Take A Look; These Celebrities Have Transformed Their Looks!


For us celebrities are one who has everything available to them! It may seem true but the fact is when it comes to unwanted weight there are many celebrities who have fought all the way along to achieve the look that they have today. Different celebrities have tried different ways, like some gone through the traditional way for losing weight while others have undergone weight loss surgery! This article will focus on those celebrities who have fought in their own way to shed those extra pounds and be what they are today.

Losing weight is never an easy thing, which is why it’s such a big deal, especially for celebrities who are always under the watchful eye of the public. Everyone knows how harsh the public can be when it comes to stars who may have been spending too much time in the kitchen and too little time in the gym. Plus, we all know the health risks associated with keeping too much weight.

The good thing is that there are so many more weight loss techniques these days than in the past. For celebrities, this is great news, since it means that they can get their celebrity figures much faster than any regular folk out there. In this article, we’ll talk about all the celebrities who had undergone weight loss in the past, be it through surgery or just plain diet and exercise.

Christina Aguilera – 50lbs


Christina Aguilera was already a popular pop vixen and she was loved even with her voluptuous body. She had a transformation after birth of her second child. She was a coach in The Voice, but she took a break. When she returned she has shed off 49lbs. he mainly ate fresh diet given to her by The Fresh Diet and the result was quite phenomenal. She had realized that it was her stressful schedule that had led to such unhealthy figure but now she lived a healthier and stress-free life.

Nelly Furtado – 42lbs


It has been decades now when Nelly Furtado has rocked on the music charts. The problem is that with rocking the music charts she has also rocked the scales. She had ben through a time when her weight was like a roller coaster but now you can find her in her slimmer form. She loves losing weight in a natural way and thus has never gone under any procedure. She has used a program called Fab Abs and also have changed her eating habits.

 Jonah Hill – 60lbs

If you’ve ever been a fan of comedy in the 2000s, then you’ll probably be quick to recognize Jonah Hill. After all, he was known for always playing the token overweight, typically best friend character. Behind the silver screen, however, Hill was suffering from a few weight-related problems. He even considered undergoing gastric bypass surgery, even though the operation would’ve cost around $23,000. When his doctor finally walked him through the process of the operation though, he backed out, deciding instead to consult a nutritionist and overhaul his lifestyle. His strict diet plan worked perfectly, making him an inspiration now to everyone who also want to shed some weight.

 Kelly Clarkson – 40lbs

Kelly Clarkson may be a well-loved personality in TV and media, but her first appearance in the showbiz world was actually in 2002 when she joined as a contestant on American Idol. To the delight of many, she won the competition, opening the doors to her successful career in the music industry. Despite the newfound wealth and fame, however, Clarkson has always felt that there was still something missing. She admitted to not being happy about her weight, which led to her decision to shed some pounds. She enrolled in online classes and got herself a gym membership, taking care to watch what she ate as well. After losing a total of 40 pounds, we have to say that she now looks brighter and happier than ever.

Chrissy Metz – 100lbs

Chrissy Metz’s Weight Loss Journey – How She Lost 100 Pounds

Before she landed in her role in “This is Us” Chrissy Metz’s weight was already out of control. It was during the panic attack that she suffered from during her 30s that made her take the decision to work on her extra weight! Even in her contract with This is Us executives she had signed that she will lose weight as per the character in the series will. Following these two focus pints she started for activities that will help her lose weight. Metz didn’t try any weight loss procedure; she tried all the traditional ways for losing those extra pounds. With a change in her diet and different exercises she successfully lost 100lbs.

Susan Boyle – 28lbs


Susan Boyle had won the heart in Britain’s Got Talent with her astounding voice, and thus shape was not at all important for her followers. However, in 2013 she was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes and she learned from her physicians that she was to do something about her weight. During the mid-2010s she started her weight loss journey but kept mum in the public. She changed her eating habit mainly she cut down her intake of cakes and sweets. She mainly did that to lose more than 28lbs and didn’t put much stress on exercising. On 2019 she announced about her project of her next album.

