50 Celebrity Couples That Have Been Together For Ages

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Celebrities inspire us in different ways be it their sense of style or setting up relationship goals! Although a lot of celebrity couples are known for their numerous breakups and divorces, it is not true in all cases. Many of these celebrity couples have taught us what it takes to have a successful married life and how to support each other through all the challenges that life throws at you.

Want to know such celebrity couples who defied all the odds and stayed together through thick and thin? Well, keep reading to find out 50 celebrity couples with the chemistry so fiery that they get on like a house on fire!

Why Oprah Winfrey And Stedman Graham Do Not Care For A Wedding? (together since 1986)

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You might not have heard much about Stedman Graham because he does not belong to the showbiz industry. He is an American entrepreneur and a teacher whereas Oprah Winfrey is the name surely most of us recognize! Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham decided to break the stereotypes by deciding not to get married. According to them, a piece of paper would not change their love for each other because they believe more in spiritual love! They connect on a great many levels which are responsible for their electrifying chemistry! Also, both of them have many successful careers in their respective fields, providing them with financial security.

Salma Hayek And Francois Henri Pinault Look Beautiful (together since 2009)


Salma Hayek and her significant other Francois Henri Pinault are celebrating their 14 years together. They both like to keep their personal lives private but are unable to hide the love and affection they have for each other. Their relationship is perfect with their daughter. They both are happy with each other and Salma revealed that Henri is the best better half in the world. Sharing a special bond, Salma and Francois are greatly supportive and caring. From pictures and posts on media, it can be seen how happy they look when they are together. A lot of people were shocked by their marriage but they showed the world what true love is.

Hugh Jackman And Deborra Furness Together Forever (together since 1996)

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Hugh Jackman who is a crush of thousands of women out there met his soul mate Deborra-lee Furness who is thirteen years older than the actor. Although the two had to face much criticism because of this, the two always managed to beat all the odds. They met on a TV show in the year 1995 and decided to get married on 11th April 1996. The couple faced many rough times together when Deborra had to face two miscarriages. But, they came out of it by deciding to adopt two children. According to the actor, the secret of a happy married life is to consider whether your choice of life will impact your family or not. Do not do the things that you think can hurt your family.

Elton John And David Furnish’s Amazing Journey (together since 2005)


Elton John is a musician and won Grammy award and Academy Award while David Furnish is a Canadian filmmaker. They both were attracted to each other and were in a relationship since 1993. They were each other’s support system. However, they could not start their married life until 2014. Their marriage was done in a beautiful way and people witnessed a mesmerizing ceremony as pictures of the amazing marriage started trending on the internet at that time. Since then, they have been supportive and loving towards each other as they look to extend their marriage while also raising their children.

The Power Couple — Beyonce And Jay Z (together since 2008)!


The power couple of the music industry, Beyonce and Jay Z have been under the vows for twelve years now! Together, their net worth is calculated to be around $1.6 billion. Although they have has mostly kept quiet about their relationship, they continue to support each other through all hard times. Jay Z is known to have cheated over his wife, but the two decided to give their relationship another chance. They made music together to get over the difficult times of their lives and it also proved to be good for their healing. They have three beautiful kids and share immense respect for each other.

Why Ellen Degeneres And Portia De Rossi Hit Off Instantly (together since 2008)

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We all must have heard of or known Ellen Degeneres for sure! She is one of the most sought after and famous TV host who gives a reason to smile to many people out there. The ability to make other people laugh and smile is what might have impressed Portia De Rossi when they first met in 2008! This is why they got off well on their first meeting. They decided to get married in 2008 and enjoy a successful marriage life! De Rossi has stood by her wife in all the difficult times especially during the times when Ellen’s show was surrounded by huge controversy.

Samuel L. Jackson And LaTanya Richardson Are Couple Goals (together since 1980)


This couple from the entertainment industry has been in the hearts of many people. Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson have been married for 40 years. The star who’s currently working with Marvel has revealed that he has become an incredible actor and more successful because of his wife. He dedicates his success to his significant other which is why their bond has been so strong over the years. We often see them expressing their feelings over social media with lovely photos and captions. Working in the same industry has made them understand the hectic troubles of their careers and schedules.

Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson-Together Forever (together since 1988)

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Tom Hanks is a legend for many of us who has entertained us with his amazing acting skills on the big screen. The two met on a movie set and clicked immediately. Rita herself is an amazing actress who has done some amazing work. They decided to get married in the year 1988 when they realized that they were meant for each other. The couple has a lot in common and gets along fairly well. Recently, Rita has taken a break from her acting career and experimenting in other things. There is no negative rumor about the couple as they surely know that the secret to a successful marriage life is to stay away from these negative rumors!

