Nick Cannon Helps His Toddler Twins in Learning to Walk


Zion Mixolydian, Nick Cannon’s 13-month-old daughter, looks to be walking alone, while her twin brother Zillion Heir needs more imaginative training to learn the talent.

One enormous leap for the Cannon family, one tiny step for a youngster.

On July 10, Nick Cannon joyfully uploaded a video to Instagram of his kid Zillion Heir taking his first steps, but the feat wasn’t simple.

In a cute video, Nick Cannon’s young twins may be seen attempting to walk. The Mexican tradition that states giving your children two limes can help them learn to walk was used, the 41-year-old rapper and presenter revealed.

On Sunday, a video of Cannon, his kids, and the mother was uploaded on Instagram. Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir are identical twins born to Cannon and Abby De La Rosa.

The father of eight is shown in the shared TikTok from Abby De La Rosa attempting to guide his 13-month-old as he clumsily tries to get over to his mother.

In the footage, the 41-year-old musician gives his kids two limes, but they choose to toss them away rather than carry them. In the adorable video, Abbey explains, “We tested the Mexican legend that if you give your child two limes to grasp, they will walk. The strategy, however, didn’t work since Zillion was spotted tripping, tossing the fruit, and sobbing.

Then she said, “Nick recommended we put some sauce in his stroll.” It succeeded.

Instantaneously, Zillion recovered his balance and began walking like a pro with the aid of some green bottled sauce put out in front of him.

Zion Mixolydian, the toddler’s twin sister, may be seen momentarily standing by herself in the backdrop of the video, evidently having acquired the ability earlier.

The comments section saw fan commentary.

One of the followers stated, “Y’all shouted so loud and startled him,” while another added, “Nick already knows what to do!!!” given that he has more children from other women.

Cannon has fathered seven kids with four distinct women. He shares twins Monroe and Moroccan, 11 years old, with Mariah Carey. From 2008 through 2016, the couple was married.

Along with Zillion and Zion, Nick also has children with his ex-wife Mariah Carey: Moroccan and Monroe, twins aged 11; Golden, 5; and Powerful Queen, 19 months. Nick also has children with Brittany Bell: Golden, 5; and Powerful Queen.

Abbey is also expecting right now, and while she hasn’t revealed the child’s father, The Masked Singer presenter has made hints that he is.

On the Lip Service podcast on June 7, Nick declared, “The stork is on the way.” “If you thought the figures I presented for 2021 were… Until 2022, wait! Last year, there were a lot of youngsters.”

Cannon sent greetings to his kids on Instagram last week. He said in the video that he wants his kids to stay together despite their mothers’ “disagreements.”

“I’ve got to say something to all my kids; your daddy’s going to love you whatever it is,” the TV star said. All my children will continue to be friends, regardless of their mothers’ thoughts.