Ed Sheeran – 50lbs


Well known for his hit tunes Ed Sheeran has made public surprised with his another effort! He has made it possible to lose some extra pounds easily just by cutting off the intake of beer that he usually used to drink. Sheeran had once confided that while on tour he mainly ate pizza and drink beer and that lead to weight gain as well as it was not good for health. After he returned home in 2017 he had gain quite some amount of weight and Cherry Seaborn, a hockey player and his girlfriend stepped in. she was his personal trainer where apart from exercising regularly he stop drinking beer. The result was awesome, a weight loss of 50 lbs.

Drew Carey – 100lbs


Drew Carey was the main host of the show The Price is Right since 2007. He has faced quite some physical issues due to his excess weight and he was even diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes in the late 2000s. Even his heart condition was not good. For his health he lost about 100lbs and it was done mainly by changing his eating habits and hitting the gym at least 5 times a week. With a change in his diet by cutting down the carbs and pasta he is much healthier and fit now.

Aretha Franklin – 85lbs


Late Aretha Franklin had set an example of accomplishing everything that she tried to except losing weight. All through her career she has given her listeners songs that made them delighted but had always struggled with her extra pounds. However, during 2010s she found that she was suffering from diabetes and those extra pounds were risky for her heart. She never admitted that she had undergone any procedure but experts suggest that those 85 lbs. were shed because she had undergone knife. She passed away in 2018 due to her illness and left behind all these.

Gabourey Sidibe – 150lbs

Revealed! 'Precious' Star Gabourey Sidibe's Stunning Weight Loss Secrets

In the last couple of years there has been a real transformation in the Precious star Gabourey Sidibe. In 2016 she was reported to undergo a bariatric surgery and after that she has lost quite some weight. She even had to modify her diet plan for this. She never shared her actual scales with anyone neither did she ever expected anyone to congratulate her on losing weight. However, she always admitted that she wanted to stay fit and thus tried her ways to lose those extra pounds that kept her obese.

Zach Galifianakis – 60lbs


It was Zach Galifianakis chubby physique that made people giggle always and for a comedian those extra pounds were blessing. However, for any person extra pounds are not good and it was true even for Zach. After he realized this he started working hard so that he can shed weight. He exercised regularly and even made some healthy changes in his diet. The main thing he did during his health regime for weight loss was cutting down on the booze intake. His new looks have indeed turned everyone startled!

Celine Dion


Celine Dion is still celebrated for her son in Titanic and now her weight loss reminds everybody of sinking Titanic! She has transformed herself so skinny that it has been a reason to worry for her fans. For many it is because she had been battling with some disease. When she appeared on the red carpet of Paris Fashion week she denied of the fact that this weight loss is due to some illness. Rather she claimed that she is feeling much better now than before. She didn’t even forget bashing those body shamers who had criticized her of this new change.

Seth Rogen – 20lbs


The extra pounds of Seth Rogen have always resulted in giggles among his spectators. He has acted successfully in many films mainly as a comedian. When he was casted in Green Hornet a movie also starring Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds he was asked to slim down. He accomplished the desired weight by following traditional ways like eating less junk food and increasing exercise. After the completion of the film he has again gained extra pounds. It seems that he is not that good in managing the shape of body for long.

Oprah Winfrey – 77lbs


It is not necessary to introduce Oprah Winfrey. She has always achieved what she has aimed for and that must be true even for losing weight. When she started her career as a TV host she was not much concern about her body shape but as she grew older she understood the importance of body fitness and health. With this realization she joined a Weight watcher program where they designed a special diet for her and by following that she lost about 77 pounds, she didn’t even knew about it! She was always enticing now she looks far more better.

John Goodman – 100lbs


John Goodman has always been popular but his spectators have never seen him so thin! When he was first seen in Roseanne, till a few days back, he has always found it tough to keep his weight under control. Things were not by his side in terms of obesity and soon he realized that now it’s time to be serious, very serious. He stopped eating unhealthy foods, cut down on carbs and the result is you can find him cutting down 100 lbs. he has a meal journal that he follows rigorously along with following an exercise regime.

