15 Celebrity Doppelgangers You Won’t Believe Existed.

15 Random People Who Look Like Celebrity Clones

Well, we definitely are used to seeing our celebrities rocking the red carpets, appearing on the big screens and doing what they do best: engaging incredible ways to make us fall in love with them all over again. However, imagine walking down the street, or surfing the internet and mistaking a person for your favorite celebrity because of the uncanny resemblance. You would definitely lose your hat in shock and fascination. Just before you wonder how this is possible, science has proven that while we go about feeling like we have no lookalikes and our genes are unique, sometimes these genes can run out of choices and create replicas of us at the other end of the globe.
So, yes people. Your favorite celebrity crush can have a splitting replica.

Flowing from that, right here we would be showing you 15 real celebrity doppelgangers you won’t believe existed. Fortunately, due to their resemblance with stars, these lookalikes are also enjoying a good amount of fame. Ready? Let’s get down to it!

Selena Gomez And Sofia Solares

15 Random People Who Look Like Celebrity Clones
If we were not familiar with the talented song writer, executive producer and actress, Selena Gomez, 27 who graced our screens years ago with her acts in the show Wizards of Waverly place, we just might think she waved her wand, said some magical words, and made a replica of herself. Well, this is no magic trick. Born and living in Mexico is Selena’s doppelganger, Sofia Solares, 25. Her resemblance with Selena has earned her a seat at the table of fame. Her looks have been recognized by cosmopolitan magazine, she has been interviewed by E, and she is an Instagram model and influencer with 750,000 followers. Having tasted popularity due to her looks, Sofia has gone ahead to try hairstyles and colors that are loved and often worn by the famous star. She also hopes to meet the talented star one day. We do wish her dreams come true. It hopefully would be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Kim Kardashian And Kamilla Osman

15 Random People Who Look Like Celebrity Clones
Canadian fashion blogger, Kamilla Osman, 24, has gotten the internet thrown into a puzzle. Is the Canadian fashion blogger by some stroke of chance related to Kim Kardashian West, 38, or is it just some weird coincidence that they look so alike, that anyone will mistake them for twins? Well, whatever the answer is, one thing is certain. Kamilla is blessed with genes that makes her identical to a famous star, and thanks to her talent and looks, she is an influencer with 688, 000 followers.

When asked by people about her looks, she responded that she does not attempt to emulate Kim. She also shared that she has similar backgrounds with the multi talented reality TV star, mother of four, model, fashion designer and socialite. According to her, the similar backgrounds must have influenced their uncanny resemblance.

Ryan Gosling And Johannes Laschet

Imagine being a menswear blogger, and a law student then you are discovered to be a lookalike of a famous star. How amazing would the feeling be? Well, this is the exact thing that happened to Johannes Laschet, 30 who was discovered to be a splitting image of Ryan Gosling, 39. When he was discovered, he said that life can be draining and that he believes that apart from his look that makes him resemble a famous actor and musician, he also has similar interests with the celebrity.

Leonardo DiCaprio And Konrad Annerud

Konrad Annerud, 21, is one celebrity lookalike who is sure loving what his genes did for him, and can we blame him? It’s not every day you wake up to discover that you resemble the 90s Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio, 44. To fully take advantage of his looks, the bartender, model, and musician has been having harmless fun by letting people who mistake him for Leonardo, to take pictures with him.

Rihanna And Andele Lara

It would be strange to see Andele Lara in a pic, or in person and not instantly be reminded of Barbadian singer, business woman, and fashion designer, Rihanna, 31. Andele, 27, who is a content creator and a beauty guru has had her looks and skills bring her popularity and establishment. She is the founder of Grow and Glow site, and her work extends to YouTube and Instagram. Currently, she boasts of 130,000 followers.

Kate Middleton And Heidi Agan

It’s really not every day you realize that you look like the duchess of Cambridge. Imagine the thrill Heidi Agan, 38, felt when she realized that she has an insane resemblance with Kate Middleton, 37. Heidi, at the time she realized she resembles Kate, was a burger joint waitress. Soon after the announcement was made that Kate will be the duchess of Cambridge, Heidi sent her pictures to a talent agency, and since then she left her waitress job and is now the officially recognized lookalike of Kate Middleton. She has however disclosed that she often has to deal with mean comments made by trolls on social media.

