Pink diagnosed with and donates to COVID-19 fight


Pop star, Grammy Award winner Pink was diagnosed with COVID-19 after testing positive in early April. Now, she is standing with others together to fight the virus by donating to the cause with a hefty gift to two very important recipients. She is said to have donated a total of $1 Million to the fight against COVID-19. The funds will be split between two funds with each receiving a total of half a million dollars, $500,000 goes to each charity carefully chosen by Pink.

The funds will be divided between Temple University Hospital, which is located in her home state of Pennsylvania. The hospital gift is in honor of her mother who worked there for more than twenty years. The other half of the donation will go to the COVID-19 response fund which supports the Los Angeles, California Mayor’s efforts.

You may know Pink for her award-winning hits that tend to get parties started with a catchy tune. Among her well-known songs are “Just Give Me a Reason” and “What About Us”. Forty-year-old Pink, born Alecia Beth Moore in a Pennsylvania hospital. Together, she and Corey Hart have two children, 9-year-old Willow and 3-year-old Jameson. It was she and her youngest who suffered first hand at the virus as it took hold.

She tweeted to her fans that she and her child were experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. To be safe, she visited her doctor where she and her 3-year-old son were tested and found to be positive for the virus. As a precaution, they remained in isolation until they recently tested negative putting them both in the clear.

As a person who has not only experienced the symptoms first hand, but also experienced them through the eyes of a mother watching a young child go through it, she is all the more passionate now about raising awareness and efforts toward staying at home, testing, and giving a huge shout out to health care workers in the meantime. She also knows what it’s like to be raised by a mother who put her heart and soul into healthcare.

Pink has been, and continues now all the more as a survivor, to be a proponent of widespread testing for the COVID-19 virus. In several tweets, she has made her passion for testing known explaining how real this virus is and that it knows no boundaries of age, wealth, or health. She continues to view those working on the front lines in health care, like her mother, as her personal heroes. She also urges, with personal insight, for everyone to listen to the stay-at-home orders and take them seriously. She believes that between staying home and upping testing availability, we will beat this virus once and for all.