Taylor Swift’s 2022 VMAs Album Announcement Thrills Audiences


To the delight of the audience! Fans were stunned by Taylor Swift at the 2022 Video Choice Awards. Fans were shocked when Taylor Swift revealed a brand-new playlist after her commencement address for Song of the Year 2022.

As she accepted a Moonperson on August 29 for the short movie “All Too Well,” the artist stated, “I’m simply very happy with just what we produced.” “Without you, the supporters, I wouldn’t have been capable of re-recording my classic songs. Thus without you, we would not have been capable of putting together this short video. You gave me the go-ahead to do it.

According to the “Getaway Car” singer, she wanted to thank her fans, especially as a surprise for their VMA voting. Swift addressed the crowd, “If you were going to be this kind and give us this, I thought it may be a wonderful opportunity to tell you that my fresh new album comes out October 21.” At midnight, I’ll tell you more. Midnights is the name Swift revealed for the album after it was released. She said on her social media account, “Join me at midnight.”

Taylor said, “We lay awake in passion and terror, in chaos and sorrow,” in a subsequent image. We sip till the walls start speaking as we glare at them. We contort ourselves inside the cages we’ve built for ourselves and hope we’re not about to make a decision that will change our lives forever. This collection of music composed in the small morning hours depicts a trip through nightmares and pleasant dreams. We pace the floors while battling our thoughts for those who have already torn between staying awake and going to sleep.”

After the launch of Folklore and Evermore, Taylor’s upcoming album record will be her tenth professional effort. Her most recent album, Red, was released at the end of November 2021.

Following Taylor’s effort on “All Too Well,” which further served as her directing guest appearance, the “Blank Space” singer previously in the night won the Moonperson for Outstanding Long Music Video.

“Adorable. I had previously produced video content that I had produced and directed, but I’ve never really produced a short movie,” Taylor remarked in her winning address. “We gave it our all to create something that just might be deserving of the affection you, the listeners, have offered this song. We appreciate this lovely confirmation that we accomplished anything well. I adore you two.”

As soon as the artist of “Gorgeous” appeared at the MTV video music awards and walked the red carpet alone, she attracted attention. Taylor donned an Oscar de la Renta sparkling outfit that covered her entire body.

The outfit immediately caught the attention of admirers who recognized it as a throwback to the artist’s 2017 video for the song “Look What You Made Me Do” from her album. The dress coated in diamonds was a tribute to Swift’s jewel-encrusted bathing tube shot from the music video.

When she arrived at the location, Swift celebrated with Dylan O’Brien, who played the lead role in her “All Too Well (Swift’s Edition)” video for the song. Within a short movie, which was released at the end of November in 2021, Sadie Sink and the singer of the track “Lover” both made brief appearances.

Taylor was seen dancing and performing alongside O’Brien and other friends in the crowd. Immediately afterward, Fergie and Lizzo joined the stage. When Nicki Minaj approached the stage to perform a mashup of some of her finest songs, she kept rocking.