Ed Sheeran And Ty Jones

Ty Jones, 24, who works as a park ranger and bingo caller has gotten millions of people recognizing him as Ed Sheeran’s, 28, lookalike. His rise to being recognized as a celebrity doppelganger started on a show called the bonkers ITV show.
When the 24 year old was asked how it feels to resemble a singer, songwriter, and guitarist that has millions in the bank and a massive fan base, he explained that he often experiences random people walking up to him and crying as they think that they’ve finally seen their celebrity crush in person. However, he politely lets Ed’s fans know that they are mistaken. Fortunately, Ty has met the popular star in person, and he loves him like millions of others out there.

Zayn Malik And Flamur Ukshini

Imagine the world having two Zayn Malik’s within it. That’s double the good looks, the charm, and the charisma. Well, guys there are two Zayn’s (relax Zayn Malik, 26, has no identical twin brother). The other Zayn was born in Pristina, Kosovo and goes by the name Flamur Ukshini. Flamur Ukshini, 27, is a model and an Instagram sensation with an impressive followership of 240,000. With his looks, and grace, we can say that he’s a flawless replica of the famous English singer, and song writer Zayn.

Megan Fox And Claudia Alende

Claudia Alende, 25, has been recognized as Brazil’s answer to Megan Fox, 33. Her being called this is due to her almost magical resemblance to Megan Fox, an American actress. What’s more, Claudia’s genes deciding to make her Megan’s doppelganger has brought loads of blessings her way. The 25-year old who was previously a Miss bum bum contestant, is currently getting the recognition anyone would pray for in the beauty and modeling industry. She is presently a preference for lingerie and bikini pictures amongst agencies.

Emma Watson And Kari Lewis

It was around the year 2002 that Harry Potter was adapted into a movie, and within that same year, 11 year old Kari Wilson had no idea that she was practically the carbon copy of actress Emma Watson who was known in the movie as Hermione. When asked how she found out that she’s a celebrity’s look alike, Kari replied that she went on an errand to the post office that fateful day in 2002. Hardly had she arrived at her destination when she saw a group of girls smiling and pointing at her. They also called her Hermione. It was a name that she had never heard before. However, as soon as she got home, she surfed the internet and right there on that monitor was a young lady, who was a splitting image of her. It almost felt like she was looking in a mirror.

Years later, Kari maintains that people still often ask her if she’s Hermione Granger, and she finds it fascinating.

Angelina Jolie And Melissa Baizen

Beyond the fact that they’re both mothers, Angelina Jolie, 44, and Melissa Baizen, 36 have an uncanny resemblance between themselves. It’s so deep that you will literally mistake Melissa for the famous Angelina anytime you see her on the street, or even online.
Melissa who is a mother of 2 has explained that while she and the globally loved celebrity look alike, they both have different personalities. Melissa also said that she dressed in Maleficent costume when she attended Bristol Renaissance Faire, and a crowd came up to her thinking she was Angelina. She also explains that even at work, she gets called Angelina Jolie, and while the experience has helped her confidence, she sometimes finds it embarrassing. This of course is understandable.

Ariana Grande And Jacky Vasquez

Considering the fact that they both have similar facial and body features, here’s an evidence that anyone can literally have a look alike anywhere in the globe. Ariana Grande, 26, who is known as a pretty faced, award-winning singer, song writer, and actress sure did not expect to have a look alike. However, she has one and her doppelgangers name is Jacky Vasquez. When Jacky discovered that she actually resembles Ariana, she was thrilled. She then started working on her eyeliner application and poses to match with Ariana’s own. What shows that Ariana’s genes really ran out of options and decided to give her an exact lookalike is that Jacky also has a dimple on her left cheek.

Aubrey Plaza And Her Lookalike

Quite recently, Reddit was buzzing with people wondering how on earth a random lady can have an uncanny resemblance with Aubrey Christina plaza, 35. The lady uploaded her picture on Reddit. Here’s the picture and what are your views?

Laura Dern And Maria Wojciechowski

52 year old American director, actress, and producer sure has a spot in the hall of fame, however when her doppelganger, Maria Wojciechowski, dresses like her and mimicks her, the internet just can’t help but give her a great deal of attention. We can say that Maria who is a former Chicagoan comedian sure knows how to get her attention.

Emma Stone And Her Doppelganger

Recently, a guy shared his girlfriend’s picture on Reddit. The picture was alongside Emma Stone’s photograph, and he asked if they both look alike. Well, we believe that there is some resemblance between the two, and Reddit users believe so too. What are your thoughts?
So, that’s it people. It turns out that anyone can truly have a look alike, and right here we’ve discussed fifteen celebs that have random people looking like them. As time passes, we’re certain that more doppelgangers will show up.