50 Classic Hollywood Pictures With A Splash Of Color You Have Never Seen Before


Hollywood has been in existence for a long time now, which is why you will get to see many classic movies and icons that will blow your mind. Women have always been an important part of Hollywood life because they have a lot to offer, such as beauty, acting skills, and much more. During that time, most of the pictures were not in color, which is why you can’t witness them in all their glory. However, there are some rare pictures that have been colorized for you to witness the beauty of these classic pictures. Here are fifty classic pictures colorized for your pleasure.

Sally Todd Leaning On A Wall

Sally Todd  1954

Many women used to appear in beauty contests, and pageants, after which they became famous, and Sally Todd was one of them. She entered such a local contest in 1952, and ever since then, she has had an incredible career in the world of Hollywood. Most people remember her from her role in Frankenstein’s Daughter in 1958. Besides that, a year before this, she was also Playmate of the Month in Playboy. People enjoyed what she had to offer to the cinema from her dashing good looks to her exceptional acting skills that you will witness onscreen.

Jayne Mansfield Pretends To Play Pool

Jayne Mansfield  1956

Jayne Mansfield was not just an actress, but she was also a singer and did modeling on the side as well. Because of this, she had a well-rounded career that she enjoyed every step of the way. Between the fifties and sixties, she was also one of the most famous sex symbols in Hollywood. Throughout her career, she also regularly appeared in Playboy and famous productions. These include Too Hot to Handle, The Wayward Bus, and many others. You can watch any of these to see her in action in her element. She is mostly known for her beautiful blonde hair and her seductive figure.

Diana Dors On A Yacht

Diana Dors  1948

There is nothing better than relaxing on a yacht on a hot summer day. As you can see, Diana Dors is also on a yacht in this picture, but her career started at the young age of fourteen. Later on, she got married to Dennis Hamilton, and the marriage was not too successful because he kept on pushing her to appear in roles that she was not interested in. However, she still gave an incredible performance in everything she did. Most of the time, she was in the news for her financial problems, but despite that, she did well for herself.

Rare Picture Of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe  1952

Marilyn Monroe needs no introduction because the world already knows who she is and what she did during her career. There are many pictures of her, and this is a rare one that you might not have seen before. She starred in more than twenty-five films, but her life had a tragic end when she was only thirty-six. Despite such an untimely end, people still remember who she is because she made her mark in Hollywood. Even now, she is an icon of popular culture that young women look up to and strive to become in the future.

Betty Brosmer Posing Like A Boss

Betty Brosmer  1955

Betty Brosmer used to be a fitness expert and an American model that was known for having the ideal figure, and many people thought that her waist of eighteen inches was impossible to achieve. Because of her body, she was also a pinup model and came in different magazines during her career. However, she made her mark by making sure that models get fair compensation and have control of the pictures that people take of them. Later in her career, she became known for writing fitness books and imparting the wisdom she had to offer. She was also an icon of body positivity and a healthy way of life.

Anita Ekberg Matching The Boat

Anita Ekberg  1956

Anita Ekberg is famous for having the title of Miss Sweden in 1950. However, her modeling career is not all that she is known for because she also appeared in various productions. Most people know her for her role in La Dolce Vita in the sixties. She spent most of her career in Italy, where she worked, and she got her PR in 1964, after which she stayed there. Her career was incredibly successful, and most people know her for her mesmerizing beauty that captivated the attention of all audiences that witnessed her in magazines, TV, or even movies.

Suzanne Pleshette Serving Looks

Suzanne Pleshette  1966

Versatile actresses can be hard to find, and Suzanne Pleshette was one of them as she appeared in TV, movies, theatre, and much more. If you have watched Rome Adventure and The Birds, then you know who she is. However, her most famous role was when she appeared on The Bob Newhart Show as Emily Hartley. She completely redefined the role that she got with the intelligence, humor, and depth that she brought to the character. The performance completely changed the way that people looked at sitcom wives at the time. It helped her gain loyal fans throughout the nation.

