11 Worst Ways to Break Up with Someone On Holiday


So its summer and you have a holiday planned with your beau, but your beau is not the prince (or princess) charming you once thought they were. It’s time to make that final decision to part ways, but wait, what about the holiday?!

Breaking up with someone on holiday is a terrible thing to do, but lets face it, there is never a good time to dump someone. So why not when you are abroad? Just remember, as bad as you might feel doing the dumping, your other half will be feeling worse.

You might be interested to find out what cruel ways people have gone to lengths to break up with their partner whilst on holiday.

Cheating With a Local

One of the worst and potentially able to cause psychological damage is to take your partner on holiday and then cheat on them with a local. Even if you are planning on breaking up with someone, doing it in this way is truly mean.

If you are on the verge of making a decision about whether your relationship is going to continue or not, going on holiday might not be the best idea. The reason being that there are so many foreign temptations that could lead you astray. And we are not talking about desserts.


Some people choose this way on purpose, as it gives their partner a reason to break up with them, rather than the other way round. Coward.

On Their Birthday

You have decided to go on holiday to celebrate the birthday of your partner. You have spent months dreaming about it and finally the week has come. But it suddenly dawns on you that you cannot continue the relationship and they are not the one.

Normally on birthdays comes the big heart to heart about the relationship, and even if you have tried to keep it to yourself the whole week, when this conversation starts it just opens up the can of worms. The fact is you just can bear to celebrate the birthday of someone you don’t want to see anymore.


Some people think that breaking up on a birthday is actually acceptable. It really isn’t.

On the way to a Skydive

Many people want to do adventurous activities whilst they are on holiday. This can be fun, exciting and a way to check off your bucket list. But some people like to take this opportunity to break free from their partners and skydive to a new, single life.

There are simpler, much more calm situations you can tell your other half that the relationship is off, but doing it during a skydive is very James Bond. Actually I don’t think James Bond would be that heartless. Leaving your partner to jump without you by their side might just cause them to jump without a parachute.


An even worse way would be to do it during the skydive. The tears will just fly off into the wind. Nasty.

At Christmas

OK, no one wants to think about Christmas half way through the year, but it’s probably the worst holiday to be broken up on by far. Christmas is the time of year when you just want to snuggle, give presents and be with your loved one. And you just spent $200 on that watch they always wanted.

Some nasty partners leave a note inside a wrapped up box, as if it was a present, and give it to their unassuming partners to open on Christmas Day. Once they open it and realize that the relationship is over, in the worst way, it can leave them embarrassed and crying.


If you are going to break up with someone over a special holiday, at least give them a present.

Changing Your Facebook Status

Most people love to upload photos and updates to Facebook when they are away, who wouldn’t want to show everyone back home what they’re missing. There is a nasty trick that some people do when they are too afraid to face their partners in person.

Changing your Facebook status to ‘single’ so that your friends see it before your partner is a low blow. Mixed with the fact that you will remind your partner how happy the holiday was (because no one ever uploads sad pictures), this break up is both embarrassing and heartbreaking.


Try being a bit nicer by changing your status to ‘its complicated’ and give your partner the dignity they deserve.

At the Airport

You’ve done all the packing, got everything in the suitcase and you’ve managed to make it to the airport on time. But when you get there, you realize that you cannot spend another second with your partner and decide to ditch them at the check in and go on your own holiday.

By leaving your partner at the check in, you have basically done them a favor (in your mind) as you don’t have to spend another night arguing or meal in silence. By one swooping ‘I just don’t love you anymore’ you can burst the holiday bubble feeling and run away to the country you wanted to go to but your partner didn’t.


Good luck on your new adventure. As you go off running into the sunset, your partner will probably just go back home and curl under the duvet.

At The Hotel Bar

Not that it’s bad enough to break up with someone whilst you are away on holiday, it’s even worse to do it at the hotel bar where everyone else can see, and hear you. The mix of emotions and alcohol is lethal.

If you break up with someone at the bar and decide to spend the rest of the awkward week together in the same hotel, you are bound to get some funny looks. Everyone is going to remember the tears, the pleas and the argument you had. It might work in your favor if you are looking for a local rebound to soothe the pain.


To make the situation better, at least you will have alcohol on hand to offer your partner as consolation.

Revealing That You’re Gay

First of all, there is nothing wrong about being gay or revealing to your partner your feelings. I mean, it was going to come out at some point. However, doing it on holiday, at a resort you picked just because of the gay friendly bars and clubs, is a bit harsh.

Your partner might have asked you why you insisted on going there for your holiday, well now they know. But the worst shock would be to see you let loose on the gay scene, so try to keep it sensitive at a time when you’re partner is trying to adjust to the news.


If you have an understanding partner, they might encourage you to go and explore, however be patient, most people take their time in digesting such news.

Falling For Their Family Member

By going on holiday with family members, you are expecting to have a lot of fun and relaxation. Well, these are the people that are supposed to care about you the most. A common, but yet terrible break up, is to find out your partner has fallen for your sibling, whilst you went on holiday.

Apart from wanting to kill your family member, you will be stuck in a war between the relatives. Some people would have already known about it (I mean who keeps secrets in family?) and some would just prefer your sibling over you.


A worse situation is if you are the minority in the family group and your partner ends up falling for the one family member you brought with you. Now you really are alone.

At The Place Where You Proposed

Breaking up with someone on holiday is bad enough, but going to a place where you shared a special memory and then breaking their heart is terrible.

It might have started with good intentions, for example wanting to reignite a relationship by going to the place where you proposed and had so many good memories. However being there and realizing you are not the same people you were at the beginning, will mean that you have to end it there too.


If you find yourself in this situation, try and not do it in the spot you proposed. That’s really bad.


Some people don’t like going too far from home for their holidays. But if you are a hiking person you might understand why getting dumped during a long hike trip is just as bad.

First of all you will probably be isolated with no way of just leaving alone if you wanted to. Whether you are the person doing the dumping, or being dumped, being on a hike is not ideal. You will have to spend time together after ‘the talk’ and maybe even share a tent.


If you are planning on breaking up with someone on a hike, try and wait till the last day, have some kindness.