Julia Roberts And Daniel Moder Are Just Perfect For Each other! (together since 2002)

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The beautiful Julia Roberts found her soul mate in the American cinematographer Daniel Moder. The two have been enjoying a healthy and prosperous life for more than twenty years along with their kids. The two met in the year 2000 on the movie set of The Mexican and felt the spark. The two decided to marry in 2002 after dating for almost two years. Roberts is extremely thankful to have a husband belonging to the same field because she doesn’t have to explain her work to him! The couple is seen to be sharing affectionate pictures on Instagram with some seriously adorable captions that are proof of how much they are in love after all these years!

Villain For The Audience, Hero For Isla Fisher (together since 2010)

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Although famous for his villainous characters onscreen, Sacha Baron Cohen is surely the hero of Isla Fisher! They first met at an event in Australia in the year 2002. Isla Fisher fell for the actor immediately and couldn’t keep herself away from him. After dating for two years, they got engaged in the year 2004 in a Jewish style wedding. The two of them have three kids with each other and enjoy a happy married life. Both of them keep supporting each other in all aspects of life and also believe in charity. This is why both of them do a lot of charity work together as well!

Anthony Hopkins And Stella Arroyave Proved That Age Doesn’t Matter (together since 2003)!

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Hopkins is known for his extremely wealthy lifestyle and roles in The Rest of the Day and The Silence OF The Lambs. Hopkins was also an alcohol addict but recovered in 1975. Although he was married twice before, he found his soul mate in his third wife Stella Arroyave who is believed to be twenty years younger than him! His wife supported him emotionally and saved him from severe depression as well! The couple has proved time and again then nothing else matters when you are in love, not even your age! The famous actor claims that marrying her was the best decision of his life.

Is Will Smith As Committed To His Wife As To His Work (together since 1997)?

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Will Smith is a talented and hard-working actor who has achieved everything in life through his commitment to the work. But, is he as committed to his wife as his work? Despite all the ups and downs in his married and professional life, he has stayed committed to his wife Jada Pinkett. Jada has taken all the responsibility of the home and the family very effortlessly. She is also seen to be supporting him through the twenty-five years of marriage. The two share a lovely life and continue tobe there for each other through all the ups and downs of life.

Denzel And Pauletta Washington Are About To Hit A Half Century (together since 1983)


Denzel Washington is one of the most known names in the film industry because of his roles in many hit Hollywood movies. When Denzel met Pauletta on the sets of Wilma, he felt the immediate connection between the two of them, but Pauletta did not feel anything at that time. Denzel grew so fond of Pauletta that he kept proposing to her and kept facing the rejection. Paulett finally agreed to marry him in the year 1983. Although there are many rumors about the couples facing difficult times in their marital life, they proved all of them wrong and have been defying all odds for more than forty years now!

How Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Made it Work (together since 2012)?

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Just like different other relationships, the relationship between Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel hit some rough spots in the beginning. But, the couple for sure knew how to turn these odds in their favor! They were able to surface out of all the difficulties stronger than ever before! Jessica had some doubts about Justin in the beginning, and he tried to clear her doubts by offering her $5 million if he ever cheated on her! Well, it didn’t come to this thankfully as he has been very faithful to his wife. Their love for each other keeps on increasing making their relationship stronger than ever. The couple has an adorable son together who has only made their relationship stronger!

Bryan Cranston And Robin Dearden Are Each Other’s Soul Mates For Sure (together since 1989)!

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Sometimes you meet someone and click immediately! That’s how you know that they are your soul mates. Well, the same happened in the case of Bryan Cranston and Robin Dearden. Bryan Cranston is a known celebrity because of his performance in Breaking Bad for which he has received many awards. Although Cranston was formerly married to Mickey Middleton, the marriage ended in divorce in the year 1982. He met Robin Dearden on the sets of Airwolf, but they did not start dating for a long time. Finally, they started dating in the year in 1989 and ended up getting married in the same year.

David And Victoria Beckham’s 26 Years Of Togetherness (together since 1999)

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No doubt, the Beckhams are one of the most adored celebrity couples! But, what makes them our favorite? It is because they are always happy and look so much in love whenever we spot them anywhere! The couple is stylish, wealthy and what not! They met first in 1997 when David Beckham invited Victoria to attend a Manchester United Match. Both being extremely successful in their careers, they are considered a power couple supporting each other through thick and thin. They have four beautiful children together and continue to win the hearts of the audience with their public display of affection.

