The Beauty Of Summer


As the years pass by, summers get hotter and hotter. All of us are just trying to make the best out of this situation by staying cool and finding new things to do. However, we can run out of ideas every summer to make it the best one till now. So, if you are looking for things to do this summer, you have come to the right place. Here are the top 50 things you can do this summer to enjoy your life in the best way possible with your friends, family, fur babies, or even yourself.

Go For Cycling And Skating

What We Love About Summer 28

Summer is the time to be out and indulge in various movements and activities that will help you get that summer bod. You can choose from skating, cycling, and many other such activities to get your heart rate up. Go in the mornings to start your day on the right note and spend the entire day moving your day. Movement is the best thing you can do for yourself, and it will help you get that summer shred into action in no time. So, start this summer, and witness the incredible results that will stay throughout the year.

Defy The Laws Of Gravity

What We Love About Summer 32 1

Whoever is looking for something cool to do this summer can defy the laws of gravity like these two boys who have taken the coolest picture of all time. We don’t know how they did this, but it requires a lot of creativity to make such a picture happen. Maybe it is just an edited picture, and we don’t know, but it looks very real to us. You can also come up with such ideas and take your creativity to another level by taking pictures. If you don’t know already, they have tried recreating a famous painting, and so can you.

Be Careful While Sunbathing

What We Love About Summer 1

Whatever you do in the summer, just make sure that you think about the consequences. For example, this woman decided to wear a cute swimsuit but didn’t think through that it would cause a patterned sun tan. There are many stories of people who have not experienced good tans while lying in the sun. If you don’t want to experience this, then make sure you get the right type of clothing for yourself. Once you do, you will have a beautiful tan that everyone else will envy for a long time to come, as tans don’t fade away so easily.

Become Half Human And Half Balloon

What We Love About Summer 43

In the old times, there used to be a lot of mythical creatures that we still talk about. These include half-human and half-animal species, and much more in these mythical stories. Well, we don’t have such things in our time, but the myth of our time can be half-human and half-balloon as you can tell from the picture that this is possible, and you can fill it with water to cool yourself in the balloon the heat. As we said before, anything can be a pool if you try hard enough, and so can a balloon in which you can lie down.

Chill On An Inflatable

What We Love About Summer 33

This father-son duo is perhaps the coolest thing you will see on the internet today, as both of them are doing the exact same thing. If you have a pool in your home, you can also do this with your kids. Purchase some plain or funky inflatables, blow them up, get some drinks, and enjoy them in the pool. Your kids will also remain cool in this heat, and they will bond with you over this activity. Then, you can also take such cool pictures to show your friends and make them jealous of the bond you share.

Swing On A Hammock

What We Love About Summer 4

A hammock is one of the best investments in your home. You can hang it in your garden under a tree and enjoy the cool breeze on a hot summer day, just like this woman. She is living her best life as the hammock is above water, which means that the area is much colder than the rest. You can also create such vacations for yourself where you can lie on the hammock, read books, or do anything else that you enjoy doing. Once you do, you will want to spend all your time in the hammock during the summer.

Have A River Party

What We Love About Summer 6

If you have a river near your home, you can have a river party in your neighborhood just like these guys. Everyone is on their rafts, and it looks like there is no space on the river for anyone else. Such a party can be enjoyable if you are close to your neighbors and enjoy their company. However, you can always go with your friends and enjoy the coolness of the river. You can also go on a day when everyone else will be busy to enjoy river activities in peace. After all, there is a lot to do that’s not possible with such a crowd.

Splash In The Pool

What We Love About Summer 15

Each summer is incomplete without taking at least one dip in the pool, as it is a summer ritual. Just make sure that you are swimming properly so that you don’t end up like these women. Well, the boy thinks that he made the right decision by being in the corner. Disaster ensues while he is watching all of it without a care in the world. Swim in the pool this summer, but don’t be careless. After all, you want to have the best experience while you are swimming so that you can enjoy all of the summer without any issues.

Go To The Beach In A Convertible

What We Love About Summer 2

If you don’t have a convertible already, then you and your friends need to rent one and make your way to the beach. It is one of the best things to do in the summer that will help you have fun for a long time. You can also take a road trip to a beach town in a convertible and spend the weekend just riding the waves. Don’t forget to take a picture like this while you are at it, as it looks right out of a movie. We bet these people had a lot of fun while making this happen.