Brigitte Bardot Laying Fallow

Brigitte Bardot  1934

There is nothing better than just lying down and doing nothing, especially in the busy lives we lead, and this is what Brigitte Bardot seems to be doing. She completely changed the landscape of French cinema when she began her career. That is because she began receiving iconic roles as soon as she began her career. Then, she finally went on to star in Hollywood, but that career did not last too long, as one of her films was banned because it had exposed midriffs. Even while doing nothing, she looks great, and we are not surprised at all.

Joi Lansing Beating The Heat

Joi Lansing  1959

Joi Lansing changed the entertainment industry during the fifties and sixties as she was a singer, actress, and model in America. However, many people remember her from when she appeared in the Touch of Evil, which was a famous crime drama at the time. Besides that, she knew that she had an exceptional hourglass figure, and she capitalized on it. This is why most of her pictures are in bikinis or outfits that accentuate this figure. Many women during that time monetized on this because they knew what they had to offer to the entertainment industry.

Barbara Eden And The Truck

Barbara Eden  1951

I Dream of Jeannie was one of the most famous sitcoms in the sixties, and Barbara Eden starred as Jeannie in this sitcom. Ever since then, her career took off, and she went on to feature in more than twenty films, TV shows, and much more. She was also playing a recurring role in Sabrina the Teenage Witch as Aunt Irma. You can watch any of these if you want to see Barbara Eden in action and witness her in some fantastic roles that kickstarted her career and made it last so long. The colorized picture is from 1951, and Eden looks happier than ever.

Marlene Dietrich Ready To Ride

Marlene Dietrich  1942

Marlene Dietrich was a singer and actress, and her career lasted for more than seventy years. She began her career with theatre and silent films, and finally, she made her name in Hollywood during the thirties. During this time, she was part of many classic films, which made her famous. Many people applauded her for her seductive voice, beautiful style, and presence that completely captivated the audience whether she was in TV or theatre. This is an iconic picture of Marlene because, at that time, women never rode motorcycles, and she is redefining gender roles with just this one picture.

Vikki Dougan Showing Off Her Hourglass Figure

Vikki Dougan  1953

If you have got it, flaunt it is one of the top mottos that many models and actresses follow because they are confident about their bodies and their skills. Vikki Dougan had an incredible modeling career after which she made her way to Hollywood. During award shows, she dropped her shawl many times, which showed her dress from the back, and these were also the moments she became famous for. However, she never backed down and owned her sexuality and beauty at the time. Such confidence is what made people captivated by her presence, regardless of where she was.

Jacqueline Bisset On Set

Jacqueline Bisset  1973

Jacqueline Bisset was born in her forties, and she is known for her acting skills and career. However, at the start of her career, many people thought that she got these roles because she was beautiful. While that is true, that was not the only reason for giving her roles on TV and in movies. The picture you can see has been colorized from the set of The Thief Who Came to Dinner. The film was released in 1973, and it was one of the best works of Jacqueline Bisset that you could see if you want to see one of her best performances.

Mamie Van Doren On The Roof

Mamie Van Doren  1956

Looks like Mamie Van Doren could not find any other place except this roof to make her shot. She was in line with Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield because she was one of the top sex symbols of the time. You will find her in various roles that include All-American, Teacher’s Pet, and much more. These are what made her famous and what she is known for. Many magazines also chose her as a model because of her incredible figure and her good looks. She is one of those people that began in a humble manner and gained fame through hard work.

Claudia Cardinale In A Light Blue Swimsuit

Claudia Cardinale  1966  1

Claudia Cardinale was part of a beauty pageant at the age of seventeen, after which she was discovered and went on to become an actress. Because of this, she got small parts in various movies that added up to people watching her on screen from time to time. However, her biggest role was in Once Upon a Time in the West, which was released in 1968. It was one of the biggest movies that she starred in during her career. You can watch this movie if you want to see Claudia Cardinale in action giving her best performance.

Bettie Page And The Creepy Toy

Bettie Page  1956

There were many pinup models back in the day, but Bettie Page was known as the queen of pinups. She was one of the most famous models in America post WWII. Everything from her bangs to her sensual personality to her jet-black hair mesmerized anyone that looked at her. You can also compare her with the beauty of Katy Perry, who also has the same demeanor and look that Bettie Page did. However, this picture does not do justice to her beauty, and the creepy toy next to her does not give off the best look. But, it is a rare colorized picture of her that you will find.