Sarah Jessica Parker And Matthew Broderick: An Everlasting Journey (together since 1997)


Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are still together. This lovely couple will be celebrating their 27 years together. These 27 years were the most beautiful years in both of their life. The trust and support in their marriage is the reason behind its success and for their happy life together. Their three kids add more beauty to their perfect life. Though the couple likes to keep their lives private, both of them can’t hide their feelings and love for one another. Sarah and Mathew are there for one and other becoming each other support system in their bad times and this makes their bond stronger.

What Is So Special About Catherine Zeta And Michael Douglas Married Life (together since 2000)?

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Another successful couple of Hollywood, Catherine Zeta and Michael Douglas have worked in some amazing pictures that did incredibly well on the box office. Although Douglas has an equally famous father, Catherine is a self-made actress who worked hard to achieve success. Even though they have a huge age gap, but they are still defying all the odds with their successful marriage life. The couple has even signed a prenup together which states that if Douglas ever cheated on Catherine, she will receive an annual amount of $5 million from him. Well, we are sure that this is never going to happen because the couple is already so in love!

The Secret Of Successful Marriage Life Of Dr. Phil And Robin Mcgrew (together since 1976)

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Want to know the secret of a happy life? Well, it’s none other than having a long and happy married life just like Dr. Phil and his wife Robin Mcgrew! We all know Dr. Phil as a mental health specialist and a popular TV personality. He has helped many people to obtain peace of mind but, how does he keep his own peace mind? According to him, his wife is the source of peace and joy to him. The couple has been married for more than forty years now and the doctor still claims that his wife is the most adorable and lovely woman he has ever seen!

Meryl Streep And Don Gummer Look Perfect Together (together since 1978)


Meryl Streep is an amazing actress and for her fabulous work, she has won Oscar three times. Her better half Don Gummer is a sculptor. Don Gummer is seen beside his beautiful wife showing, support, and love to her in many events and shows. Meryl is 71 and Don is 73 but they still look better together and complement each other. They both have been married for 41 years which is remarkable for any couple. Their fans are always wishing them a happy life together. The couple has also been blessed with four kids together who are making their bond stronger and unbreakable with every passing year.

What Made It Work For The Royal Couple (together since 2011)?

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The marriage of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton was the wedding of the century for sure! Millions of people wanted to get every moment’s coverage of the wedding that is why they did not movie from their television. The couple gives us some serious relationship goals now and then with their public appearances. With the flawless beauty of Kate and the caring nature of Prince William, everyone is a fan of this royal couple. They take everyone’s attention even with little things they do. The two have three amazing kids together and have stood by each other during all the difficult times!

How Did Sam Elliott And Katharine Ross Meet (together since 1984)?

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Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross are acknowledged as silver screen celebrities and this is where the two met! Although Ross had tried her luck at marriage four times before she met Elliott in 1969, none of it had worked out for her. When she met Sam Elliott, she realized why! They first met during the shooting of a horror movie in which they had no scene together. Post their first meeting, they did not meet again until 1978. This is when they got to know that they have a connection and decided to date. They decided to get hitched in the year 1984 and have one daughter together who is thirty-four years old.

Enrique Iglesias Surely Broke A Million Of Hearts By Marrying Anna Kornikova (together since 2011)!

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A lot of the hearts of the fans broke when Enrique Iglesias announced his relationship with Anna Kornikova! You all might have heard of Anna Kornikova as the famous Russian tennis player. The couple started dating almost twenty years ago. They made their debut as a couple when they went to the MTV Video Music Awards together. Although dating for almost two decades now, the couple has no plans of getting married anytime sooner. The two of them had twins together in the year 2017. It shocked their fans because they assumed that the two had split up. With or without marriage, the couple is surely goals for many out there!

Jamie Lee And Christopher Guest Surely Go Back A Long Way (together since 1984)!

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This couple sure knows how to make their marriage work because they have been married for more than thirty years now! It doesn’t mean that they had no problems in their marital life, but they knew how to face these problems and continue to support each other defying all odds. The two met at a restaurant in West Hollywood where Jamie had gone to meet her friends. It is believed that when Jamie saw the picture of Christopher Guest in the movie This Is Spinal Tap, she told her friend that she is going to marry that guy one day! Sweet, isn’t it? They have set a great example for their two children to what a successful marriage life looks like and how to make your marriage work!