Enjoy Some Ice Cream With Sprinkles

What We Love About Summer 7 1

Connect with your inner child during summer by devouring an ice cream cone loaded with sprinkles. You can also get toppings that you enjoy. That is because there are endless toppings you can add to cones. These toppings include sprinkles, crushed biscuits, chocolates, wafers, chocolate sauce, and much more. You can also dip some French fries in the vanilla ice cream to enjoy a combination of sweet and savory. So, take your imagination to another level and enjoy as many toppings as you can during this summer. Enjoy these ice creams with your friends or loved ones to take the experience to another level.

Relax In The Sand

What We Love About Summer 5

There is quite nothing like taking your outdoor chairs, going to the beach, and sitting by the sand all day. You can listen to the waves, enjoy a chilled beer with your buddies, or just sunbathe. The list is endless because there are so many things to do at the beach that you will never get bored. These men are also just enjoying each other’s company as they sit by the sand in their chairs. You don’t need much, but just good company to enjoy your days, and it looks like these people have cracked the code to living a good life.

Play Volleyball At The Beach

What We Love About Summer 8

Playing volleyball at the beach is a summer ritual that you need to participate in. Without it, you are not living your summer to the fullest, as everyone has to play volleyball at least once. It is one of the top ways to get some movement in and enjoy an activity at the beach. Every beach has some volleyball activity going on. So, make your way to the nearest beach with your friends and play some volleyball. It will surely revitalize you, and after you are done, you can cool yourself off in the water to beat the heat.

Enjoy Fresh Watermelon

What We Love About Summer 10

We need to do all sorts of things in the summer to help our bodies stay cool. It is not enough to shower in cold water as your body needs to cool down from the inside too. For that, you can beat the heat with some watermelon, as it will surely hydrate you and help your body cool from the inside. Just like this, there are many things you can eat that will help you cool down. They include ice pops, ice creams, fresh fruits, coconut water, and many other such items to remain cool throughout the summer months.

Go On Slip And Slides

What We Love About Summer 9

Slip and slides are one of the best things to do in your neighborhood if it gets too hot. You can get tubes, fill the slide with water and go down on it all day. As you can tell, even the kids from this neighborhood are enjoying a slip-and-slide with their family and friends. Even if you have young kids, you can set this slide up for them and ride on a tube with them so even they can enjoy the summer. If you have pet dogs, they will also enjoy this slip-and-slide for a long time.

Don’t Wear Crocs

What We Love About Summer 11

Summers are incomplete without getting at least one bad tan because of your carelessness. This man did not think his decision through and ended up getting a spotty tan because of the crocs he was wearing. This is why it is always best to wear slides or sandals at the beach or put sunscreen on the visible areas so that your tan is not uneven. You must decide to wear something that will not cause such a bad tan. After looking at this image, we are sure you will not wear crocs to the beach anytime soon in the summer.

Ride The Waves

What We Love About Summer 13

Learn a new skill this summer by learning to surf. It is a great activity that will help you stay stable on the water and enjoy the ups and downs of the tides. Once you are done riding the waves, you can also pose like these women with your surfboard to remember this moment. However, it doesn’t look like these girls went surfing, as their hair and bodies are completely dry. If you don’t want to tide the waves, you can also just pose with the surfboard and tell everyone that you went surfing, but at least wet your hair to make it believable.

Shower Anywhere You Can

What We Love About Summer 3

The only way to beat the heat in the summer is to find ways anywhere you can cool down. For example, this dog was feeling very hot, so he came in front of the sprinkler to enjoy some water splashes to cool down. If you ever feel really hot, you can also just go in your backyard and stand in front of the sprinkler. It is one of the best feelings because it will help you cool down in an instant. You can also shower yourself with a garden hose whenever you are outdoors at your home.

Wear Shorts

What We Love About Summer 16

Summer is not just about doing lots of outdoor activities to help you cool down, but it is also about wearing airy clothes. Shorts are one of the best types of bottoms that will help your lower body to stay cool throughout the day. Make sure that you purchase a lot of shorts this summer to stay cool during this time. Purchase a material that will not stick to your skin and provide you with the airy comfort you need to stay comfortable. Then, just like these women, you can get ice cream to beat the heat even further.

Stay Cool In Unexpected Ways

What We Love About Summer 18

An unexpected way to stay cool is to just lie down on the ice where all your drinks are and just cool yourself. But that is not as easy as it looks for this dog. Instead, you can blow up an inflatable pool, fill it with ice, and just cool yourself down with ice or chilled water. Days are getting hotter, which is why all of us need to find creative ways to cool down. What is the most creative thing you have done to stay cool? Make sure to let us know for some inspiration during this summer.

Take One For The Team

It is not always fun and games, as they say, as some games are painful to play when you are not paying attention. Summer is not complete without playing such games and getting hurt in the process at least once. After all, even that is part of summer fun because you have something to show for playing games. Just make sure that if something like this ever happens to you, then you must seek help immediately. Go to the emergency room and ensure everything is okay so that you can enjoy the rest of the summer with ease.

