The Cars You’d Never Possibly Imagin The Stars Drive


It is a dream of almost every one of us to be rich enough so that we can afford to buy our dream car! But, the millionaires and billionaires can actually live this dream with their hard-earned money. Even though a lot of celebrities are spotted driving flashy rides, some don’t seem much interested in the idea. For them, the purpose of a vehicle is to only get from one place to another. This is why you might spot a lot of celebrities and business tycoons driving a regular car like most of the Americans.

Want to know who those celebrities are? Take a look below to find out!

#1. Leonardo DiCaprio Shows Humbleness

Leonardo DiCaprio Toyota Prius @strattonfinance | @DiscussingFilm /

Oscar-winner Leonardo Di Caprio had earned a great amount of fortune through his acting career in Hollywood. The actor was known for driving affordable cars just like the rest of us. Leonardo loves to play his part in protecting the environment and keeping it clean and green. The long-term environmental friendly actor was seen driving the Toyota Prius Hybrid in 2010 which was costs around $32500, making it easy on the wallet. Leonardo also stated that the model of this car is clean, efficient, and cheap. He was also spotted in Fiskar Karma worth $100,000 which was also an eco-friendly car on which the money was not wasted.

#2. Warren Buffet Is A Modest Billionaire

Warren Buffett Cadillac XTS @PatrickCadIL | @justakevin77 /

Warren Buffet is among one of the richest people in the world but lives a modest lifestyle. The billionaire CEO of Berkshire Hathaway does not like to waste his money on unwanted luxurious life. He owns a car which is cheap as compared to his net worth. He bought a Cadillac XTS back and admired that model of the car. This showed that Buffet is the person who doesn’t like to show off his materialistic things and goes for comfort. The billionaire icon does not like to waste his money and prefers to live his life on simple and happy terms.

#3. Francois Henri Pinault And His Affordable Ride

Francois-Henri Pinault Lexus SUV @Zimbio / | @KeringGroup /

The CEO of Kering and Salma Hayek’s significant other, Francois Henri Pinault is the luckiest man. The relationship with his wife is perfect, and they both share a 12-year daughter. They both like to keep their personal lives private but their fans have seen the couple making mature decisions and not wasting their hard-earned money on materialistic things. They both have been spotted in their Lexus SUV which is their family car. Where many actors and CEOs are seen in their luxurious and expensive supercars, they both chose not to waste a lot of money on a car and chose to travel in Lexus SUV.

#4. Mel Gibson And His Humble Choice Of Car

Mel Gibson Smart Car ForTwo / | @Daily Mail /

Mel Gibson is a well-known actor for his contribution to the film industry. Mel Gibson was seen in a Smart ForTwo. The eco-friendly car was used by the actor who also had a history of owning expensive cars as well. He was spotted driving this car and a lot of people were surprised by his choice of vehicle. Smart Fortwo is a small car best suited for traffic conditions. The car was worth $12,000 which is really affordable. In comparison to his net worth, his humble choice of going for this car shows modesty and sets an example for many people.

#5. Sergey Brin Values His Hard-Earned Money

Sergey Brin Toyota Prius @motortalk / | @Nonie De Camila /

Sergey Brin the co-founder of Google Search Engine and knows the value of money. He forwards the same teachings to his children as well. He likes to spend his money through investments rather than cars to show off his excess wealth. Sergey owns a Toyota Prius, an eco-friendly and efficient car that clearly states that he likes to spend his money without wasting a single penny. Sergey was also seen in some charity functions in the same car. Having a net worth which many of us could only dream of, and he is making his dreams come true by saving his money and investing it in the right place.

#6. A Comfortable Car For Laurene Powell Jobs

Laurene Powell Jobs Audi A5 @AutoWeek / | @Town & Country Magazine /

Laurene Powell Jobs, a widow of the great founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, is one of the richest women in the world. The heir to Steve’s wealth is a multi-billionaire but doesn’t take her status for granted. She is seen driving silver Audi A5 which is frequently parked outside their home. She has amazed many people by driving the car which has worth $37,000 only. This car is easy to use, practical, and valuable. She could easily buy a supercar worth millions but decided not to go for some fancy sports or luxurious car and chose Audi A5 for mobility.