Krystal Nielson – Undisclosed Weight Loss


Krystal Nielson is fitness pro and there was never a question on her being overweight! Still she participated in a wellness that was promoted by her and shed off a few pounds that made her figure linear and of course more attractive. She has been getting awesome attention after she won Bachelor in Paradise mainly when Chris Raudone has proposed her to the finals. She has a program called total body guide and in order to promote it she posted her progress on her Instagram account. The results are indeed great and her fans loved the way she had made a change in a beautiful way.

Ricky Gervais – 40lbs


People can think of a change when they are tired of something. This is even true for Ricky Gervais who was a standup comedian and being obese was not a problem for his profession. However, being tired of being overweight he decided to shed some extra pounds and started working on it. He made a nutritional diet routine, started jogging, exercising and even walking every day. When he found that he had lost 40 lbs he was overjoyed with the fact. Later on 2018 he found that he were again putting off weight and thus asked his Twitter followers to criticize him so that he could again lose weight.

Ariel Winter – 29lbs


After losing 29 lbs Ariel Winter, the Modern family television actress is showing her slimmer figure in her Instagram account. She has openly discussed about this weight loss and said that it was an unexpected reaction of the anti-depressant she was on. She made it clear that her weight increased with her previous medicine and even with many efforts she couldn’t change it. Now, the weight has gone after the change in medicine.

Josie Gibson – 98lbs


With the wish to look good and stay healthy Josie Gibson has made a change in her looks. When she was first seen in Big Brother she was not in shape and while she left the reality show she decided that she would do anything for getting her shape back. To shed off those extra pounds she started with eating healthy and along with that exercised regularly. All these helped her in dropping off a whopping 98 lbs. after her weight loss she even underwent a tummy tuck procedure so that she could remove those extra skin. It also helped her in losing few more pounds.

Lauren Alaina – 25lbs


The American Idol star Lauren Alaina is still a great voice that is loved by many. Her weight had been an issue and she tried to lose weight. She was successful and lost about 25 lbs. she had undergone a transformation and she admitted that her motivation for this transformation was because of the bullying she faced. Portion control was her main toll for weight loss. She managed to shed off 25 lbs by controlling the food intake she used to eat every day.

Kaley Cuoco – 6 Lbs


Kaley Cuoco was never an overweight celebrity but with the urge to appear her best in the Shape magazine she decided to lose some extra pounds. To make her abs look perfect she made drastic changes in her diet and quitted alcohol totally. She worked out every day throughout the week and had white eggs and almonds during those days. After the photo-shoot was completed she agreed that she had a great cheat day! She enjoyed pizza and other sweets that she had been avoiding all these days.

Tom Arnold – 100lbs


Tom Arnold has made everybody laugh with his successful roles. His stardom has been rising with films like The Great Buck Howard, True Lies and others, but it was a different story for his health. He was suffering from sleep apnea and hyper tension and the only way out was to shed off the extra pounds. After his son birth he got the motivation for losing weight and he followed the traditional ways for losing weight. Many still speculate that he must have gone under some procedure. He had lost about 100 lbs.

LIZ TORRES – 49lbs

For years, Puerto Rican actress Liz Torres was known for being overweight. One of her most iconic roles was as Miss Patty, the resident dance teacher in Gilmore Girls from 2000 to 2007. This is why a lot of people were surprised when they saw her again after reprising her role on the Netflix reboot of the loved series. The then 69-year-old actress lost so much weight, she was almost unrecognizable. Many people immediately assumed that she had undergone gastric surgery, although no official statement had been made yet regarding this. Torres, however, seems very happy with her weight loss. She then went on to star in the TV series One Day at a Time and has announced her part in an upcoming movie, Chick Flick.


Glee star Amber Riley has always struggled with her weight, but it would be hard to imagine her as anything other than a confident, beautiful woman who can belt out great notes. After a discussion with her doctor, however, she was told that she would have to shed a few pounds to be considered healthy. She was given the option to do gastric bypass surgery, but instead, Riley thought it would be best to go the natural route. So she adopted a new exercise routine and even a new diet to help aid her weight loss journey. Everything’s documented on her Instagram, so you can go check out her healthy new lifestyle yourself.