Enjoy Unlimited Drinks

What We Love About Summer 19

Whatever activity you are doing in the summer, you need to make sure you have unlimited drinks to cool yourself down. These include margaritas, mai tais, and many other cocktails that will help you stay fresh and cool. However, you don’t have to stay stick with alcoholic drinks. Instead, you can also enjoy many fresh juices, smoothies, soft drinks, and more to cool yourself down. If you have kids in your home, make sure that you keep juices in the fridge so that they can also enjoy summer as they cool themselves with fruity and delicious drinks.

Pose With Summer Gear

What We Love About Summer 22

Don’t forget to pose with all the summer gear you have purchased this year for these months, just like these guys. He has made a throne out of these noodles to make sure everyone knows that this is his territory. So, if you have fun summer gear, such as inflatables, noodles, and other such things, you can also create some fun poses alone or with your friends. Summer is all about having fun, and you can have fun in the most mundane of things. So, fire up your creative juices and experiment with different poses during these summer months.

Roller Skate The Streets

What We Love About Summer 21 1

If you want to try something new this summer, you can always buy a pair of roller skates to roam the streets. It will help you get to places faster, and you will enjoy this activity for anything that you want to do. There are endless types of roller skates you can buy, depending on your skill level. You can go to the nearest park, practice your roller skating skills and learn some new moves. Then, you can show these moves off to your friends. There is a sense of freedom that comes with learning such activities in the summer.

Wearing Cute Summer Clothes

What We Love About Summer 24 1

Flaunt your cutest clothes this summer and take your social media game to the next level with your cute outfits. There are lots of clothing items you can experiment with this summer. These include cutter summer dresses, floral tops, shorts, skirts, and many other such items that will enhance your style game. The key is to go to your favorite summer shops and see what they have to offer you. The varieties keep on changing from time to time, which is why you will always find something new. You can also go to the nearest thrift shop for some inspiration.

Turn Your Garbage Can Into A Pool

What We Love About Summer 23

Yes, anything can be a pool for you if you are adamant about it, just like this guy. It was so hot that he decided he would turn the trash can into a tub and just chill in the water. You can also find various things in your home and think of what can easily turn into a pool without doing much. Then, you can remain in that pool during the summer and enjoy your favorite drinks. Looks like this guy doesn’t care about anyone else, and he is living his best life. So, you can also channel this confidence.

Staying Where The Cold Is

Who says you have to bear the heat this summer when there are endless ways for you to remain cold? Just like this fur baby, you can also go to your nearest supermarket and enjoy the cold. Their air conditioners are always on blast, and the freezer section has a cold atmosphere that will cool you from the inside. However, unlike this dog, you don’t have the luxury to lie down like this dog with your head under the freezer. You can always try, though, and see if the manager comes to say anything to you.

Pose With Your Girl Friends

What We Love About Summer 30

Make the most out of your summer by looking cute and posing with your girlfriends to post on your social media. Whatever parties you are going to, make sure that you create lots of memories and take a lot of pictures. It will help you immortalize some of the best moments of your life that you will remember for a long time. Create different poses and be as creative as you like with this activity. Just like these girls, you can also wear different props and pose with them to enhance your pictures. There is nothing like enjoying parties this way.

Go For Boating

What We Love About Summer 27

Rent a boat this summer and cruise through the sea to enjoy the cool breeze and relax by the sea. Look at this man enjoying the boat ride to the fullest, and so can you. If you live close to the sea, then you will have no problem finding a boat to fulfill all your cruising dreams. You can rent it with all your friends and enjoy a day full of fishing, water sports, and many other adventures that will fill your heart with joy. You will never get this time back, so enjoy it to the fullest this summer.

Look For Modern Solutions To Modern Summer Problems

Tired of holding an umbrella on a hot summer day? Well, that’s not a problem at all because you can always stick the umbrella down your pants like this guy and have shade wherever you go. We don’t know how this guy did it, but it is bound to get uncomfortable after a while when you put a stick down your pants. Make sure that the stick is comfortable before you proceed with this. After all, you don’t want a rash or heat burn down your pants. Never do it if the umbrella is attached to a metal rod.

Carry Light Items

What We Love About Summer 29

Summer equals sweat, especially when you are out and you have a lot of things on your upper body. For example, this boy was coming back from school with his backpack, and his entire back was sweating with a backpack imprint. We are sure you have also experienced this at least once, so make sure that you carry light things this summer that don’t lead to this embarrassment. After all, no one wants to be next to a sweaty person like this. You can also wear clothes that are light and airy so that you don’t feel as hot when outside.