#7. LeBron James Loves His Cars

LeBron James Chevy Impala @borjitamasia131 / | @atibaphoto /

LeBron James is one of the finest athletes in the world. He had a successful career which made him more passionate about his life goals. He earned his money through sponsorships and his Basketball career. Although he has a hobby of investing and collecting cars, he is often showing his modesty with his choices. One of the most valuable players in the NBA loves to take rides in his affordable and sassy Chevy Impala which is a bit surprising for all of us. After his choice, the car doesn’t look less worthy when James is driving it in his daily life.

#8. Samuel L. Jackson Prefers Comfort And Durability

Samuel L. Jackson Toyota Camry @PRESAUTOMOTORS / | @RetroWorldNews /

Successful actors like Samuel L. Jackson can drive whatever they like without caring a lot about the cost of it but his choice of drive comes off as a big surprise. He is often spotted by his fans, driving a Toyota Camry which is a modest choice considering his net worth of millions. Samuel is a simple and loving person who is sharing the unbreakable bond with his wife for the last 40 years. He is a simple and humble person who loves the comfort and affordability of his car. Spending his life in a modest way like all of us, he chose not to follow the footsteps of celebrities showing off their wealth with expensive cars.

#9. Larry Page And His Preference In Cars

Larry Page Toyota Prius | @Forbes /

Larry Page is also the co-founder of Google and like Sergey Brin; he chose to live a modest lifestyle. Like Sergey, he also drives Toyota Prius without showing off his wealth with exotic cars. Many people wonder what type of cars do rich men drive and it’s surprising that many of them are seen driving these affordable cars like Larry. Although he has spent quite a lot of money on his other collections and investments, he still chose to drive his Toyota Prius which makes him a humble person. Despite being one of the richest men in the world, he drives an affordable and durable eco-friendly car like Toyota.

#10. Mark Zuckerberg’s Humble Ride

Mark Zuckerberg Acura TSX @TheRealBaozzer | @wolverneen /

Mark Zuckerberg is an internet entrepreneur who is pretty famous for being the co-founder of Facebook. Mark one of the richest men in the world but doesn’t like to spend his money on materialistic things to show off his wealth. The wastage of money is not good in his eyes. He is often seen driving his black Acura TSX which is a fun-ride and comfortable to drive. Even though he is young, successful and can buy any luxury car in the world, he chose Acura TSX for himself. It’s a cool model in affordable price and an absolutely safe ride that the billionaire loves to drive.

#11. Daniel Radcliffe’s Humbleness When Buying His First Car

Daniel Radcliffe Fiat Punto@iveridubbi | @1mikedena /

The centi-millionaire who made his fortune at a very early age and continues to increase his net worth is known for being humble and down to earth. Although he has a huge collection of the most exotic cars, he’s often spotted driving a Fiat Punto, his first car that he bought at age 18. This car is not that expensive and shows that even after making millions in the film industry, Daniel doesn’t forget who he is. This is an inspiration for many people out there as he found his happiness in a regular car rather than spending millions on super cars.

#12. Clint Eastwood Sets An Example

Clint Eastwood GMC Typhoon @barnfinds | @martin37725365 /

The iconic Hollywood star who laid the foundation for many generations of actors doesn’t let money cloud his judgment when it comes to spending excessively on cars. Clint, who is now 90 years of age, was known to drive a Jaguar roadster in the 1960s. However, he is now known to drives a GMC Typhoon despite having a net worth of over $370 million. With dozens of movies hitting the box office for a lot of money, he is still humble when it comes to spending modestly on cars. One of the film industry’s biggest legends sets an example for many future generations.

#13. Steve Ballmer Loves His Modest Ride

Steve Ballmer Ford Fusion Hybrid @Yahoo Life | @Gregory Miles /

Becoming the head of one of the most successful companies in the world is no easy feat to achieve. For Steve Ballmer, it hasn’t been an easy road to success. The multi-billionaire businessman, who was the CEO of Microsoft for 14 years, loves to drive his Ford Fusion Hybrid that was introduced in 2009 and cost him around $20000 is still his choice of car. Maybe the car company has sentimental value for the billionaire as his father was a longtime worker there or maybe he loves the model. Either case, his choice of car shows how modest he really is.

