15 Vegan Chefs and Their Recipes


Veganism is all the rage lately. Not only is it beneficial to animals, but also to our bodies if done correctly. Many think that vegan food has no taste, and that because no animal products are allowed to be eaten, the food must not be very tasty, right? WRONG. These chefs have incredible dishes, and we’re going to share a specific one with you from each of these fantastic 15 vegan chefs:

15. Alice Waters- Gazpacho Soup

A proprietor of Chez Panisse, Alice Waters has been a leader in the green food movement for a while now. Her endeavours began with The Edible School Yard, which is a curriculum of food education. It started in 1996, at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, with a one acre garden and a kitchen located in the classroom. This is Waters’ Gazpacho Soup:


14. Isa Chandra Moskowitz- Dragon Noodle Salad

Former host of Post Punk Kitchen, Isa Chandra Moskowitz has made a huge impact on the vegan movement in a big way.

She was one of the first chefs ever to create a vegan cooking show, during a time when there were none in existence. In short, she revolutionized vegan cooking in terms of its PR.

Try her Dragon Noodle Salad:


13. Michael Symon- Cucumber and Walnut Soup

Iron Chef Michael Symon is neither vegan nor vegetarian, and that might not really be convincing to most vegans. However, he has been a big leader in the growing sustainable food culture. In 2010, Symon hosted Farm Aid 25: Growing Hope for America, which is a cause that uses music to celebrate healthy food, as well as family farming.

While this cucumber and walnut soup recipe may not be vegan, there are substitute available, and meatless Mondays should totally be a thing:


12. Tal Ronnen- “Chicken” Scaloppini

Tal Ronnen is best known as “The Conscious Cook”. He is rather hard to track down through social media, despite his fame. He was the one responsible for creating the foods Oprah ate while she did the 21 Day Cleanse.
Ronen is easily one of the most celebrated vegan chefs in the world today. Try his “Chicken” Scaloppini:


11. Wolfgang Puck- Vegan Pad Thai

Chef Wolfgang Puck is one of the most famous chefs in the world, period. His fame from Spago, which is a restaurant even celebrities are just dying to get into, and just one reason he is a notable chef.

Aside from that, though, he is also a leader in the restaurant industry who abides by and supports a green philosophy when it comes to his food. Try his vegan Pad Thai:

10. Emeril Lagasse- Black Bean Cakes 

Known for exclaiming, “Bam!” Emeril Lagasse is also famous for his use of wholesome, sustainable, organic products in his recipes. He has become a leader throughout the years, for those just starting out at home who want to eat healthier and start eating food that is better for the environment, too.

Check out his Black Bean Cake (eggs can be substituted):


9. Beverly Lynn Bennett- Steamed Vegetable Dumplings

“The Vegan Chef”, Beverly focuses on the various ways to create delicious, vegan foods that are wheat-free, gluten-free, low-fat, raw, and/or sugar-free. She truly believes in eating organically grown plant-based foods and keeps her recipes vegan. Her newest book is a must have for anyone considering going gluten-free or vegan.

Here is her recipe for Steamed Vegetable Dumplings:


8. Jose Garces- Sweet and Sour Catalan Spinach

Jose Garces is another chef on this list following the green food movement.

He not only uses local, seasonal, sustainable foods, but is also improving the environment by collecting the used cooking oil from his restaurants, to convert it to biodiesel to power his very own farm. Try his Sweet and Sour Catalan Spinach:


7. Jamie Oliver- Vegan Chocolate Tart

If you don’t know who the “Naked Chef” is then you haven’t been following his efforts to create a better food system starting where most kids get their lunch– school. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution has swept the nation by storm and help thousands of kids learn how to create a “healthier well-balanced meal” than what they were getting pre-prepared and pre-packaged in some school districts. Check out this vegan chocolate tart:

6. Ani Phyo- Superfood Granola

Chef Ani Phyo is one of my favorite vegan chefs. She is an eco-lifestylist and an organic food author to boot. She has been featured in Food & Wine magazine, Delicious Living magazine, appeared on Better TV, and has even launched a raw food tour that showcases raw food with an asian twist.

Her recipes are always vegan, raw and uncooked, and use organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Try her Superfood Granola recipe:


5. Eddie Shepherd- Tofu Tempura

Eddie Shepherd is an award-winning modern vegetarian and vegan chef, cookbook author as well as development chef. Eddie gets inspiration from nature, and uses innovative techniques to create exciting, unique food that combines the wild and natural with controlled technique, precision and a modern look and taste. Check out his Tofu Tempura recipe:


4. Wes Hannah- Peach Salsa

Well, he cooks like a pro and cares about animals a whole heck of a lot. Warm, caring, and gifted with quick fingers, he can prepare a mouth-watering, super-healthy dish in no time.

His lasagna is to die for, and his fans swear that he’s as good looking as his food is. Give his Peach Salsa a try:cilantro-peach-salsa

3. “Rich” Landau- Grilled Seitan

“Rich” Landau- Grilled Seitan

“Rich” Landau has a serious skill of cooking vegan food that’ll stimulate all of your senses and leave your tastebuds completely satiated. His dishes are entirely plant-based, and redefine yourtypical vegan dishes.

Landau’s grilled seitan is said to be absolutely divine, and a must-try. Check out the menu of “Vedge”, his and his wife’s vegan restaurant in Philadelphia:


2. Roberto Martin- Vegan Roast 

Chef Roberto loves to experiment with food. He’s best known for his steadily increasing celebrity client base, and his willingness to quickly adapt to vegan cooking. Once he made the change, he strives to bring to light the endless possibilities of vegetarian cooking.

Try his delicious Vegan Roast:


1. Katie higgins- Mint Carob Walnut Brownies

“Chocolate Covered Katie” lives up to her nickname and amazes us with her decadent desserts all the time.

Her ingenuity and energetic attitude makes her a sought-after chef and her fans swear by her culinary skills. She herself is saucy, so you have to try her Mint Carob Walnut Brownies: