‘The Voice’: Why won’t Gwen Stefani return in Season 18?


After Monday’s news that Nick Jonas will be joining the Voice with 2020 coaches Blake Shelton, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson are back. Fans were wondering why Gwen Stefani would not be returning to the NBC series next season – only after returning to Season 17.

However, the ET has determined that the absence of a singer is part of every show’s routine, every season, to allow some of the big-name stars to maintain their music careers.

In Stephanie’s case, she plans to return to Las Vegas, Nevada – to resume her Just Girl residency deadline in February and May 2020 at the Zappos Theater in Planet Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Jonas is wrapping up his tour with the Jonas Brothers in Paris, France, on February 22, which means the cycle works.

Although the audience will have to be tuned to understand whether Stephanie returns for the Voice’s future cycles, it seems like a great opportunity. However, he recently told ET that keeping both projects in tension made him feel so alive.

“I didn’t expect him to do [the Vegas show] and sound at the same time,” he said. I feel like I’m alive like never before because I have to be! Because they do so much. ”

Stephanie removed her from the residence of just one girl in June 2018.