#14. Justin Timberlake’s Doesn’t Let Success Make Him Overspend

Justin Timberlake Volkswagen Jetta @jtimberlakeco / | @POPSUGAR /

One of the most popular and successful singers and actors of the current generation, Justin Timberlake doesn’t let his success drive him into overspending more than he wants for a car. The star who has an estimated net worth of $230 million is known for being humble through his choice of car. He drives a Volkswagen Jetta that may come off as a surprise to many people. The German car is one of the most affordable vehicles that can be bought by many individuals. Justin’s white Jetta shows that he’s a man of quality and seeks cars he likes rather than the most exotic ones.

#15. Cameron Diaz And Her Affordable Drive

Cameron Diaz Toyota Prius @LCountryToyota / | @Refinery29 /

The lead actress known for her role in the 1994 blockbuster The Mask sets an example of being down to earth. Ever since her appearance in the mask, she has continued to further her fortune by being hyper-successful in the film industry. She uses a Toyota Prius as her regular car, despite having a net worth of around $140 million. The American star doesn’t let her success push her into overspending on a car and still goes for affordable and dependable drives. Her choice of going for a Toyota shows her modesty and how humble her choices are, even after making millions.

#16. Why Doesn’t Jim Walton Let Money Cloud His Judgment While Buying A New Car?

16-jim walton.jpg

Walmart is not a name unknown to us. We all must have gone shopping at Walmart at least once in our life. Jim Walton is the heir to Walmart which is the largest retailer business in the world. The youngest son of Sam Walton, Jim Walton was declared as the eighth richest person in the world in March 2020. But, when it comes to the choice of cars, Jim Walton doesn’t let money cloud his judgment. Despite being the eighth richest man in the world, he is known to drive Dodge Dakota for more than fifteen years. He has also taught his children the value of money so that they don’t end up overspending it.

#17. What Makes Conan O’ Brien Raggedy Car Extra Valuable?

17-conan o'brien.jpg

Conan Christopher O’ Brien is a famous name in Hollywood. He has done many things on TV such as comedy, hosting, producing, writing, and podcasting. He got fame with his talk show Late Night with Conan O’ Brien. An extremely famous and wealthy man, O’ Brien is still known to drive his old model Ford Taurus SHO. Even though there are a lot of scratches on the car, it is still O’ Brien’s favorite car. So what makes this raggedy car of O’ Brien’s extra valuable? He is known to reveal on his show that the car holds extra value to him because it was once driven by Brad Pitt.

#18. How Tom Hank’s Personality Is Reflected In His Choice Of Cars

18-tom hanks.jpg

Tom Hanks is acknowledged everywhere for his versatile roles in both comedy and drama genres. He is also one of the most popular Hollywood actors in the world. But, Tom Hanks doesn’t let this success get over is head. He is the humblest and nicest guy you will meet. Even his good personality is reflected in his choice of cars as well. He acquired Scion xB in 2007 which is a humble car choice for an actor of his worth. Although he got his car customized a bit, the base model is very cheap which can be afforded by everyone.

#19. Michael Dell Is Just Not A One Car Man

19-michael dell.jpg

Born on February 23, 1965, Michael Dell is known to be the founder, chairman, and CEO of the world’s largest technology companies Dell. According to Forbes, he is known as the 27th richest man in the world in the year 2020. He is also known to have a net worth of around $27 billion. This is why the 27th richest man of the world is known to own many cars as well and is not just a one-car man. Even though he has the most expensive car, he also owns Hummer H2 that is quite affordable. Also, the car seems more like a tank car!

#20. What Does The Second Richest Man Of China Drive?

