5 Natural Diet Tips You Didn’t Know About


Being healthy is something most of us strive for. And in today’s world it is so much easier to do that. Access to the internet and an endless world of information has given us the tools to take on a lifestyle that is healthy, pure and help us live longer.


These bright colored citrus fruits are one of the best kept secrets for any dieters. Many people swear by drinking hot water with lemon every day to speed up their metabolism, whilst others will drink it to suppress appetite.

Not only high in vitamin C, lemons are great at balancing the alkaline in your stomach. If you have a sore tummy, drink some water with lemon and it should settle it. As for a natural diet, lemons have a lot of soluble fiber that helps issues with digestion and speeds up the way your body processing food. This means that your body can burn calories quicker and not store unnecessary fats.

Though the hot water and lemon hasn’t been scientifically proven to help people lose weight, it helps you avoid all of the other high calorie drinks that you normally might reach for in the morning. So tomorrow morning when you reach for your coffee, try this natural diet tip and see how fresh and energized you feel.


Best part of lemons is that they are in season all year round. That means you don’t have to find alternatives to add to your healthy lifestyle, just find more creative ways to use it in recipes.

Chai Tea

This aromatic tea has been around for thousands of centuries. Originating from India, it has a powerful blend of spices, tea and herbs. One of its main benefits is that it improves digestion, but there is much more to know about this great natural diet tip.

What most Chai lovers rave about most is that Chai has much less caffeine than coffee. You would have to drink 3 cups of Chai to get the same amount caffeine as a cup of coffee. It is a great alternative when you are trying to wean yourself off your coffee addiction.

The black tea in the Chai has many antioxidants that will help keep your skin clear and mind fresh. In history, this delicious milky drink has been used by healers and doctors to treat ailments and to improve general well-being.


Cinnamon is one of its dominant ingredients, which helps increase circulation and reduce fatigue. If you are in a relationship, this tea could be the aphrodisiac you need.

Eat Before Sundown

You might not think it, but there are real scientific reasons why you should not eat after the sun sets. In ancient traditions it is said that food would have more germs on it after sunset, which makes sense if you think about it that the sun’s rays are fantastic germ killers during the day.

From our body’s physical perspective, if we are looking to lose weight naturally we should stick to the rhythm of the body. We are biologically programmed to function between sunrise and sunset. This natural rhythm is something that we have forgotten to be in tune with and should really listen to when going for a healthier lifestyle.

If you are eating after the sun sets your body could be functioning at a lower rate. This leads to fat storage, fatigue and unnecessary toxins being stored within the body. Eating after sundown is also linked to other unwanted side effects such as bad breath and constipation.


As the digestion system is most active during daylight hours, you should aim to eat your last meal before sundown. Also by limiting your last meal to low carb meals can also help when trying to lose weight.

Fruit Before Lunch

This is one of the oldest natural diet tips any one wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle should start doing. It might not be as known as other diet tips because in general you are told to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

In this case, it could be recommended that you eat fruit only until lunchtime and then not eat them for the rest of the day. Vegetables don’t count here so you can continue getting your intake of vitamins from them. The scientific reason behind this natural diet tip is that fruit can sit in your gut and ferment if you eat later on in the day.

This can cause gas, feeling bloated and some fruits have a high level of sugar that can lead to sugar spikes in the body.If you are not keen on limiting yourself this much, you can just be aware not to eat fruit immediately after meals as fruit needs to be digested in the lower part of the stomach.


If you eat fruit after a meal they will not be digested properly and can lead to gas and indigestion.


Everyone knows that we need water to survive. As humans we can survive a week without food and still come out OK, but without water we will not live longer than 72 hours. Water is the most natural product we can put in our bodies and therefore you need to make sure you are getting plenty of it.

To aid a diet or healthy lifestyle, you should aim to consumer at least 2 liters of water per day. This does not include other drinks such as tea or coffee. Your basics should be 2 liters of water and anything else is a bonus. Some people drink half a liter of water 30 minutes before they eat. This helps flush out the system and prepare your gut for food. This helps absorption and digestion. Not only does water help you clean your body on the inside, it also makes you fuller for longer.


A lot of people don’t realize that sometimes when they feel hunger it is actually that they are thirsty. So next time you reach for the biscuits, try a glass of water instead.