The 10 Most Powerful Muslims In The World


There are many powerful people in the world, and they often come from elite sub groups in society. The average stereotype of a Muslim person does not reflect their population, and many people are often biased due to prejudices that stem from the Middle East and Arab Spring crisis.

Most of you probably haven't heard of these leaders, however it might be a good time to brush up on your knowledge about powerful Muslims that control millions of people and billions of dollars in the world.

Ali Hosseini Khamenei

The supreme leader of Iran, Ali Hosseini Khamenei, is an extremely important figure in today’s politics. With over 75 million Iranians, the job of this Muslim influencer is not so easy. Especially with the political climate being so turbulent against Iran for wanting to have nuclear power.

Ali Hosseini Khamenei was elected the supreme leader in 1989, over 25 years ago, and has remained in power since. This just goes to show how powerful he truly is, defying all odds and staying leader throughout many wars and civil unrest.

The idea of supreme leader is that no political decision is legal until he approves it. In addition, the leader is not supposed to leave Iran, and any meetings with him must happen within the country.


If you need more convincing, Forbes selected him in 21st place for the Worlds Most Powerful people.