Madeline Smith Happier Than Ever

Madeline Smith  1962

Madeline Smith used to work as a model in the late sixties, but then she started starring in various TV shows and movies. For example, one of her most iconic roles is in Live and Let Die, shot in 1973, where she played Miss Caruso. This was the role that put her on the map and made her come into the limelight like never before. She is now seventy-three years old, and you will not see her in the cinematic landscape anymore, except for a few moments, as she is mostly retired from playing active roles.

Jane Fonda Playing Cards

Jane Fonda  1965

Jane Fonda is still one of the most charming actresses that you will find on TV, as she was recently the star of Grace and Frankie. She is an actress, fashion model, activist, and spokesperson for women across the world. The actress has won two Oscars, and you can see a rare picture of her smiling at a deck of cards. In recent years, Fonda has focused more on her political activist side than her actress side. She says she has found this new calling in life and will pursue it with all her might, despite any obstacles she might face.

Elizabeth Montgomery Showing What She Got

Elizabeth Montgomery  1971

Elizabeth Montgomery was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, as she belonged to a family that was already in the business. However, her career in acting and modeling spanned fifty years. She starred in various sitcoms and movies that gave her the stardom she deserved. Because of this, she was also nominated for various Emmy awards. However, she was diagnosed with colon cancer and passed away because of it. But, while she was in the business, she did her best and gave it her all, which is why people still remember her legacy from Bewitched in the Sixties.

Charlotte Rampling And Smoldering

Charlotte Rampling  1967

Charlotte Rampling is one of the most versatile actresses because she has worked in European arthouse films in Italian, French, and English. She is an actress, model, and singer, and she is still active in her career. Rampling is known for her stunning beauty, witty humor, and sensitivity, which make her the top actress of her time. This is one of her colorized pictures from the sixties, and as you can see, she is smoldering and serving some beautiful looks. Even now, her beauty is unmatched, which is why she is still very active in her career and keeps playing various roles in movies.

Victoria Principal Relaxing On The Beach

Victoria Principal  1972

Victoria Principal is an author, entrepreneur, producer, actress, and much more. She has been a part of many hit films, and she began her career with a TV show. However, now she has taken more of a backseat in acting as she is running her own production company. They produce different TV shows from time to time, and this is where her talent comes to shine. In this colorized picture, Principal is just lying on the beach and relaxing in the seventies. That is one lucky rock to have such a beautiful woman lying down on it and posing.

Grace Kelly Walking With Grace

Grace Kelly  1954

It is all in the name, as you can see Grace Kelly walking with incredible grace in this picture. She was an American actress that starred in various movies before she got married to the Prince of Monaco and decided to participate in royal duties while putting her career on hold. Unfortunately, she suffered a traumatic brain injury during a car crash at the age of 52 and passed away. However, even now, people remember her name, and she is one of the top female stars that changed the landscape of classic cinema while they were alive and healthy.

Elaine Stewart Enjoying The Wind

Elaine Stewart  1956

Most women begin their careers with modeling before they decide to take a chance at acting, and Elaine Stewart does the same. She was a model and an actress that starred in various movies, which include Singin’ in the Rain, Stranger Beware, and many others. Many people also thought that she was the dark-haired version of Marilyn Monroe. Because of this, MGM quickly signed her to retain their audience and attract more people. As you can see from this picture of her in the fifties, she has a beautiful figure and an even more beautiful face that created a loyal fan base.

Lauren Bacall In Her Summer Look

Lauren Bacall  1942

Lauren Bacall began her career at a young age because she starred in her first film when she was only nineteen. During this movie, her costar was Humphrey Bogart, and she later got married to him. After that, she starred in endless movies that got her the stardom that she deserved. Besides that, she was also nominated for an Oscar for her role in The Mirror Has Two Faces. So, if you want to see her shine in the best performance, then you need to make sure you watch this movie to see what we are talking about.