Catch A Soccer Game

What We Love About Summer 37

A great way to connect with other people is through sports, and you can achieve this aim by watching a sports game with your friends and family. There are soccer games happening throughout the country, which is why you can catch college games, state-level games, and many others. The best way to do this is to enjoy a chilled beer and some hot dogs and watch the game with enthusiasm. Just make sure that you wear light and cool clothes as it can get hot in the stadium when there are a lot of people, and it is a summer month.

Do A Hair Flip In The Water

What We Love About Summer 31

If you are looking for pose inspiration at the beach this summer, then we recommend that you do a hair flip. Actor Hugh Jackman guy turned out to have a failed picture, but you can do a great one with the right tips. For example, you can flip your hair from the water very slowly so that it looks great and the water doesn’t hit your face. You can also face sideways and create this pose to make it look even better. So, implement these guidelines and get the perfect hair flip picture at the beach this summer for your social media.

Buy Some Lemonade

What We Love About Summer 34

Kindness is always good to spread, regardless of the month it is. That is why you can extend kindness and make a kid happy this summer by purchasing lemonade from a stall. There are many kids in each neighborhood selling these delicious drinks for you to enjoy. It is a great way to earn some pocket money and learn the way in which entrepreneurship works. Take a stroll through your neighborhood and get lemonade from a few kids. You will make their day, and they will learn a valuable lesson in working hard to earn their money in the heat.

Learn Skateboard Moves

What We Love About Summer 35

Many of us learn skateboarding in our teenage days at the park, but we don’t practice it to create a consistent habit. Well, this is your sign to take up skateboarding this summer and get good at it. People have more free time during the summer months, and it is a great activity to enjoy outdoors while learning some new moves. Who knows, maybe this will become your new favorite activity to do, and you will have some fantastic skills to show off to your friends. So, add it to your bucket list of things to do in the summer.

Take Ice Baths

What We Love About Summer 12

Just like this fur baby, you can also take an ice bath to stay cool in the summer and increase your stress tolerance. The easiest way to understand how to do this is to follow the Wim Hof Method, which is also known as the Iceman method. You can then take ice baths to improve your physical health this summer while also staying cool. It is a win-win situation, but it will take you some time to get used to the ice water. While this dog is ready to sleep, the ice bath you take will reenergize you throughout the summer.

Take Part In An Eating Contest

What We Love About Summer 36

There are many eating contests you can participate in during the summer. For example, this boy has participated in a watermelon-eating contest, and it looks like he is winning. His face says it all, as the red marks are a trophy for eating the most watermelons. You can also participate in pie-eating contests, ice-cream-eating contests, and much more that will keep your belly and heart happy. You can also do an informal contest with your friends to have some healthy competition and see who wins. Sky is the limit to being as creative as you like.

Chill With Your Girls

What We Love About Summer 39

Spend time with your girlfriends this summer by chilling in the pool. You can get some inflatables and relax on them by the pool. However, you can also swim and cool yourself down on a hot day. Just make sure that there are no buys because sometimes, you need girls-only time to connect with the people you adore the most. These girls have cracked the code to summer happiness by making the most of the pool. Also, don’t forget to wear some sunscreen and sunglasses so that you can protect your face and eyes from the harsh sun.

Have A Water Gun Fight

What We Love About Summer 38

You might think that having a water gun fight was a childhood pastime, but you are never too old to indulge in such activities. You can connect to the child within you and have a water gun fight with your friends. These guns are easily available everywhere, and you can do this in your garden. If you don’t want to purchase guns, you can also have a water balloon fight. You will have to fill balloons with water and then throw them at each other to see who wins. Fill them out beforehand and distribute equal balloons to each team.

Wear The Right Hat

What We Love About Summer 40

Head protection from the sun is important because you don’t want to burn your head. This is why you should always make sure you are wearing the right hat, unlike this guy who is now facing bad sunburn. The most important tip we can give you is that you should not wear your cap backward like this guy. It is the biggest mistake you can make because your entire face will burn, and so will some of your head. That is why you should make smart choices so that you don’t have to deal with such a bad burn.

Pose On A Surfboard

What We Love About Summer 42

Surfboards are not just for surfing because you can also use them as a prop for posing as this woman has. Clearly, she does not know how to ride a surfboard, and she is just posing to get good pictures for her social media. There is nothing wrong with doing this, and even you can do it to enhance your social media profile. You can experiment with different poses or even learn to ride the board for some action pictures. Summer is the only time to enjoy the beach in this way because it gets really cold in winter.