20-jack ma.jpg

The co-founder of Alibaba Group, Jack Ma is ranked as the second richest man of China. He is a Chinese businessman and an investor as well. He is a self-made billionaire who used to earn only $12 a month as an English teacher. He was rejected a lot in his life but didn’t give up! He worked his way through and now he is known as the second richest man in China. But, what does the man drive? He is known to drive a Roewe RX5 SUV that costs only $14000! Maybe he made this decision because he doesn’t want to attract much attention or maybe he is just humble and doesn’t want to show off his money!

#21. Why Jerry Seinfeld Is Dedicated To His Fiat 500?

21-jerry seinfeld.jpg

One of the most famous American comedian, actor, and producer, Jerry Seinfeld has been blessing our TV screens for a long time. He rose to fame with a sitcom Seinfeld in which he used to play himself. He created the show himself and used to write it with his colleague Larry David. Although he has an attractive bank balance, his choice in cars is very simple and modest. Seinfeld is known to be dedicated to his Fiat 500 for a long time now even though he has many expensive cars as well. But what makes him dedicated to this classic? He finds the car extremely unassuming!

#22. Jeff Goldblum And His Toyota Pirus


Jeff Golblum is a famous actor and a cultural icon! But, he doesn’t let success get over his head. He likes being modest and doesn’t show off much. He is even not interested in driving expensive cars because he likes to keep it simple. He owns a model of Toyota Pirus whose value is estimated to be around $25,000. Although he can afford much expensive cars than a Toyota Pirus, he is not interested in doing so. The press has spotted him multiple times driving in his Pirus. The actor is also very conscious of the environment and the role cars can play in increasing the environmental pollution.

#23. Why Jeff Bezos Is Stuck With His Honda Accord?

23-jeff bezos.jpg

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is one of the most acknowledged names in the world! Apart from this, he is also an industrialist and investor. You won’t believe it but the entrepreneur makes around $4000 a second! Thus, it will not be wrong to call him an extremely powerful man in the industry. It is because his online store has been gaining more and more power each day. Although extremely rich and powerful, the business tycoon is still known to drive Honda Accord. So why is he still stuck with this car? This is because he finds the car perfect and extremely comfortable.

#24. What Makes Chevrolet Bolt A Good Choice For Steve Wozniak?

24-steve wozinak.jpg

Steve Wozniak or Woz is an American technology entrepreneur who co-founded Apple along with Steve Jobs. As other engineers started joining the company, he assumed that his services were no longer needed there. This is why he left the company and sold his shares. Although he is not as rich as Steve Jobs, that doesn’t mean that he is not rich at all. The man has a net worth of more than $100 million that is more than a lot of people in the industry. Despite being extremely rich, the man finds Chevrolet Bolt the perfect choice for him because the car is safe and doesn’t cause many accidents on the road. This is why it is his go-to car.

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While some of the celebrities like to keep it low-key, this is not the case with the majority of them! They want to show off their hard-earned money by riding in flashy and sporty vehicles. Almost all of these vehicles are expensive and would cost us a fortune even if we think of buying them. But, this six-digit number is nothing compared to the net value of these celebrities. This is why majority of them are even known to own a large collection of these luxury vehicles as well that costs them in millions!

Let’s take a look at some of these celebrities who like to own expensive cars!

#1. What Does ‘The Rock’ Ride?


No doubt Dwayne Johnson is among the most renowned actors of the century. Being a wrestler previously, he is also called by the name of ‘The Rock’. He is known to excel in many fields such as acting, wrestling, and even sports! Before entering into the field of acting, he pursued wrestling for eight years! Known to have a net value of more than $300 million, his name comes among the richest actors of Hollywood. This is why he has such an expensive taste in cars as well. He likes to spend his wealth on vehicles and acquires a Pagani Huayra that costs more than $1 million!

#2. Missy Elliot And Her Thing For Cars


If you are into music then you must have heard the name of the famous American rapper, Missy Elliot who has written many famous rap songs! The celebrated rapper is known to be aging in reverse by getting prettier every day. The singer and rapper has received many Grammy awards for her work as well. She even produces her own songs and has a net worth of around $50 million! This is why there are many cars present in her garage that a normal American citizen can only dream of buying! One of her most famous cars is a Lamborghini Diablo that costs around $300,000!

