Rena Frazier Welcomes Baby No. 5


Rena Frazier is a self-made entrepreneur, real estate agent, and a famous name in Tampa Bay. Popularly associated as the Selling Tampa Bay star, Rena Frazier is the best one in her field.

She got popular due to her role in the Netflix show “Selling Tampa.” Now she is in the news for welcoming baby no.5 with her husband, Anddrikk Frazier, on 10th June 2022.

However, the news was made public by Rena on 25th June 2022. After having four children, Rena had enough with it and announced that she would have her fifth and final baby.

It may be her fifth baby, but the star’s pregnancy was different in many ways. The best moment for Rena was to share the pregnancy journey with her eldest daughter that she had from her previous marriage with Adrian Mosley.

The daughter Ariana is expecting her son and both mother and daughter were on this journey. In an interview for Kindred, Rena stated that it is a beautiful journey to share it with her daughter. The only difference is that the daughter is younger than her. 

Rena and Anddrikk had already planned to have a big family together. However, while pregnant with her second child, Rena shared that being a mother is one of her greatest joys.

In addition, she stated that having many children enriched her life in many ways. All the statements and sharing her journey publicly are inspiring for many future mothers.

Rena shared that her belly got so big that it used to get pressed up against the table; she could barely reach the table to write and work. Constantly having Braxton Hicks contractions and sweating was just worse.

She gave the law exam while she was 9 months pregnant. She gave birth to her daughter Aja two days after she finished her exam. And guess what, she passed the exam as well.

Rena loves all her children and shares a beautiful bond with them. The birth of every child has shaped her life in one way or the other, and she loves it. But now, after the birth of her fifth child, she is done with it.

It is understandable having a big family requires a lot from you. For a parent, it is draining and needs all of your time and efforts.

Rena is now 43 and living a happy family life that she shares beautifully with her husband. Her husband Anddrikk shares all the responsibilities, and they are now busy with their children.

What Rena went through is a true mother’s journey and is very motivating. Many people avoid having a big family due to its responsibilities, but it is really fun and insightful. You get to learn much about life that you can pass on to your children.

Don’t worry, Rena will surely share that journey as well and will help many parent learn from her. Such inspirational parenting stories are what keep the spirit of future parents alive nowadays.