Let Your Dogs Have A Pool Party

What We Love About Summer 41

If you are someone that has fur babies, make sure that you let them have a pool party. Dogs have thick coat, and this can cause a lot of heat retention during the summer. Because of this, it is important to keep a kiddie pool in your home, fill it with water and let them splash around. Besides that, dogs are incredibly happy around water because they love it. Your fur babies will love you even more when you plan this activity for them. So, make sure you do something for your dogs this summer so they can also enjoy it.

Show Off That Summer Bod

What We Love About Summer 45

If you have been working hard on that summer body, then don’t be shy and show off that body this summer with your cute outfits. You can invest in some beautiful bikinis and other swimsuits that can show off your killer body this summer. You can pair such clothes with beautiful accessories to enhance your look even further. There are endless ways in which you can style yourself and look beautiful. Whoever has been spending time at the gym, make sure that you follow these guidelines and look cute in the heat, and take great pictures during golden hours.

Stroll The Fur Babies

What We Love About Summer 44

Take your fur babies on a stroll so that they can also enjoy the outdoors in the summer. After all, they love to go out and explore new places because they are mostly indoors throughout the year. It will be a fun day for you and your fur baby as you can bond over this activity, and they will love you even more. Who knows, they might even make some new friends while you are taking them on a stroll. In the same way, you can also take them on play dates with other dogs and animals that they will love to meet.

Show Off Your Gym Skills

What We Love About Summer 46

Calisthenics has always been a popular activity that you can enjoy during the summer and incorporate some new movement into your life. Once you get good at it this summer, you can hang upside-down like this guy and show off your skills. Looking at the body, it seems as if this guy has been spending all of his time at the gym. While you can’t expect to get this body within one summer, you can still take calisthenics classes and learn some new skills. If you want to stay motivated, you can begin this journey with a significant other or a friend.

Take A Weekend Beach Trip

What We Love About Summer 48

Looks like this girl is ready to take her car for a weekend beach trip, as she is completely ready for the adventure. You can also rent a convertible and make your way to the beach with your friends for the weekend. The best part is that you can also take tents and camp at the beach overnight to enjoy your stay. It will allow you to get away from the city and enjoy some downtime by listening to the waves or just swimming in the ocean. So, get your gear, and go camping at the beach this summer.

Slip And Slide With Your Dogs

What We Love About Summer 47

It looks like this person tried to bond with his dog, but it became too excited and completely jumped over the man. If you want to provide a fun activity for your dogs, then you can create a slip-and-slide inside your home and enjoy this time. They love the water, which is why they will love going up and down. If you also plan on sliding with them, then make sure that you are keeping an eye on your dog. After all, you don’t want them to pounce on you and crush your head as you enjoy the slide.

Scare People At The Beach

What We Love About Summer 49

Anyone that wants to pull a prank or scare people at the beach can go in the costume of a grim reaper and sit on the lifeguard chair. It is sure to scare many people because the lifeguard is supposed to help people live instead of making them die. This guy is taking this prank seriously and not moving from his position so that everyone can understand that the grim reaper is here. We wonder if someone came to call this guy out and told him to go home. We also wonder where the lifeguard was during this time and if he appreciated this prank.

Give Your Dog An Inflatable

What We Love About Summer 51

While dogs love swimming, sometimes they can also be scared of the water. If you want to ease them into being inside water, then you can give them an inflatable that they can sit on. It will allow them to chill in the water without getting themselves wet. Soon, they will not be scared of the water, and they might even start swimming in it. There are many cute inflatables available in the market that you can get for your four-legged companion. Some of them even come with shade so that your dogs can be protected from the harsh sun.

Go For A Romantic Drive-In Date

What We Love About Summer 20

There is quite nothing like having some diner food from a drive-in. Rent a convertible, pick up your significant other, and take them on a drive-in date. You can enjoy your favorite burgers, fries, and milkshakes in this way, as such food chains exist all over. Summer is not just about enjoying yourself with your friends, neighbors, and families. Instead, there are also many romantic things you can do to maintain the spark of your relationship. So, take your partner out on a drive-in date this summer, and enjoy the little things with one another to strengthen your bond.

Shave That Hair

What We Love About Summer 50

A great way to cool yourself off during the summer is to shave all that hair on your body. Hair retains heat, which means you can feel very hot if the temperatures are too high. While you are at it, you can also create some fun shapes to enjoy this process, just like this guy. After all, you can have fun with the most random things while you are getting rid of the thing you love the most. If you want to be bold, you can also shave all the hair from your head to make a statement and remain cool throughout the summer months.