Serena Williams’ Blunt Bob: The Complete Story


Tennis pro who also happens to be a fashion model! Serena Williams was the center of attention at the 94th Academy Awards on Sunday, March 27,2022. Though her flower color Gucci dress drew a lot of attention, so did her edged haircut, which is what our online news correspondent Stylish obtained behind-the-scenes access to.

Prior to the event, the 40-year-old Grand Slam winner resorted to celebrity hairdresser and Maui Moisturizing consultant Alexander Armand to enhance her hair.

“To complement the attitude of her attire, we brainstormed and determined to begin about something rebellious, lively, and sexy,” the expert reveals. “Even though they perform well on the both bumpy and thin hair, we chose to utilize tried-and-true solutions that functioned well enough on her prior textured bob.”

Do you want to duplicate the look in your own home? Of course, you’ll need a short, blunt-cut shop like Williams before moving on to the next stages.

“First, I gave her hair a moisturizing base by shampooing it with NEW Maui Moisture Health & Extension + Castor & Neem Oil Hair products,” Armand explains. “I dry dried the hair to remove excessive sweat, separated it in the middle, then sprayed with water Maui Moisturizing Oil Spray Lightweight Nourishing & Moisturizing + Coconut Milk through it to seal the hair’s surface, decreasing frizz and imparting sparkle.”

Then there was the thermal treatment. “I kept blowing this out smoothly and went through it with a curling iron to provide it an additional elegant touch [plus] I used the NEW Maui Moisturizing Hairspray + Shea Butter Elongated Liquid, an adjustable gel that delivers hydration & grip everything in one, to shape the corners of her hairstyle and also get away of any loose hair,” says the stylist.

He sprayed “a few additional veils of spray” of the Moisturizing Oil Mist Lightweight Nurture & Moisturizing + Coconut Milk as a final touch to “offer the hairstyle that additional glamorous to conquer the runway—a shiny, slightly elevated touch.”

Upon that runway, there’s been definitely no lack of “glamorous.” Serena and her sister Venus, who participated in the ceremony in some kind of a white Elie Saab dress with a sleeveless top, appeared like millionaires upon that red runway. The athletic couple gathered in favor of King Richard, a film featuring Will Smith (as Richard Williams), Saniyya Sidney (as Venus), and Demi Singleton that chronicles the narrative of their childhood (as Serena).

The movie is getting one of the 6 Academy Award shortlists it received.