Ann-Margaret In Comfortable Clothing

Ann Margret  1963

Ann-Margaret looks cozy and comfortable in this picture, as she is wearing the most comfortable PJs we have seen. She is a Swedish-American actress who is also a singer. By now, she has won five Golden Globe Awards, which is why she is one of the most revered actresses of her time. She is still an active actor, and Elvis Presley fell in love with her when he first saw her, and rightly so. Just watch one of the films she has starred in to understand why she is such a charming actress. Some actresses will always remain a classic.

Raquel Welch Knows What She Got

Raquel Welch  1967

There is nothing like confidence to make you a great model and actress. Raquel Welch has been active since the sixties, but she retired from her career in 2017. If you have seen some of her work, you know that she is known for playing bold female characters that break gender stereotypes, and rightly so. Because of this, she was also a sex symbol in the sixties in the same line as Marilyn Monroe. However, her unique feature that made her an icon was that she was not a bottle blonde, unlike the rest. This completely changed how people thought about such women.

Irish McCalla Is The Queen Of The Jungle

Irish McCalla  1955

Iris McCalla was an American TV and film actress that was most famous for her role in Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, which aired in the fifties. Many people think that she was discovered because of her incredible acting skills. However, the actress told everyone that she was recruited because she had a natural talent for swinging through the trees. During her career, she also starred in around five films in the span of four years. She passed away in 2002 at the age of 73, but her legacy as Sheena is still alive in the hearts of people.

Veronica Lake Enjoying The Music

Veronica Lake  1942

As you can see, Veronica Lake is having the time of her life just lying down near the pool and listening to her favorite music. During the summer, this is also one of our favorite pastimes that keep us going. Throughout the forties, she was portrayed in some of the best femme fatale roles. Besides that, Lake was also a famous pinup girl for the soldiers during the Second World War. This should come as no surprise because of her good looks and the famous personality that made her popular among such circles and gave her the fame she deserved.

Tuesday Weld Catching That Golden Light

Tuesday Weld  1966

There is nothing better than taking in the sunlight because it feels incredibly refreshing, and this is exactly what Tuesday Weld is doing in this picture. She began her career at an early age because she was a child model and actress. However, the first role that made her incredibly famous came about in 1958. During that time, she was famous for playing women roles that were promiscuous, impulsive, and reckless. You can’t tell all of that when she is serene like this and taking in the sunlight quietly in the car and posing for a picture.

Sophia Loren On The Floor

Sophia Loren  1959

Sophia Loren was born in Rome, and she is one of the top female actresses that changed the landscape of classic cinema in Hollywood. If you have watched Two Women, an Italian movie, then you know Loren played the role of Cesira. This was such an iconic performance that Loren also received an Academy Award for this. Even now, she is active and plays a few parts from time to time. However, she is not as active as she used to be in the early days of her career. She also left early in the seventies because she was worried about the safety of her children.

Ava Gardner Chilling On The Sand

Ava Gardner  1946

No one can look as good chilling on the sand as Ava Gardner does in this picture. She has had one of the most successful careers in film, as she played many leading roles. She was incredibly good-looking, which is why her relationships with men were popular, which included John Kennedy, Sinatra, Steve McQueen, and many others. However, she passed away in 1990 because of bronchial pneumonia. Her health was already not in the best condition because she also suffered a stroke in 1986. After that, she was paralyzed on her left side and was incredibly weak in her final years before passing away.

Julie Newmar Channeling Her Catwoman

Julie Newmar  1958

Julie Newmar is a singer, actress, and dancer who was also part of Batman, and even in this picture, she is posing as Catwoman in the Batman TV series. Ever since then, she has been in endless roles on TV because of her acting skills and her charming good looks. Many people also think that she was the best Catwoman to ever come because she was driven and smart and was perfect for the role. She was also deadly yet mysterious, which made her an ideal representation of Catwoman. So, most fans regard her as the only Catwoman.

Kim Novak In Her Element

Kim Novak  1953

Kim Novak is now a retired TV and film actress and painter who was most active between the fifties and nineties. However, later on, she decided that the limelight was not for her. That is because she was diagnosed with bipolar and decided that she doesn’t want to lead such a lifestyle anymore. Instead, she focused her time on horses, painting, anti-bullying campaigns, and much more. However, while she was active, she took everyone’s breath away, as you can tell from this picture. Her beauty and intellect will always remain unparalleled in the world of Hollywood.

