Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during the Endeavour Fund Awards- Clicked sharing the umbrella


Since the start, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been one favourite royal couple around. For every moment they share, it becomes viral within minutes of its upload. Not just this, even the people around love to see them and appreciate the love and care they have for each other.

One-click and the fans, the followers, all go wow. So did the same happen in their last clicked picture at the Endeavour Fund awards, where this royal couple was clicked sharing an umbrella together.

As for we know, it rains around but in the U.K., it rains a lot and people remain prepared for the same with their umbrella, always. Considering the same, it makes sense that even the Royal Family have pretty good experience of U.K. rain. So even they remain prepared for it with their perfect umbrella.

Umbrella in a royal style, what can you expect? A little simplicity but perfectness or sometimes they even got to select their handy devices like a stylish parasol, avoiding the standard sunscreen usage.

Being prepared is no harm anyways and with the couple attending the Endeavour Fund awards, they did carry along with their handy umbrella with them and with a little of rain, the fans got a perfect click of this perfectly married royal couple, Harry and Meghan.

If we look around, since years there has been greatest clicks of the royals. Clicks which documented them with their umbrella-centric exploits. Even when they do not try, we the users of social media do get some of their best clicks which become one for us to share and look around and to cherish some of their best clicks.

It’s a charm, the way Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took are moving ahead and the way they are handling along with their marriage. Probably even this is the reason, why the fans and followers of these royal people look around for them and appreciate them by showering so much of love on them.

Meghan and Harry have been spotted many a time, sharing an umbrella. Some of their fans also gave some of the amazing comments like, “Wish to have one like her” or “the way they look at each other, makes us fall in love with the couple” and whatnot. The twitter users have given so many likes and love for this couple since long and they keep waiting for what they might get next.

Same was the case with this one picture of this royal couple, which got viral within the minutes of its upload and made us got to think again, “how can they be so perfect?”

Well, it’s all in the way you treat each other and the way Meghan and Harry share their bond, is hard to see around. For anything they do, is one idealistic thing to look for. They are and will always be the one to get looked around, whether they stay in the U.K or decide to divide their time someplace else.