There’s no doubt that Ricki Lake has always been gorgeous, especially as a young lady. But there’s also no denying that she was 300 pounds at the time and was suffering from a couple of weight-related problems. To combat that, Lake started trying out different diets in order to lose all the extra weight. One of the diets she tried was the Atkins diet, which cost her roughly $100 each week. At the end of the program, Lake lost a total of 100 pounds, though it still wasn’t enough to put her in the normal weight category. Not to mention, when she and her then-husband, Christian Evans, had a divorce, Lake started putting on pounds again. Nowadays, Lake maintains her weight by resorting to exercise and diet.


Famous celebrity blogger Perez Hilton got a taste of his own medicine when he started gaining weight a few years ago. Known for all the ‘gossip content’ on his blog, Hilton himself experienced a lot of bashing when people realized that he was quickly falling into the realm of obesity. Soon afterward, Hilton started a new healthy lifestyle that involved diet and exercise. His weight loss followed quickly after that. Rumor has it, however, that Hilton may have undergone liposuction. We don’t know for sure what he did either, but whatever it was, at least it worked.


At the peak of her career, Missy Elliot didn’t really care about her weight. She was earning a lot of money from her career in the music industry, and she was getting booked on a lot of shows and tours at the time. However, she soon realized that life wasn’t all about money and riches. Staying healthy was also important, especially for a star who was always active and hardly had any time to rest. Due to her weight, her doctor told her that her heart was at risk, which is why she decided to put her foot down and start on her weight loss journey. Now, she looks more gorgeous than ever, at the age of 48 years old.


Rachel Frederickson is known for joining the 15th season of The Biggest Loser back in 2013. She started out at 260 pounds and lost a whopping 155 pounds over the duration of the show, ending up at a mere 105 pounds. Many people praised her for her extreme weight loss, but she also gained a lot of bashers in the process. Fans – and haters – of the show took to social media to say that her transformation was too unhealthy. Frederickson ignored them all though, and until now, she still manages to maintain her weight with the help of diet and exercise.


Matthew McConaughey had always been an eye-candy when he was in his younger years, which is why it’s no surprise that many women absolutely adore the actor. Unlike most of the other people on this list, however, McConaughey’s weight loss wasn’t something that people admired. The actor had to drop around 38 pounds to play an AIDS patient in his movie Dallas Buyers Club, so even his muscles had to say goodbye for a time. After the movie, McConaughey immediately started racking up weight once again. Hopefully, in time, he’ll get back that muscular physique that we all love and admire.


Since he was a young boy, David Barner had always known that he had a special place in his heart for food. His comfort time involved a lot of meals and snacks, and he preferred the unhealthier ones over the healthy options. As time went on, it no longer came as a surprise that he was overweight. For a time, he accepted his fate – until he was diagnosed with sleep apnea and hypertension, two weight-related medical issues. After that, Barner decided to go on a low-carb diet, making sure to stick to this routine at least 5 times a week. He also started working out, which is pretty obvious thanks to his new muscular body.


The Origliasso sisters aren’t really known in the same way as some of the other people on the list, at least in America, but they’re still pretty popular thanks to the power of the internet. A few years ago, The Veronicas, as their pop duo is called, had a very public internet brawl, and a lot of people couldn’t forget them after that. Despite their popularity, the sisters still weren’t completely happy with their lives. Although they were never fat, to begin with, they ended up dropping a couple of pounds that made them look a bit unhealthy. This caused a lot of backlash on the internet after people thought they were doing drugs in secret. They eventually gained some weight back though.


You might know Sasha Pieterse from the popular TV series, Pretty Little Liars. What a lot of people didn’t know was that during the show, Pieterse was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, also known as PCOS. Because of her condition, she started gaining some weight to the tune of 70 pounds. People started ridiculing Pieterse online after taking notice of her weight gain. To combat this, she started getting into fitness and diet. She eventually lost 37 pounds – still not as much as the amount she gained, but definitely an inspiration to everyone with PCOS who’s going through the same thing.