#3. The Customized Ride Of Dr. Dre


Andre Romelle Young or Dr. Dre is another American rapper who has an interest in expensive cars. He also excels in many other fields such as acting, producing, and audio engineering. He is also friends with Snoop Dogg. According to many reports, it was Dr. Dre who helped Snoop Dogg in gaining success in Hollywood. Dr. Dre is known to have a net value of more than $750 million. This is why he likes to have his own custom-made cars. He has a Cadillac Escalade ESV that is made according to his requirements. The estimated value of this car is around $500,000 which is nothing to Dr. Dre because of its comfort.

#4. The Royal Ride Of Queen Latifah


Dana Elaine Owens is also an American hip-hop artist who is known with her stage name of Queen Latifah. She writes, produces, acts, and raps her songs. Her debut album was ‘All Hail The Queen’ that included the hit song ‘Ladies First.’ The famous American rapper has a huge interest in luxury cars. She owned a Mercedes till 2015 that was stolen at the gas station in the presence of her bodyguard. Although it wasn’t clear how the vehicle got stolen in the first place, Queen Latifah used the insurance money to buy herself another car. She got herself a Rolls Royce Phantom whose value is estimated to be around $400,000.

#5. The Not-So-Cheap Cars Of Gwen Stefani


American singer, songwriter, and the lead vocalist of her band, Gwen Stefani is also the co-founder of her band ‘No Doubt’. No doubt she likes to show off her money since she has a net worth of around $150 million! According to her, a car is not only to reach from one place to another. It is a way to show one’s wealth as well. This is why the singer owns many expensive cars herself. Her most expensive car is Porsche Panamera whose value is estimated to be around $250,000. Apart from this, she has many other expensive cars as well.

#6. The Canadian Pop Star’s Customized Car


Justin Beiber is a Canadian singer who rose to fame at the young age of thirteen! Currently, he is married to Hailey Rhode. He is the ideal of a lot of youngsters and women are just crazy about him! Justin Beiber is also one of the actors who like to show off his wealth. He has a thing for luxury cars and likes to customize his cars himself. He likes to add extra luxury features in his already luxurious car! This is why he even has his Audi R8 customized as well. The car’s worth is around $300,000 and he has it further customized by adding leopard print to it. Apart from this, he has many other customized cars as well.

#7. The Best Football Player Needs To Have The Best Cars


The world’s famous football player likes to have his car game strong as well! With the net value of around $350 million, the striker has everything. The footballer has a huge fan base all over the world with millions and billions of fans. He has also many lifetime agreements with known and famous brands. It is no hidden news that Christiano Ronaldo has been interested in collecting cars since the year 2006 and is known to have total cars of the value of more than $6 million. He is known to own three Ferraris, a Bugatti, and what not! Thus, he is just a car fanatic!

#8. Birdman And His 30 Cars!


One of the most acknowledged rappers; Birdman is known to own around thirty cars in total! Bryan Christopher Williams is an American entrepreneur and co-founder of the recording company Cash Money Records. He has been nominated for many Grammy awards. The singer has a net value of more than $100 million! Out of the total thirty cars he owns, the most famous Maybach Exelero that costs around $10 million. Next in line are Bugatti, Mercedes, Bentley, Maybach, and Lamborghinis. His collection of cars is also known to be the best collection among all the hip-hop singers.

#9. Amber Rose And Her Need To Stand Out


Amber Levonchuck or Amber Rose is an American model and a television actress as well. She is married to Wiz Khalifa and has two children. She rose to fame when she started dating Kanye West for two years. The famous model likes to be different from everyone else and make her own statement. This is why she owns a Pink jeep Wrangler Unlimited which stands out due to its pink color. Although it is not one of her most expensive cars, it is the most recognizable one from her collection. She had the car customized herself and is proud of her choice!

#10. What Does Drake Like To Ride?


Aubrey Drake Graham is a Canadian, rapper, actor, and businessman! He is one of the most acknowledged figures in the music industry. He named himself Drake as his stage name because it is his middle name that his father gave him. He loves the name and wants to be known for it for the rest of his life. The famous singer has a net value of around $150 million and was ranked as the fifth richest rappers in the year 2019. If you are wondering what the richest rapper likes to ride, he has a collection of cars such as Rolls-Royce Phantom and Lamborghini. The most expensive car he owns is Bugatti Veyron that costs around $3 million!