Ursula Andress And Her Bombshell Bikini

Ursula Andress  1967

Ursula Andress was a Swiss actress, and she is famously known for her role in the James Bond series. Besides that, she also made an appearance in the Bond parody film. However, that is not all because she appeared in more than forty TV shows and movies during her life, making her one of the most prominent actresses. Even in this picture, you can tell that her presence is captivating, and she knows what she brings to the table. Such confidence is alluring, especially when you are in the world of Hollywood and among some other great actresses and people.

Mara Corday Barefoot By The Lake

Mara Corday  1953

During her career, Mara Corday appeared in many fantastic films, which include Man Without a Star, Black Scorpions, and many others. Even during the 50s, she became famous for her natural beauty and her incredible figure. This is why many people were eager to photograph her, and her modeling career was at its peak. At one point, she was also known as the most photographed model worldwide. As you can see from this picture, she was nothing short of beautiful. In this picture, she is barefoot by the lake, and she still looks like her best self with her beautiful hair, outfit, and features.

Natalie Wood Is Shocked

Natalie Wood  1965

We don’t know what Natalie Wood is looking at in this picture, but she is definitely more shocked than ever. Wood became famous after she performed a role in Miracle on 14th Street as Susan Walker. Her other performances have also been iconic and have been nominated for the Oscars. However, she mysteriously died at the age of 43 through drowning. At that time, she was filming for Brainstorm, and she was taking a break from production when this incident happened. Many people still speculate about her death, which is why we will never know for sure what happened.

Yvonne Craig In A Cute Fit

Yvonne Craig  1961  1

If you have seen the 60s TV series, Batman, then you know who Yvonne Craig is as she played a fantastic role on that show. Besides that, she was also a ballet dancer and traveled with the Ballet Russe de Monte when she was not shooting TV series. You can see her in a cute outfit in this picture, and even she knows how great she looks. This picture was taken in 1961 and has been colorized so that you can see the shot in all its entirety. She looks like she is ready to take on the world.

Sharon Tate And Her Ill Fate

Sharon Tate  1965

Sharon Tate was a fantastic American model and actress, but some people are just too beautiful for the horrors of this world. The sixties was the time when she was at her peak and on her way to becoming one of the most iconic stars in Hollywood. That is because she starred in various productions, which included Don’t Make Waves, Valley of the Dolls, and more. However, her career did not last too long because she was murdered by the Manson family when she was eight months pregnant. She deserved better, and she would have become a fantastic actress if she wasn’t murdered untimely.

Carolyn Jones Ready To Sail

Carolyn Jones  1961

Carolyn Jones looks like she is ready to sail in this picture and take on the ocean like she took on Hollywood. You probably know her as Morticia Addams, which is why many people also associate her with being a haunting beauty. However, she doesn’t look haunted in this and looks like she is enjoying her day on the ocean. She was one of the most promising actresses and also won a Golden Globe and Academy Award, and rightly so. If you have seen her work, you know how well she can act, and her beauty is just one aspect of her stunning personality.

Betty Grable And Her Iconic Legs

Betty Grable  1935

This picture of Betty Grable is from 1935, and she was one of the top actresses during this time. That is because she appeared in many hit films that took over the box office. However, one of the top things that this actress was famous for was her legs, as you can tell. Even in this picture, she is showing off her beautiful legs, and we don’t blame her. They became Hollywood icons, and she knows what she has to offer. Such confidence and beauty are what made her famous in the first place and got her some incredible roles.

Cleo Moore Ready To Jump In The Pool

Cleo Moore  1962

If you can’t tell from the picture already, then Cleo Moore was a famous pinup girl because of her looks. These include her beautiful smile, hourglass figure, blonde hair, and everything else. Keep in mind that her productions never got the attention they deserved, but she is still well-known. That is because many of the movies she did at the time are now revered as cult classics. So, you can also watch them and form an opinion about them, depending on how you feel about them. However, even if you don’t like the movie, you will like Moore’s performance.