Kathleen Turner is known for many things, including her head-turning beauty back in her youth. But as she grew older, she started gaining a lot of weight, much to the shock of all her loving fans. At first, she didn’t really mind and even seemed to embrace her new weight. She even starred in several iconic roles after already gaining weight, such as Chandler’s transgender father in the long-running TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. What started Turner’s weight loss journey, however, was when her doctor told her that she had developed rheumatoid arthritis due to all her excess weight. Eventually, she managed to lose some of it, thanks to a much healthier lifestyle and a new diet and exercise routine.


Nicole Polizzi, also known as Snooki, first rose to popularity after joining reality TV show Jersey Shore in the late 2000s. Her weight gain started after she got pregnant with her first child and continued from then on. Luckily for the TV star, she didn’t keep the weight on for long. Snooki realized early on that she was already gaining weight and decided that she needed to do something about it. Instead of undergoing surgery, she opted to lose weight the traditional way: through diet and exercise. She eventually lost a total of 40 pounds, maintaining a healthy weight to this day.


Mama June Shannon shocked her fans when she lost a whopping 300 pounds after implementing a rigorous exercise routine and a strict diet. After her amazing feat, the TV mama now wants to do the same with her daughter, Alana Thompson, better known as Honey Boo Boo. Even though she’s only 12 years old, she’s already on the verge of obesity, which is obviously not good for her health. That’s why Mama June is cutting back the young girl’s soda intake and making her avoid fried foods. Since starting her diet this year, Honey Boo Boo has already 5 pounds. Still a long way to go for sure, but we’re all cheering for her!


Sam Smith is the American singer behind hit songs Stay With Me and Too Good At Goodbyes. Before making it big in the music industry, Sam was actually a bit larger than he is now. The star famously lost 14 pounds in a two week period, thanks to a healthier lifestyle involving diet and exercise. Some, however, believe that he must have undergone some form of surgery since his weight loss was done too quickly. Sam has repeatedly denied this though and maintains that it was his lifestyle that did a lot for his weight.


Aiden Bryant of SNL fame is known as someone who simply doesn’t care about her weight. She’s gorgeous and she knows it, even though she medically classified as obese. In fact, if only her doctor hadn’t informed her of possible health risks due to her weight, Aiden wouldn’t have even bothered to lose weight. She decided to implement regular exercise in her routine and stick to a healthy diet, leading her to lose a total of 15 pounds. Her fans definitely love her new physique more, especially since she’s now a healthier version of herself.


If you’ve ever watched Game of Thrones, then you’ll probably recognize English actor John Bradley West. The actor has always had a rather successful acting career, especially with the long-running GoT series. However, one of the things that fans have always critiqued him for is his weight. Due to this, West decided to go on a weight loss journey, successfully shedding a few pounds as evidenced in his recent appearances. He apparently still needs to shed a few more but with his determination and perseverance, we’re sure he’ll get it done in no time at all.


Kevin James is a well-known American actor that has starred in several films and series throughout the years. His most iconic role is in the long-running sitcom The King of Queens, where he even got nominated for an Emmy. For a long time, James certainly didn’t give a second thought to his weight. The turning point came when he was offered a role in the 2012 comedy film Here Comes The Boom. He started getting into exercise and fitness, and fans noticed that the star was beginning to shed some pounds. Hopefully, he maintains his regimen for a healthy weight, especially since he’s got a lot of fans waiting for him to get back to the silver screen again.


As a famous WWE wrestler, it wasn’t really a surprise that Rikishi weight 425 pounds. After leaving the industry though, fans saw a pretty drastic change in his weight. In fact, Rikishi lost a total of 125 pounds after changing his career, saying that his new fitness regimen greatly helped in this weight loss. He also ensures that his diet consists mainly of low-carb food to avoid gaining weight. That said, Rikishi is still nowhere near the end of his weight loss journey and wants to lose more fats while gaining muscle.


American singer Kelly Price used to weigh around 300 pounds, having gained weight after a couple of negative experiences in her life. But after realizing that her weight gain made her always feel down and depressed, she decided that she would start turning her life around. She made the decision to overhaul her lifestyle and adopt a healthy diet and a regular fitness regimen. She claims that she still experiences plenty of ups and downs in life, especially in her new weight loss journey, but whatever happens, she’ll never give up on herself again. We’re with you on this one, Kelly!