#11. Does T-Pain Really Own 32 Cars?


Faheem Rashid Najm who is more commonly known from his stage name T-Pain is another American rapper that we have on our list. He released his debut album in the year 2005. He rose to fame with his second album Epiphany that he released in the year 2007. The T in his stage name is for Tallahassee and Pain is for enduring all the pain that he had to go through while achieving his life goals out there. the singer has a net worth of around $35 million and has also received Grammy Award twice! As declared in a magazine, he owns a total of thirty-two cars including a Bugatti!

#12. Being The Husband Of World’s Richest Supermodel Has Its Own Perks


Thomas Brady or Tom Brady is a player of an American football quarterback. The forty-three years old player issued a statement recently announcing his retirement from the Patriots. As stated by him, he would like to spend more time with his family. The net worth of the player is around $180 million and he is married to Gisele Bundchen who is one of the richest supermodels in the world. The footballer owns a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport whose value is estimated to be around $3.5 million. This car is actually a gift to him from his wife. Apart from this, he owns other expensive cars as well including Rolls Royce.

#13. Lil Wayne And His Unique Taste In Cars


No doubt Lil Wayne is one of the most famous rappers of the century! His original name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. while Lil Wayne is his popular stage name. He gained popularity in the field of rapping at the young of nine years! Apart from being a rapper, he is also a singer, songwriter, and actor. A lot of people consider Lil Wayne as one of the most influential rappers of the century. The net worth of the greatest rapper of all the time is recorded to be around $150 million. The unique rapper has his own unique taste when it comes to owning expensive cars. His most expensive car is Bugatti Veyron that costs around $2.5 million.

#14. Blac Chyna-The Cars Lover


Angela Renée or Blac Chyna is an American model and entrepreneur. She rose to fame overnight leaving a lot of people confused. She was extremely poor and had to become a stripper to pay her college tuition fees. After a while, she realized that college is not for her. This is when she diverted her focus to stripping and becoming a model. Her main goal was to become both rich and famous for which she worked hard and succeeded. The model has now a net worth of around $4.5 million and is also a great car lover. She owns many cars such as a pink Range Rover, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and even a motorcycle!

#15. Nicki Minaj And Her Bubblegum Pink Lamborghini


Onika Tanya or Nicki Minaj is another American rapper and singer that has a great interest in cars. A lot of people confuse her for being Chinese but she is from Afro Trinidadian ancestry. The rapper rose to fame with her hit singles like Super Bass and Anaconda. She is also known as the first female rapper whose seven singles simultaneously appeared on the Billboard among the top 100. The singer’s net worth is estimated at around $100 million. Another reason for her popularity is her two bubblegum pink Lamborghinis whose total value is estimated to be around $400,000. No doubt they are amazing supercars!

#16. Chris Brown And His Love For Cars


Christopher Maurice Brown or Chris Brown is an American singer and rapper. He started his career from singing at church choir and taking part in many talent shows. He has been the headline of the news for many reasons. He was also dating the famous singer Rihanna at one point. Chris Brown has his own unique taste when it comes to cars. Although he became the center of attention for many wrong reasons, no one can deny his love of cars. His love of cars is one of the known facts for everyone. The singer is very creative and has a very unique taste when it comes to cars. This is why his Lamborghini Aventador is painted like a fighter plane!

#17. Why Does Floyd Mayweather Has A Thing For White Cars?


Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. is a former boxing player. He is also the greatest supporter of professional boxing. He was active in the profession for ten whole years and did a comeback in the year 2017. The famous boxer has fought some of the greatest boxers of all time and gave them a very tough time indeed. His net value keeps on changing but it is assumed that it can be around $1 billion! The elite boxer has a very elite taste in cars as well. He has a great interest in white cars. This is why Koenigsagg CCXR Trevitaand that is one of the rarest cars in the whole world and has only two models currently.

