Surprise, Surprise- Disneyland’s Lifetime pass brings back its First Customer Every Year


Hope this was one amazing news to be heard today. One place which is the happiest and craziest to be on Earth brings back the very first customer every year by its lifetime pass. July 17th, 1955, this was when the imaginations got the shape and people got to try the most amazing rides of a lifetime.

Since the year 1955, Dave MacPherson has been that one lucky man who became the first customer of the place. well, adding to this, he did get a lifetime pass and guess the person has been using that reward since so long, every year till today.

Oh, yeah, you heard it right. MacPherson was the 1st in the line. A 22-year Long Beach State college student made it in its accomplishment list to became the 1st customer of the newly opened amusement park, Disneyland. The one without the name of celebrity attached or a relative of Walt’s, just a regular guy to walk who wanted to be the 1st to walk through that front door.

For the Walt Disney Family and some of the closest friends, the park was opened for exploration on July 17th and July 18th was the day when it opened up for the general public. So, what did MacPherson do? 

Well, he stood there, watched the local news covering the opening. Then around 2 a.m., the person hopped on to his motorcycle and rode along the beach of Anaheim and there he was, with none in the line, as he stood next there on the ticket booth. After him was a line of 6k people and the wait was quite long enough before the civilians received their first Disneyland ticket.

With the purchase of that historic ticket that year, MacPherson received along with a complimentary card for usage, if he returned to the amusement park during the opening weekend again. 

Though he wasn’t able to use the same as the bike-ride was long enough along the beach. But wait, seems like luck favoured him there as he got served with a lifetime pass, being the 1st customer of the park. Now, annual returns without charge, what else MacPherson might have needed being the college student at that time. 

As of today, MacPherson is 85 and has been using the advantages attached to the card since the year 1955. The privileges include 3 guests along with him and his wife, Wanda, always accompanies him to this trip. 2 of his friends have also been a part of this journey, Joe and Martha, a lot to take in but yeah that’s true and it will be best to call MacPherson, one biggest Disney fan.

But there is one regret he had with him, that he wasn’t able to meet Walt Disney. Even after seeing him at the park, he wasn’t able to shake hands with him.

A celebrity indeed

With being titled as the 1st Disneyland customer, his title has been circulated amongst the fans a lot. Whenever he visits, he is the one spotted in the crowd. With the words, they exclaim, well it’s like a surreal experience for him which he never expected. Apart from same, he has also been asked for his autograph and pictures since years of visit and will see for many more upcoming years.

So, what can we call, MacPherson? A part of Disneyland history is best to say and a hello will work for little respect. 

“For the wait he made, he is one to deserve a lot more smiles.”