If you’re in any way a fan of mainstream movies, you’ve probably already seen Timothy Spall at least once. One of his most iconic roles ever was as Peter Pettigrew in the Harry Potter series. He also starred in the Looking Glass and Alice movies. When he showed up in the Venice Film Festival, however, fans were really shocked to see the change in his weight. His weight loss also made him almost unrecognizable, as mentioned by a lot of his fans on social media. Nonetheless, we’re very happy that he’s been staying on a healthy weight so far.


People first noticed Janelle Brown’s seemingly unhealthy weight when she appeared in the TV show Sister Wives. She has since started losing some weight, much to the admiration of her adoring fans. She actually keeps her personal blog right now where she constantly updates her fans about her ongoing weight loss journey. Brown also previously released a book with the title ‘Watch Me Disappear’, a New York Times bestseller about a mother’s disappearance. Currently, she works for different publications while still maintaining her health and fitness regimen.


If there’s one thing that Theresa Caputo understands about weight, it’s that it’s very hard to lose. In fact, the reality TV star has struggled with her weight for years, bouncing back and forth from healthy to overweight. After decades of this, she finally decides that she’s going to turn her life around and start actually shedding some pounds. Caputo takes up exercise routines while maintaining a strictly nutritious diet in the hopes of losing weight. Thanks to her determination, she succeeded, losing a total of 30 pounds. She’s still trying to maintain her weight until now and she remains to be an inspiration to all her fans who are struggling with weight issues as well.


The second Teresa on this list is Teresa Guidice, a TV personality best known for starring in the reality TV series The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Guidice spent almost a year behind bars in 2015 due to multiple fraud charges. She reportedly gained a few pounds while in prison, due to the lack of proper diet and exercise inside. After getting out, however, Guidice immediately began to work on losing her extra pounds. She did yoga as well as other workout routines in order to help with her weight loss. She also got started on a much healthier diet. Nowadays, fans are happy to admire her gorgeous face and amazingly fit physique.


This one is probably surprising, but did you know that Tyra Banks also struggled with her weight before? Banks may be recognized as a popular model, especially due to her stint on America’s Top Model, but she also had a period of time in her life when she was overweight. According to her interview with Shape Magazine, she initially didn’t care much about her weight gain, but when she started losing gigs and bookings, she began to become more conscious of her body. Banks immediately hired a nutritionist and personal trainer to get her started on her weight loss journey. We can all see the difference now whenever she does catwalks, and we have to say, it really did her a lot of good!


Miranda Lambert is a country singer and songwriter, but most people actually know her for her four-year-marriage to Blake Shelton. After the divorce, people noticed that she started gaining some weight. She tried a couple of fad diets at first, but none worked out for her. In fact, she claimed that after doing low-carb diets, she would just gain even more weight. Nonetheless, she soon found something that worked out for her and so far, she has already lost 25 pounds. Her marriage to six-pack sporting Brendan McLoughlin probably helps a lot too. Way to go, Miranda!


For years, English celebrity Jennifer Ellison had struggled with maintaining a healthy weight. Because of this, she decided to sign up for “The 800 Calories Per Day Cambridge Diet”, a nutritional program that aims to help people shed pounds. Thankfully for Jennifer, it seems like the diet was effective for her since it made her lose a lot of the excess weight. She made sure to be disciplined enough to stick to the diet even though it was very hard at times. These days, you’d hardly recognize her from her overweight days. Due to this, we fully believe that Ellison deserves to be an inspiration to anyone who wants to reach their ideal weight.


Known for his regular role on Iron Chef America, it’s not really a surprise that many people don’t mind Anthony Anderson’s weight at all. Even Anderson himself didn’t really care since as a chef, his job involved a lot of eating. The problem started when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Because of his new condition, the star chef needed to adopt a healthier lifestyle, which included losing some of the extra pounds. He made use of diet and exercise to reach his goal. So far, he has lost around 47 pounds, an impressive feat considering his job. We certainly hope he manages to maintain his new weight!

