carrey appears you know that the movie is going to be hilarious. With all the stupidity he does, there is not enough room to see the mistakes that can appear in the movie. In all of the details that Pet detective is filled with, as well the variety of animals, some clever minds did manage to find a mistake. Namely, the stolen dolphin in the other room is making some strange noises. Well, the experts say that these kinds of noises can only come if the dolphin is underwater, not on a dry land.

Schindler’s List

As it is well-established, even some of the best movies in the film history have mistakes. Currently in the Schindler’s List, there is one mistake, that again, does not suit the time the movie presents. these kinds of mistakes are the most common. In the scene below, the papers are stamped with a plastic stamp pad. This is odd for this movie and the time it is set in because at that time, the only material that could have been used then is metal. Another small thing that is in fact a big mistake, but, who would have seen it right?

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is the action movie that was the place where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie met. Before becoming a husband and wife and starting a family, this movie was a sort of their first public date. Both looked great, young and very attracted to each other. The entire action in this movie is presented as set in New York. But, the discrepancy appears when the producers did not pay detailed attention in certain scenes. Those scenes clearly show that the filming was done in Los Angeles instead of New York.


This mistake might be more from a carelessness rather than it is an actual movie mistake. But, it was noticed and it goes on a list. In the movie Gladiator, in the moment when the carriage turns over, you can see a gas canister at the back. The horse carriages are being driven by the horse power, not by gas canister. Another thing worth mentioning is that these type of canisters did not exist back in the time of Gladiators. So, instead of one, in this scene we see two mistakes.

Spider-Man 3

Spider –Man 3 is relatively a new movies and while mistakes should be avoided, there still are. Among some of the most common mistakes are the location landmarks that are distinctive for some city. In this case, the entire action of Spider man in in New York. Or at least it should have been. Instead of that, a huge number of fans have reported one scene where you can see the Terminal Tower in the back. This building is located in Cleveland, Ohio, not in New York. Pretty stupid mistake for a franchise like this.

Wizard of Oz

Another type of movie mistakes that many see are connected to the fashion. The main characters can be seen wearing something different in other scenes that also catches the eye of the viewers. Especially if those things are some attractive and colorful pieces. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is supposed to be wearing the ruby sequined shoes. And that is meant to be at all the times and in all scenes. These shoes are very eye-catching so it really came as a surprise when one scene presented her on the rod, wearing some other, dark brown shoes.

Pulp Fiction

Here is one mistake that was not really thought threw, or maybe the producers forgot about it. in Pulp Fiction, the character of Uma Thurman has one red dot on her chest. This specific dot is explained that is really a marker. As the movie develops, she is receiving a revival medication and the scene shows here without that market. So, if that should have been marker, why it isn’t there? The answer is: a mistake and nothing else.

Raiders of the lost Ark

Here is another movie with Harrison ford in the main role. Looks like that the movies done in his time did suffer some big mistakes that are captured many years later, by some smart minds. In the movie raiders of the lost Ark, he events and the action is set in the year 1930. But, seeing Ford here, in his all action and appearance, one can notice that the clothes he is wearing are nothing similar to those worn back in 1930. Again, the fashion was not identified for that particular time which makes it a mistake worth mentioning.

Gone with the wind

Gone with the wind is one incredible story. It is a movie that is definitely worth watching. Through all the action and characters in the movie, the story evolves about one family during the Civil War. That have been hard times, especially with no electricity. Exactly that is the mistake that is visible and found in his movie. There is one particular scene when the electricity can be seen instead of gas lamps. At that time, people only used gas lamps and there is no way electricity would have been present. But, however, the movie is still a classic.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Looks like this scene should not have been a part of the movie, but it is. Pirates of the Caribbean has a lot of mistakes, as it seems, since it is back on this list. all the characters here are funny, un usual, with all different looks and things on them. Whether some of the mistakes did cover that, the fashion and the resemblance to the year that it is set in, here is one person that is just a part of the crew. At the back, he is wearing a cowboy hat, with fancy glasses and short sleeved t-shirt.

Jurassic Park

Since our earliest age, we are thought not to play with electricity. It is dangerous and we could get hurt. I Jurassic park, however, Timmy is not afraid of that. Or this is not about him, it is a mistake of the production? Yes, the second one. Climbing the electric fence can be lethal, and in this case, Timmy is hanging things. The sparks are flying, but nothing happens to him. If this was real life, he would have flown from the electric shock. This is the thing that does not make sense and gives a wrong impression.

The Avengers

The popularity of the Avengers is undeniable. The whole world went crazy about them and the popularity is enormous. The team of superheroes are just marvelous, each character different from the other. but, when it comes to the mistakes, even some of the best moves are not prone to them. In the last battle, Captain America suffers a blow that tears up his famous suit, just right on the front. But, in the next scene, his suit looks completely new, without the tear. And the action field is the same.


So, this mistake may not be a mistake. It is more like a mission impossible thing. In Speed, as the brakes of the bus that is speeding on the road are broken, Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves cannot manage to keep it under control. Driving to the city, they are coming to the point where the highway is missing. More precisely, there is no road, it is under construction. Leaving the bus aside, this scene shows a shadow from the bridge as it is full and done. How can there be a missing piece and no missing shadow?