#18. Flo Rida And His Golden Cars


Tramar Lacel Dillard or Florida is another American rapper present in our list due to his love of expensive cars. He got his breakthrough in the world of music with his famous single ‘Low’ that remained the number one song in America for ten whole weeks thus breaking all the records. Due to his many great hits, he acquired enough wealth to buy many expensive cars. The net worth of the singer is estimated to be around $30 million. One of the reasons for his popularity is his golden cars as well. He owns a golden Bugatti that costs around $3 million!

#19. 50 Cent Is Even Ready To Go Bankrupt For His Love Of Cars!


When it comes to buying luxurious and expensive cars, 50 Cent is just like any other celebrity. Curtis James Jackson III or 50 Cent is an American rapper, producer, actor, and businessman that has been earning money through all means. His talent was discovered by none other than the hip-hop legend Eminem himself. His biggest hot Candy Shop quickly made him famous in the world of music. The singer has a current net value of around $30 million and likes to collect cars. There is even a rumor that his collection of cars was the reason of his bankruptcy sometimes back. The most famous car in his collection is his blue Lamborghini.

#20. Jay-Z And Beyonce’s Luxury Car’s Collection


Jay-Z and Beyonce are one of the power couples in Hollywood. They both earn extremely well. This is why they can afford luxuries that most of us can only dream of. Their garage is known to be full of luxury cars on which they have spent a large sum of money. According to a report, they have spent around $15 million on their collection of cars. You will find a number of the world’s most expensive cars parked in their garages such as Ferrari, Porsche, Roll-Royce, and Bugatti. Jay-Z is also known to own Maybach Exelero which is another expensive car!

#21. David Beckham’s Love For His Cars And Motorcycle


Everyone knows who David Beckham is! But, not all of would know that the famous footballer is just obsessed with vehicles of all the types. He takes great interest in them and tries to collect cars of as many variations as possible. This is why you will find a great variety of vehicles in his garage. Whether it is cars or motorcycles, his taste is very unique and he wants the best available model to add the value to his collection. David Beckham is known to own Supersports model which is the fastest car available in the whole wide world!

#22. Simon Cowell Has A Hobby Of Collecting Cars!


Simon Phillip Cowell is a British television personality and one of the richest men in the UK. He can be seen in many famous television shows. He started as a record producer and had to work his way to the top. He was noticed by the public when he appeared on Pop Idol as a judge. This was the breakthrough that he was waiting for. He judged many famous shows after that. Simon Cowell earns fairly a handsome amount of money per year and has a net value of more than $350 million. This is what drives him to collect expensive cars as well. You can find a large collection of luxurious cars parked in his garage.

#23. Kim Kardashian And Her Awesome Collection!


Kim Kardashian is known to have one of the most luxurious lifestyles that most of us can only dream of. She is not only good at entertaining people but is also known to have an excellent taste when it comes to the selection of cars. When it comes to owning and collecting cars, she is no different from other celebrities she likes to have her car game strong. This is why you can find some of the most expensive and luxurious cars parked in her garage. From Ferrari to Maybach, you will spot her driving all the expensive cars at some point in your life.

#24. Jay Leno And His Thing For Tesla Models!


Born in 1950, Jay Leno is another comedian, writer, and producer in Hollywood. He used to host late-night American shows previously. He had to struggle his way to the top by doing low-budgeted work for years. He finally got success with his show The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. He has a lot of interest in cars and after leaving his show, he worked on a car TV series which encourages people to use classic cars by describing all the details about them. But the car enthusiast is a Tesla fan himself and is known to drive Tesla Model S on the roads. He believes in technology and thinks that it matters a lot in the selection of cars!

#25. Paris Hilton And Her Millions of Dollars Worth Cars!


Paris Hilton is an American television personality and also an entrepreneur. She is also one of the heirs of the Hilton Fortune which makes her able to afford all the luxurious cars present in the world. According to a report, she is known to have cars of the total value of around $8 million! Out of the total collection she owns, the custom pink Bentley GT Continental is her favorite which itself costs around $285,000! Paris Hilton calls this car The Barbie Dream Car because it has been painted bubblegum pink inside out.