Adam Sandler And Jackie Sandler Are Perfect For Each Other (togeher since 2003)


Adam Sandler met his wife Jackie Sandler on the set of Big Daddy. They soon fell in love and started dating. Their married life kicks off in 2003 and they started their journey together. They share two beautiful daughters. Jackie always supports her husband in his acting and he also takes time out of his busy routine for his lovely family. Maybe, this is one of the reasons they are still together. He always tries to spend time with them and makes an effort to strengthen his marriage. Adam is known to be the most loving man to his wife and a proud father to his daughters.

The Wonderful Life Of Mark Consuelos And Kelly Ripa (together since 1996)

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Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa share a wonderful married life for more than twenty years. The two of them met in the year 1995 during the shooting of All My Children. They decided to get married in the year 1996 and ran away to get married on the first of May. Together, they have three children who are enjoying a luxurious lifestyle because of their parents’ extremely successful careers and wealth. Because of their undeniable chemistry, the couple has even received the Hottest Romance prize. After all these years, they still share awesome chemistry which is goals for many of us!

How Did Steve Carell Meet His Beautiful Wife (together since 1995)?

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Want to know how Steve Carell met the beautiful Nancy Walls? Nancy was the student of Steve and that’s how they met! The two started dating when they could no longer hide their feelings for each other. After years of dating, the couple finally decided to get married and is living a happily married life for almost thirty years now! Nothing has changed for them in all these years. Steve is funny as always while Nancy is as gorgeous as before! The couple together is at their height of success and keeps supporting each other through all the difficult times.

The Power Couple Of Music Industry- Tim Mcgraw And Faith Hill (together since 1996)

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Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill are known as the power couple of the country music industry. Although they did not immediately hit off when the two first met, they did fall for each other eventually! It is also known that the two were already in different relationships when they first met. The couple exchanged wedding vows in the year 1996 and Tim Mcgraw is known to jokingly say that it looks like he has been married to Faith Hill for eighty-six years now! The couple has three children together and continues to impress the music industry with their support for each other defying all odds.

Harrison Ford And Calista Flockhart Share An Incredible Bond (together since 2010)


Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart are celebrating 18 years of togetherness. Although, they met late but the love they share is incredibly amazing and strong. Harrison is known as one of the successful actors in the industry. He has great acting skills and his work is really appreciable. Despite their age gap the couple has not made this an issue in their marriage and is continuing to live happily. Harrison was in love with Calista that he adopted her son and started his life with them. Both of them are often seen laughing with each other and showing how happy they are in their lives.

Goldie Hawn And Kurt Russell’s Relationship Is No Bed Of Roses (together since 1983)!

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The relationship between Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell is surely not a bed of roses. The couple has gone through incredibly difficult times in their long marriage of more than thirty-five years. But, they managed to defy all the odds and are one of the most long-lasting couples of Hollywood. Although the couple has decided against getting married, they share a very strong relationship with most of the couples. The two of them keep on displaying public displays of affection by sharing adorable pictures for their fans on Instagram. The two of them have a daughter together who is adored by everyone!

Why Tina Turner Waited 27 Years To Say Yes To Erwin Bach (together since 2013)?

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It was not easy for Tina Turner to say yes to Erwin Bach because of her previous toxic marriage to Ike Turner. This is why she was unsure of marrying Erwin Mach and took twenty-seven long years to decide! She needed this time to trust Erwin as a partner because her previous marriage had left great scars on both her mind and heart. The two finally married in the year 2013 and have been supporting each other ever since in all aspects of life. Erwin proved to be the correct choice for Tina and despite him being sixteen years older than her, they very well connect on each level.

The Love Story Of Seth Rogen And Lauren Miller (together since 2011)

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Seth Rogen has surely made his name in the field of stand-up comedy. He met his soul mate Lauren Miller in the year 2004 and the two hit off instantly. After being in a relationship for nearly six years, the two got engaged in the year 2010 after Seth Rogan proposed her in a hilarious way. They finally tied the knot in the year 2011. The actors feel no shame in telling the audience how their first date was a disaster! Together the two of them have faced many difficulties in life but always managed to come out of it stronger and more powerful than before!

Keith Richards And Patti Hansen’s Relationship Has Defied All Odds (together since 1983)


Keith Richards, a living legend, the lead guitarist, and songwriter for the famous band Rolling Stones have had a happy married life with Patti Hansen, an American model, and actor. They met in 1979 at Studio 54 and began their journey. This adorable couple whose successful marriage survived many hardships such as cancer is still defying all odds as they close in on 40 years of married life. The Rolling stones legend has a lot of love for his significant other as the pair still reminisces over their time together in the 80s. Getting married in 1983 and still going stronger than many modern relationships.