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Celebrities Obsessed With Golf

  • Off-screen, Matthew McConaughey is just as likely to be spotted without a shirt as he is while golfing.McConaughey is an expert on the course, with an 8.6 rating according to a recent Hollywood evaluation.
  • The 2010 Golf Digest US Open Challenge was won byWahlberg received a perfect score of 97.His performance earned him the sole non-athlete to win a medal.On a list of Hollywood’s 100 Best Golfers, he was placed 26th.If the actor wasn’t so busy in Hollywood, his teacher Jim Flick believes he might be closer to a scratch.
  • Kevin Costner isn’t only a wolf dancer; he’s also a golfer!He had a chance to win the US Open at Pinehurst in the film “Tin Cup,” and they were Costner’s golf strokes that made the scene genuine!With an 11.2 index, Costner was rated 39th among Hollywood golfers.
  • It’s possible that Justin Bieber’s golf dates exceed his court dates.According to Rolling Stone, Bieber’s music career arose as a result of his inability to afford golf.Bieber reportedly took his guitar to a downtown theater and performed on the stairs for cash when he needed $20 for green fees, and walked away with $200.
  • There’s a moment in Cameron Diaz’s early part in “There’s Something About Mary” when she and co-star Matt Dillion hit balls at the driving range.Diaz’s golf love, on the other hand, does not have to be manufactured.It’s sort of like crack cocaine to me, she told Starpluse.com…In a 2011 interview, I said, “I’m having my clubs fitted… and I’m extremely thrilled.”

Mega Rich Celebrities Keep Their Money In These Banks

  • The benefits of the BB&T Vantage Checking account include tiered interest checking, fee reductions, and preferential lending rates.You may create a Vantage Asset Management brokerage account for even more freedom, allowing for quick sweeping into and out of your bank account.
  • A personal private banker, the potential to earn interest on your balance, and bonus rates on chosen CD and IRA products are all included in the PNC Performance Select checking account.Customers also get charge exemptions and discounts on consumer credit products as a bonus.If you keep a monthly balance of $25,000 or more, the $25 account maintenance charge is waived.

Mortgage Facts That Might Surprise You

  • The lowest mortgage rate was very low:In late 2012, the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage interest rate was 3.31 percent.Rates on 15-year loans have dropped below 3%.(Clearly, our latest rates of about 4.3 percent are still historically low.)
  • The highest interest rate on a mortgage was very high:In late 1981, the typical 30-year fixed-rate loan had an interest rate of 18.45 percent!Check out the chart below for monthly payments on a $200,000 30-year fixed-rate loan on a $250,000 property to see how much of a difference your home loan’s interest rate makes:
  • Mortgage rates are notoriously volatile:Don’t make the mistake of assuming that rates fluctuate slowly.We may be used to the low rates that have been in place for more than a decade, but recall that rates in 1987 varied from 9.1% to 11.4 percent, and rates in 1994 ranged from 7.2 percent to 9.4 percent.
  • A little comparison shopping may offer a wide range of prices:You could believe that the current average interest rate will be provided to you, but this is not the case.Rates will vary depending on the lender.According to Bankrate.com, rates for a good credit borrower in Rhode Island borrowing $200,000 over 30 years in a 30-year fixed-rate loan varied from 4.03 percent to 4.56 percent.This may add up to roughly $60 each month in savings.
  • If you pay $100 extra each month, your debt will be paid off in five years:You undoubtedly already know that making additional payments may help you create equity and pay off debt faster, but did you realize how effective it can be?Take a look at the table below:
  • You can set up automatic payments for your mortgage:It’s also a fantastic idea to do so.You may set up automatic money transfers to your mortgage servicer from your bank account or paycheck.This eliminates the possibility of forgetting to pay a payment or running out of money when the bill is due.

