Why Are People Curious About Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Abs?


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a well-known actor, producer and wrestler. Dwayne has been in the entertainment industry since 1995 and his star only seems to be getting brighter! He has appeared in many Hollywood movies and TV shows, but he’s also known for his impressive physique. His incredible body has been the subject of much interest from people around the world; However many people have realized that the rock does not have a complete six pack. HIs abs aren’t in an ideal shape which is a thing of curiosity for people who know that Johnson works put every single day. So what is wrong with his abs?

Is There Anything Wrong With The Rock’s Abs?

Well, to simply answer that question, NO, there is nothing wrong with his abs. In a recent interview with Wired, John said the following;

“The problem was, which a lot of people don’t know, in a wrestling match, I tore the top of my quad off my pelvis. It caused a chain reaction and it tore my abdomen wall. I had to do a triple hernia emergency surgery. So, they’re not perfect abs”

He also added that he still feels the effects of that injury and that it took a lot of pain and effort to fix this injury. This is also the reason that the lower abs on his body sometimes look deformed. He also joked in the same interview about how he sometimes has four and a half abs or five and a half abs. The injury may have ruined the shape of his lower abs but he is still one of the most fit and healthy people in the modern entertainment industry.

The Rock’s Five and a Half Abs: What’s All the Curiosity About?

People are curious about his abs because they know he is a fitness and health fanatic. He is a motivation for a lot of people who want to get healthy and fit. However injuries can happen when you are in the wrestling business. Even if the wrestling events are carefully choreographed, its real human beings putting their bodies on the line for the viewer’s entertainment. Such injuries have even cut careers short. Many people would have thought that they cannot carry on hitting the gym on a regular basis after an injury like that. However it didn’t stop Dwayne Johnson from getting in the best shape of his life. He is not only making more movies than ever before but there are also talks about him returning to WWE every now and then.

If anything, his abs should act as a motivation for people who don’t want to work out because they are hurt. When you are hurt, try to take some time off to heal but once you are fully healed get back in the gym and show the world what you are made of.