Now We Know What Did Sarah Michelle And Freddie Prinze Did On The Sets Of I Know What You Did Last Summer (together singe 2002)

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The two met during the shooting of I Know What You Did Last Summer and that’s how their friendship started. This friendship soon turned in to the attraction and the two entered into a relationship after a short time. They decided to exchange vows in the year 2002. According to them, their commitment to one another is what makes their relationship strong. Although they faced some really difficult times in their lives, they were able to get out of it because of each other’s continuous support and commitment to each other. They always manage to make their relationship work by putting their differences aside.

How Wesley Snipes And Nakyung Park Stayed Together Through Thick And Thin (together since 2003)

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We all must know Wesley Snipes because of his famous character in the Blade movie series and his expertise in martial arts! He faced many difficulties in his career during a time that made him emotionally weak. But, he managed to outcome all of the difficulties with the support of his wife Nakyung Park! Nakyung was a South Korean actress who started looking after the household affairs after her marriage to Wesley Snipes. She supported him in his difficult phase and stood by him everywhere. Through her constant support, Wesley managed to overcome the difficult phase of the financial crisis and the couple is now enjoying a comfortable life with their children.

Melissa Gilbert And Timothy Busfield Are Setting Relationship Goals (together since 2013)!

7-Melissa gilbert.jpg

Although Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield have been married for less than ten years, the couple is still giving relationship goals to many old couples! Their inevitable chemistry is surely proof that the couple is going to last around much longer. Gilbert was acknowledged as an actress with her praiseworthy performance in Little House On The Prairie whereas Timothy is also a renowned actor who impressed the audience with his performances in Sleepy Hollow and Thirty Something. We have continuously witnessed the couple supporting each other through the entire thick and thin that is the secret to their successful marriage life.

Kyra Sedgwick And Kevin Bacon Are Just Meant to Be (together since 1988)!

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Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon are childhood sweethearts who met each other at the young age of twelve and clicked as soon as they met! They met again in later years on the set of Lemon Sky and fell in love immediately. They decided on wasting no time and getting married as quickly as possible! It’s been more than thirty years and the couple has been going strong as ever. The couple has two children together and stayed with each other through all thick and thin. They have been continuing to give us couple-goals by standing with each other against all odds.

Elizabeth Banks And Max Handleman’s Interesting Journey (together since 2003)

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These two share a long history because they first met at their university. Although they didn’t get along much when they first met, they exchanged vows somewhat ten years later. Both of them work in the industry. Elizabeth is an actress whereas Max is a producer. The couple is known to have a successful marriage life of more than twenty-five years of which they are immensely proud of. According to the actress, people either grow together or grow apart and in their case, they grew together for sure! They have two children together and enjoy a sound and secure life both financially and emotionally with each other’s support.

Eileen Davidson And Vincent Van Patten’s Successful Marriage (together since 2003)


Eileen Davidson and Vincent Van Patten are really happy with their daughter and have been married for 17 years. Both have already experienced the pain of getting divorced in the past and that could be one of the reasons they are able to manage their love life with perfection. Mutual understanding, trust, and love is the backbone of every relationship. The couple shares their beautiful pictures showing their fans how happy they are with each other. These pictures are the proof of their love and affection showing us that their marriage is strong and they are happy with each other.

Viola Davis’ Secret To A Successful Personal And Professional Life (together since 2003)

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No one is unaware of the name of Viola Davis! She is a very talented actress and has won many awards for her brilliant acting. Along with that, she shares a successful married life with her husband Julius Tennon. She is also a known social worker who fights for women’s rights and racism. So, what is the secret behind her successful professional and personal life? It’s being consistent! The couple has been married for almost twenty years and has many personal business lines. They have adopted a child together and continue to stand by and support each other through all thick and thins.

Cindy Crawford And Rande Gerber’s Marriage Is Long Lasting (together since 1998)


Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber celebrated their 22nd Wedding Anniversary. Rande Gerber seems to be very happy with his loving wife and couldn’t be more thankful for this blessing in his life. They had 2 kids together that add sparkle in their already shining life. Their successful marriage shows how beautiful married life can be. Their love on social media for each other is seen through their beautiful pictures, having a memorable time together. Their fans and many other people pray for them both to live a happy and successful life together and love each other the way they do today.