Celebrity Cars You Can Afford

  • Conan O’Brien, the late-night talk show presenter, has a soft spot for his 1992 Ford Taurus.It’s possible that this green sedan was Conan O’Brien’s daily driver when “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” premiered in 1993.He still had the automobile twenty years later and said he still drove it on occasion.
  • Adele, a Grammy winner, prefers a modest vehicle to get about London’s streets.The little automobile also aids the performer in maintaining a low-key image.Adele expressed her feelings on celebrity to “Rolling Stone,” saying, “I think it’s extremely toxic, and I think it’s really easy to be drawn into it.”
  • Comedian Jim Jefferies used to collect Ferraris, Porsches, Mustangs, Camaros, and Challengers as a youngster.Jefferies has his own full-sized 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 to play with now that he’s an adult.While Jefferies prefers a Corvette Stingray, he enjoys the Challenger’s rear seat, which allows him to drive with his kid.The price of a new Challenger is $26,995.
  • On “Entourage,” Adrian Grenier’s character drives a Tesla Roadster.Grenier’s vehicle is a Toyota Prius, not a Tesla Model S.I appreciate having a trunk to store my belongings in.You have a trunk full of goods if you want to be spontaneous and dash to the beach or to the park to play sports.The most affordable Prius model begins at $19,560.
  • Ronda Rousey, a mixed martial artist, claims her ideal automobile is the BMW X6 M, which costs $102,200.A prior vehicle, on the other hand, was the polar opposite: a reasonably priced 2005 Honda Accord.In her post-Olympic days, Rousey resided in her Accord for a brief time.Her family auctioned off the automobile and other personal items on eBay last summer.
  • NBA superstar LeBron James is the proud owner of some expensive wheels.A Lamborghini Aventador and a Maybach 57S are among the vehicles in his garage.However, one of his recent versions is less expensive.With a starting price of $49,000, the Kia K900 is more affordable than many of its huge luxury competitors.He declared his passion for the model long before he became a spokesperson for it.
  • Colin Farrell, an Irish-born actor noted for his colorful language and laid-back demeanor, drives a 1996 Ford Bronco full-size pickup truck.His SUV is as straightforward as they come, with no obvious improvements and what looks to be its original color.The Bronco was discontinued in 1996, however Ford continues to produce a variety of cheap SUVs.”‘Willie Robertson, star of “Duck Dynasty,” has a net worth of $20 million, according to Forbes.Robertson, on the other hand, hasn’t let his money impact his vehicle; he adores his 2014 Ford F-150.He told Motor Trend, “I enjoy the way it drives.”The additional storage space is beneficial.’When I’m going around, I can store ammunition, firearms, and additional clothing in there and have it secure.’,”Martial arts athlete Ronda Rousey says her favorite automobile is the BMW X6 M, which costs $102,200.A prior vehicle, on the other hand, was the polar opposite: a reasonably priced 2005 Honda Accord.In her post-Olympic days, Rousey resided in her Accord for a brief time.Her family auctioned off the automobile and other personal items on eBay last summer.
  • Conan O’Brien, the late-night talk show presenter, has a soft spot for his 1992 Ford Taurus.It might be because when “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” debuted in 1993, this green sedan was O’Brien’s daily driver.He still had the automobile twenty years later and said he still drove it on occasion.
  • John Taylor understands the allure of the unusual.Tropical waterways, sultry rainforests, and barely clad ladies were common themes in Duran Duran’s music videos.Taylor’s Jaguar F-Type demonstrates that he still has an eye for seductive lines.I adore so many aspects about my automobile, he told Architectural Digest…It’s all about the style, form, and bodywork.The F-type may be had for as little as $61,400.
  • Selena Gomez celebrated her 21st birthday by purchasing a BMW X5.With a price tag of $54,700, the BMW is a good deal for Gomez, who has a net worth of over $16 million.She said that I’ve owned the same automobile since I was sixteen years old.I’d had the same vehicle for a long time, so I’d had enough, and 21 was ideal.
  • On “Entourage,” Adrian Grenier’s character drives a Tesla Roadster.Grenier’s vehicle is a Toyota Prius, not a Tesla Model S.I appreciate having a trunk to store my belongings in.You have a trunk full of goods if you want to be spontaneous and dash to the beach or to the park to play sports.The most affordable Prius model begins at $19,560.
  • Adele, a Grammy winner, prefers a modest vehicle to get about London’s streets.The little automobile also aids the performer in maintaining a low-key image.”I think it’s extremely poisonous, and I think it’s really easy to get sucked into it,” Adele told “Rolling Stone” of celebrity.