NFL stadium- Does your team, have the nation’s best?



The United States drawing sport, National Football league ranks the highest and is said to be tallying up the income within billions. This kind of money, well the same makes the NFL stadiums to be impressive sporting arenas of the world. By the capacity, the location and the sleekness, the worst to best list for the football venue is below.

  1. Dignity Health Sports Park- With the capacity of 27,000, this is one temporary home for Los Angeles Chargers. It is located in Carson, California and was opened in the year 2003 for hosting the Los Angeles Galaxy and thrives to be one soccer stadium.
  1. Raymond James stadium- One can easily catch up with the Buccaneers here. The stadium is located on the Gulf Coast, Tampa, Florida. The football fans here, well they have to face the heat and the humidity around. If we look further, there are 2 giant shops in the end zones of the place, firing cannons. The stadium carries along with the capacity of 65,618 fans but one needs to watch the entire game with the blistering sun around.
  1. Levi’s stadium- Opened in July 2014, the stadium carries space for around 68,500 and is constructed on Santa Clara, California. It supports state-of-the-art sporting arenas and was the first stadium to go green, with solar panels on roofs. The downside of the place is the location which takes 45 minutes to ride to reach outside the city place location.
  1. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum- One which holds the capacity of 93,607 fans. The place had played host to some of the fair share football games and the USC Trojans play there since the same was opened and share the stadium currently with Rams. LA Coliseum carries a rich history and in the past was the home field for the Oakland Raiders. The comfort of the place is classic and the structure is viably dated.
  1. M&T Bank stadium- It was considered to be a sensation amidst the modern arena and holds the capacity of 71,008. As on today, it isn’t remarkable but that doesn’t mean it’s horrible. Its location is an upside as it is located in Baltimore’s best areas located in between the Camden Yards and the Chesapeake Bay.
  1. Gillette Stadium- It holds the capacity of 65,878. Herein the most dominant in the league, New England Patriots, legacy is associated as they took a move therein. The team made much success but still, the place doesn’t hold too much to talk about. The stadium is located in Foxboro. There exist the iconic bridge and the tower which rests behind the end zone, creating a wind tunnel.
  1. Paul Brown Stadium- It has good surroundings and the capacity it holds is 65,515. The place is centred in between Cincinnati’s Central Business District and the river Ohio. The place comes with a touch of beauty, the Cincinnati Skyline. It is one to win the American Institute of Architects honour award. The track record but still holds not much with the Cincinnati Bengals, who never won a Super Bowl.
  1. Bank of America Stadium- It is truly one of the kind with a capacity of around 75,523. It was a game-changer when the place allowed Panthers fans to get personal seat licenses. As of now, it is a big deal as the fans can buy one specific seat for the entire season. Hopping around with the $248 million construction cost, the ticket price paid well to clear same.
  1. Nissan Stadium- Opened in 1999, the place holds 69,143 capacity. It holds a strong location point. It is a little jump away from the Downtown Nashville on Cumberland river. Since the opening, the stadium didn’t see much of change and comes with old school charm in the NFL stadiums era.
  1. Soldier field- It is one of the oldest stadia and holds the capacity for 61,500. It remained a historic landmark for years. The downside? Yes, the Chicago Skyline built over is one, chopping the capacity of the stadium.
  1. Ford Field- It holds 65,000 capacity and has indoor arena but what’s amazing is the location right by Chilly Great lakes. The place is designed beautifully and is known for its old school industrial feel. It captures the warehouse atmosphere giving some notes to Chicago, Buffalo and Cleveland.
  1. Metlife Stadium- New York Giants and Jets played here since decades. It is located in East Rutherford, New Jersey and now one outdated stadium with the capacity of 82,550 but guesses the new opening in 2010, broke the new grounds. It was one expensive build and attaches football with the luxury of lounges, fireplace, on-field patios and what not but the location took away all being the key issue.
  1. Lincoln financial field- With the capacity of 69,796, was one field for Eagles since 2003 after the huge fight. The place is excellent with the appearance and size and holds amazing features. It has 117 luxury suites and also a fan-oriented plaza. Located in Philadelphia, the place did go renovation and is accessible by masses with WiFi and HD video boards around.
  1. Broncos Stadium at Mile High- The place received a name change which isn’t a good look by the fans coming here. It holds the capacity for 76,125 being served along with the catering and party suites. For ones who are wild for the games, the place is right for experience.
  1. NRG stadium- It comes with a fan capacity of 71,995 and went hand in hand with Houston Texans in 2002. The place has its build in the Heart of Houston. It has a retractable rooftop and is one first to hold such a feature. There is no chance of rain even in the unpredictable weather therein.
  1. Mercedes-Benz Superdome- It is one famous landmark in New Orleans. The stadium holds 73,208 capacity and offers the best sporting experience and has an unusual appearance which makes the place look like UFO. It is one sturdy place which saved a lot of lives from Hurricane Katrina. It holds the title of largest Fixed-dome structure in the world with club lounges and 4 club rooms.
  1. Luca Oil stadium- For its beauty the place is ranked one, holding capacity of 67,000. The Indianapolis Colts plays here for over 2 decades. It is beyond dated and holds a very small number of fans. The place has a retractable roof and giant windows at the end and holds the best experience.
  1. Heinz Field- Opened in 2002, the place holds 64,450 fans at large. It is considered to be one best in the Eastern United States, in Pittsburgh. The place is shaped like a horseshoe and has several eateries inside. But the same is a little old-fashioned.
  1. State Farm Stadium- 63,400, this is the capacity of the place. It is home for Arizona Cardinals. Herein the turf is made of natural grass and has a first retractable field in the North of America. One can easily roll out the place during the game.
  1. CenturyLink Field- Made its debut in 1976 and the Seattle Seahawks moved to play football here. It holds the capacity for 68,740. The place holds the end zone with a city view of Seattle. The acoustics here are amazing and the Seahawks did gain a reputation herein.
  1. AT&T stadium- It holds place for around 80,000. The place was built by Jerry Jones, the owner of Dallas Cowboys, one recognizable team. With the investment of 3.1 Billion $, the stadium is one amazing with 1000s of powerhouse televisions and one biggest jumbotron. Tickets here are no cheap and even the parking here will cost one more than what they would spend someplace else.
  1. Mercedes-Benz Stadium- The place has a capacity of more than 71,000. It is one place for the luxury of football which was opened in 2017. The place steps forward from Georgia Dome, a home ground for Atlanta Falcons. The place has a lounge, bars, restaurants, etc. one can find more than 190 luxury sites therein with 7600 club seats.
  1. Arrowhead stadium- opened in 1972, the place can bring along 78,097 fans. It is one best and holds a fan base. The Kansas City Chiefs, supporters are large and they are one revealer band for not to fail. The place had renovations and still holds a classic curve. The place has HD jumbotrons. It is known for Vegan-friendly stadium with many restaurants offering such vegan choices.
  1. U.S. Bank stadium- Holds the capacity for 66,655 and is located in the coldest of locations, Minnesota. It is a playground for the Vikings with style and glassmakers. One can enjoy the warmth within even when there are outside blizzard wreaks havoc. The place looks the Twin Cities and the place is hooked up to a train station, shopping mall, stores, etc.
  1. Lambeau field- Ranked 1st among other fields, the place has capacity for 81, 441. It has the best in technology, design, etc. The place went through many renovations to date but maintained the style and vibe.