9 Countries You Should Not Travel to With Children


There are many travel destinations that are great for families and children. They are generally the all inclusive resorts, with a large swimming pool, a playground and many activities for all of the family. There are however some parents that love to take their children on an adventure with them. This is very dangerous and is probably not recommended.

You should always consider the places you are planning to take your children to, as many areas that might be ok for adults, is a dangerous mine for kids. Take a look at this list of 11 countries you should just avoid travelling with children.


In the last decade this country has been labelled as dangerous for many reasons, especially war. However it is a naturally beautiful country which can draw the attention of travel lovers and adventure seekers.

Even though it might be beautiful and have majestic, remote scenery, it can be extremely dangerous for any foreigners. Children can be an easy target for kidnappings and ransom deals. Not only this, there are many terror attacks that are not just targeted at tourists, but you can get yourself stuck in the middle of them.


If you are keen to visit the Middle East, try less turbulent countries like Dubai in Saudi Arabia. There are other issues there but at least kidnapping is not high on the crime list.


If you are trying to imagine what a dangerous country is identified by you might not think about Honduras. When you search for it online you will be shown beautiful pictures of amazing countryside and white sand beaches.

It is deceiving as a holiday destination and you should certainly avoid taking your children there. It has an extremely high crime rate and young families could be high targets in the city. In addition to crime and violence, you have to deal with diseases such as malaria, which is widespread.


If you are looking for a nice family beach holiday, stick to places you know are safe for children.


In the last few years there has been a lot more civil unrest than in the past. Once it was a great family trip to visit the pyramids and to take a cruise on the river Nile. Due to the political situation, this has changed and you should reconsider a holiday here.

The capital of Egypt, and probably the most visited destination in the country, is a very insecure place to travel in, especially with kids. With busy markets and streets, it is easy to lose site or touch of your child and due to the volatile nature of the politics in the country, you don’t want that to happen.

The pyramids are supposed to have remained a good tourist destination, but the problem is you would have to stay in Cairo as the closest accommodation point.


This huge sub-continent has become more popular as a travel destination for many families. The rich culture and diverse scenery has drawn people from all over the world.

Though if you’re a parent, you have to remember that travelling as backpackers is not the same as travelling with kids. You have to take care that they are not trying to stroke stray dogs, or wandering too close to angry monkeys on the street. You have to make sure you eat in only the best restaurants and even then you should have a pharmacy at hand if things go wrong.


There is also a high level of poverty in India, and some scenes from the streets might really frighten or upset a child. Keep in mind that it is a developing country, with many problems that your kid might not know about yet.

Detroit, USA

So if you are from the US you probably know that Detroit has a high crime rate and is not the best city to choose for your family summer holiday. But for some people from abroad that isn’t so clear.

When you are planning your trip to the US, you might want to avoid one of its most dangerous cities. Detroit has some great attractions, including Motor City, however you might want to keep your children at home for this trip.


The US is so large and diverse that you can probably find many more natural and exciting places to take your kids. Remember that kids want freedom to play, and this is not what they will get in Detroit.


There is nothing more beautiful than the white ice plains of Antarctica. Many dream about the polar bears and penguins and it might sound an ideal place to take your child on a cultural holiday. However, you need to consider a few things first.

There are a lot of problems with taking children to Antarctica. First of all you are stuck on a boat. OK a ship, but still you probably will spend days if not weeks sailing around the icebergs. If your kids don’t get bored by endless skies of white, just think yourself lucky. And if they’re not bored they are probably spending most of their time in the arcade. Which you could do at home.


Another reason not to travel here with kids is that it gets pretty cold. Think minus numbers. Why not go enjoy a nice beach holiday in Spain where the sun is shining instead?

Ilha De Queimada Grande

A small island off the coast of Brazil, it has the unofficial title of ‘Snake Island’ and this is the main reason why you should not take your kids here. All of the snakes that live here are venomous.

There is no way a parent of sound mind would consider taking their child to the pit of the snakes. This island is literally crawling with these venomous creatures, you cannot walk one square meter without bumping into one.


Because of that reason, Ilha De Queimada Grande is not for tourists. You are going to have to come here on a research project instead.


There is a reason why Nigeria is not on the top ten places to visit with children, and that’s because it’s a dangerous place. OK so you might be keen to take your child on an African adventure, but there are plenty other countries on the continent that are not as dangerous.

Apart from high crime rates and lack of child friendly resorts, another reason not to take your child here is because of the food. Think about the spiciest food you have ever eaten, then times it by 10. For children not used to spicy food, you are going to struggle to find something they like to eat.


Not only is the food spicy, the weather can get scorching hot and uncomfortable. Not the dream holiday your kids have been thinking about.


On the border of the Himalayan mountains, Nepal is a beautiful and exciting place for many people to travel. But if you are thinking of bringing your kid to this region, you are going to get into trouble and could be putting your child in harm’s way.

In the last decade there was a lot of civil unrest in the country, followed by a military coup. Lots of tourists were targeted and assaulted as a means to get money to pay for this militant group. Families with children are an easy target, though in recent years there have been fewer reported attacks. In addition, some of Nepal’s countryside is completely remote, so getting help if you need it can be very difficult.


Don’t forget that there have been a few natural disasters that have struck the country recently (remember the 7.9 earthquake and the previous avalanche?), it could be a sign for worse things to come.