How Amy Adams Won The Heart Of Darren Gallo (together since 2015)?

32-amie adams.jpg

Amy Adams is a powerful actress that has won the hearts of countless people, but how did she actually manage to win the heart of Darren Gallo? Well, it seems that the top-paid actress knows how to work her charm in real life as much as reel life. The two met in the year 2001 in an acting class. Darren has been one of the most supportive husbands who has been spotted supporting his wife in all the situations. He even accompanies her to many of her shoots and goes to award shows to collect her awards for her. The couple has been together for almost twenty years now!

Lisa Kudrow’s Secret To A Successful Relationship (together since 1995)

14-lisa kudrow.jpg

The famous F.R.I.E.N.D.S actor Lisa Kudrow is enjoying a long successful relationship with her husband Michel Stern for more than twenty-five years now! The two have quite an unusual love story because Lisa Kudrow waited for eleven long years to finally admit her feelings to the man she fell in love at first sight. According to her, the secret to her successful marriage life is taking out time for each other to strengthen the bond. Although it took time for the couple to make things work for them, we are glad that they decided to get married because they sure are goals!

Phoebe Cates And Kevin Kline Breaking Marriage Stereotypes For 31 Years (together since 1989)

2-Phoebe Cates.jpg

Although Phoebe Cates had been married two times before, it was different with Kevin Kline! The two are just meant to be together. Phoebe Cates is a known name in stage acting as her father was a prominent figure in Broadway productions. She met Kevin Kline during one of her performances on stage. They immediately hit off because of Cates’ interest in the world of movies and modeling. The couple decided to get married after the inevitable chemistry they had. Their thirty-one years of marriage is breaking all sorts of marriage stereotypes and the couple has been getting stronger each day!

Felicity Huffman And William H Macy Set An Example (together since 1997)


Felicity Huffman may appear on the news and social media for controversial reasons but her relationship and marriage with William H Macy have been strong for a long time. The pair dated for 15 years before Felicity accepted William’s marriage proposal and the two tied the knot in 1997. Having a strong marriage of over 20 years is not an easy thing. Yet, the two have been nothing short of supportive, loving, and caring for each other. They set an example of how marriages and relationships should be treated with mutual love and understanding. They have 2 beautiful daughters and live a happy married life.

Angela Bassett And Courtney B Vance Are Still Going Strong (together since 1997)


The American actress and director Angela Bassett met Vance in early 1980 and the immediately clicked on. Dating for over 15 years, they finally tied the knot in 1997 that is still strong to this day. This is due to the love, respect, and affection they have for each other. Vance and Angela also authored a book together called Friends: A Love Story. Furthermore, Bassett, featuring in blockbuster movies like Black Panther, has put in as much effort to keep her marriage going just as strong. The two were blessed with twins and the family lives happily in Los Angeles.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus And Brad Hall Are Inspiration (together since 1987)


Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the famous star from Seinfeld met Brad Hall during her University days. Brad Hall, another actor was cast alongside Julia on Saturday Night Live. The two got married in 1987 and enjoy a happy married life to this day. This was the first marriage for both of them turned out to be the perfect match for each other. They were always there for each other in happiness and sorrow. Communication is the key to a long-lasting relationship like Julia and Brad’s marriage. The pair set an example of support and affection when they stood by each other and battled cancer that Julia was diagnosed in 2017.

Kirk Douglas And Anne Buydens: An Inspirational Couple (together since 1954!)


Kirk Douglas the famous actor who died in February 2020 at the age of 103 was a great actor known for winning Academy Awards. He left his beautiful significant other Anne Buydens behind. They both were together for 65 years and were about to celebrate their 66th anniversary this year when Kirk passed away. Their long successful marriage is loved by everyone around the world. The beautiful couple had two sons, Peter and Eric but unfortunately, Eric’s life also ended in 2004. The old couple looks like a shining star together. He will always be missed and remembered for the strong bond he shared with his wife and how they both became the most inspirational Hollywood couple ever.

Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka Are Awesome (together since 2014)


Neil Patrick Harris, the lead actor famous for his character in the famous comedy show, how I met your mother got married to David Burtka in the year 2014. They have 2 kids and are enjoying a happy marital life for 6 years now. Reportedly, Neil has claimed that he couldn’t get his eyes off Burtka when the two first met in the year 2004 and started dating. Their love for each other is still strong and the bond they share is unique in every way. The celebrity actors are destined for each other and have our best wishes to keep their marriage strong and loving.