Stella Stevens In A Floral Bikini

Stella Stevens  1963

Yellow and red floral bikinis might be out right now, but these were a thing in the 60s, as you can tell from this picture of Stella Stevens. She was born in 1938, and during her thirties, she was at the peak of her career. That is because she starred in many famous productions such as The Poseidon Adventure, Nutty Professor, and many others. People loved her body, glistening eyes, beautiful hair, and everything else she offered. This is one of the most iconic pictures of her because she looks great and is showing off those beautiful legs that many men fell for.

Elke Sommer Looking Fab

Elke Sommer  1968

Elke Sommer was from Berlin, and she was one of the most iconic actresses during the sixties. She starred in close to a hundred films and also showed up on TV till 2005. If you have seen The Art of Love or A Shot in the Dark, then you might remember her. That is because she knows how great she is, and you can tell from her demeanor, just like in this picture. It is from 1968, and Sommer knows how great she looks and wants you to know that, too, with that cheeky grin on her face.

June Wilkinson And Her Dashing Looks

June Wilkinson  1955

Throughout her career, Wilkinson has been known for appearing in Playboy magazine and being part of different films. That is because her figure is one of the most attractive qualities about her that landed her in Playboy magazine many times. Her modeling career spans more than fifty newspapers and magazines during her life. At one point, she even received the title of being the most photographed nude woman in the USA. What you are looking at is not one of her nude pictures, but she looks just as provocative in this, as her stunning looks are enough to stir you.

Jill St. John And Her Glamour

Jill St

If you have seen various productions from the seventies, then you probably know who Jill St. John is because she was an icon during that time. She has starred in everything from TV productions to films, which include Diamonds Are Forever, Magnum PI, Hart to Hart, Fantasy Island, and many others. Most people remember her from the 1971 movie she did as a bond girl. Her role in that is iconic, and we will never forget it. If you have not seen this before, make sure you do now so you know who she is and why she is so glamorous.

Janet Leigh Ready For The Summer

Janet Leigh  1954

Janet Leigh has her legs dipped in the pool in a red swimsuit and red lipstick, and she knows how sexy she looks in this attire. Her entire outfit enhances her figure, and the pool looks refreshing. If we were in her place, we would probably just jump in that pool to beat the heat. The picture looks like it is from a summer shoot because Leigh looks like she is ready to take on the summer in the best way possible. We don’t blame her because she has the perfect summer body that we keep striving for every year.

Yvonne De Carlo Chilling On That Sofa

Yvonne De Carlo  1945

All of us like chilling on the sofa when we have nothing to do, and Yvonne de Carlo is doing the same, but she looks much better than us when we are in the same position. Her beauty is unmatched, and she looks great in what she is wearing. Besides that, her smile and eyes just bring out her beauty even more, and we are hooked. She has starred in many productions, including Ten Commandments. So, if you have seen this movie, you will remember her without any doubt, as she does her best in that iconic film role.

Sandra Dee And Her Big Blonde Hair

Sandra Dee  1959

You might know Sandra Dee from Imitation of Life, Gidget, Come September, and a song in Grease that many people love. This is an iconic picture because we never get to see her blonde hair due to the black-and-white nature of these films. However, this colorized picture shows off her hair, her beautiful skin, and everything else that she has to offer. Even the bikini is beautiful, and it must be feeling lucky to be on Sandra Dee’s body in this iconic picture. This picture is from 1959, and it looks like Dee knows how great she looks in it.

Blaze Starr And The Bongos

Blaze Starr  1954

Blaze Starr was one of the most famous stars, and this picture is from `954 that has been colorized to bring it to life. She was known to be a famous dancer who showed her skills to many men. These include the governor of Louisiana and many others that wanted to see her in action. Even in this picture, we can tell that she has a seductive quality with the way she is posing and her dashing looks. Looks like she is ready to drum those bongos and dance to their beat to give you the best show of your life.

Carroll Baker Knows What’s Going On In Your Mind

Carroll Baker  1964

This is one of the most iconic pictures of Carroll Baker, where it seems like she is staring into your soul and knows everything that is going on. Well, maybe she does, or maybe she doesn’t; we will never know. However, what we do know is that she looks dashing in this mint green gown. If you don’t know her already, she was an icon in the Baby Doll film adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ play of the same name. Besides that, she also played some other roles. However, this is perhaps the most fun outfit we have seen on her.