5 Reasons Why Being Short is Better Than Being Tall


Being short is sometimes thought of as a disadvantage in many aspects. Society can look down on short people, assuming they are less capable, younger and inexperienced. This is absolute nonsense and many people are now embracing their height without being embarrassed about it. There are many benefits that short people get to enjoy and tall people can just be envious of, being able to shop wherever you want, being better at many sports, and having fun with kids are just a few of the perks short people can make the most of.

This list will help you realize the excellent potential short people have, and if you are short it will hopefully show you how you can use your size to your advantage.

The Shopaholic’s Dream Size

Being short is great if you love clothes. There are many benefits of your height when it comes to getting the right clothes for you. Firstly you have a world of options open to you, why stick to regular when you can also find clothes in the petite section?

One main advantage is that it is easier to get pants shortened, I mean, have you ever heard of asking to make pants longer? This obviously also applies to dresses and skirts, so if you love the style you can tailor it to the length you want. As well as being petite, your feet are likely to also be small, therefore you can buy shoes from the teen section, making your purchases cheaper.

Another advantage of being short is that you can always find something in the sales. And if it’s not perfect, being small means that you are more likely to be able to tailor the item for you.  Unfortunately for tall people, that is something that is extremely difficult and frustrating.


In addition, being short makes borrowing clothes much easier, even your tall friends can lend you a shirt that you can turn into a dress with the right accessories.

You Can Slip Through Crowds

One of the main reasons people love to be short is that when there are crowds you can easily slip through and get where you want to go. Crowds can be anywhere, from the subway, to your favorite concert, to grocery stores. Being short can help you navigate through obstacles and be first in line, saving you precious time.

If you find yourself in a concert where its standing only, tall people will often allow you to go in front of them. You don’t even have to maneuver yourself to the front, the crowd will just make way. Just take your time, you don’t want to seem like the annoying teenager at the party. If you are trying to be inconspicuous, being short has its value. There are many situations you might need to go by unnoticed.


For example when hiding from an ex-partner, wanting to avoid an uncomfortable meeting with an acquaintance you haven’t returned a call to and many other embarrassing circumstances. Overall being short gives you the getaway card you occasionally need.

Looking Young Forever

Being short gives you an eternal youthful look. Granted that this is not always something that is desired, especially by women, however just think that in your late thirties short people are often mistaken for college graduates.

Not only is this flattering, it means that your innocent looks can get you your own way in certain situations. Short people are trusted by others due to their youthful looks, which is often useful when wanting to appear wholesome.Another advantage for your physical appearance is that short people can consume less and therefore are likely to maintain a healthy body size, and save money in the process.

Not only externally, it has been researched and concluded that short people have a physical advantage over tall people.It has been said that short people have stronger muscles and are actually more agile than their taller counterparts.


Short people are able to move faster and succeed better in many sports such as skiing, diving, martial arts and horse riding. This is all to do with the law of physics, so it’s hard to argue about.

Travelling is Much Easier

This is one of the best things about being short. Travelling on any kind of public transport is so much more comfortable. Tall people can really suffer on planes where the legroom is very limited, whereas short people have the luxury of offering their seats to others and feel good about it.

You are also more likely to be able to sleep on public transport which makes a long journey even more bearable.  Short people have an advantage even on foot. Many buildings have yet to adapt to the ergonomics of tall people, and have low ceilings or beams that come out of nowhere.Being short means that you don’t need to worry too much about standing up straight in a room without hitting the lights or ceilings. As a short person, you are also more likely to be offered lifts on the back of bicycles and motorbikes, this is a social perk that tall people often have to pass on.


Being short means that you can also buy those small sports cars and still be comfortable whilst driving, now how can looking cool be bad?

Having Role Models and Being One

There are plenty of famous role models for short people. Take for example Kylie Minogue, Reese Witherspoon and Dolly Parton. And for the guys, Danny Devito, Tom Cruise and our favorite Game of Thrones character Peter Dinklage who plays Tyrion Lannister.

These people didn’t let their size get them down and have made a name for themselves in their prospective industries. Short people have an internal desire to succeed, to prove their worth in society, which makes life a lot more interesting. Why not use these famous people as inspiration to get motivated and succeed in whatever path you choose? As well as having role models, short people are excellent at winning the hearts of kids. Being small as well, kids often relate better to short people as they see them as friends.

Role model

Being short often leads to being loved and played with at family reunions, and being the next role model for your cousins. Why would you not want to be short?