50 Great Photos That Give You Insights Of The Average Country Life


Many people like to live in the countryside because of the scenic landscapes. You may love the green scenery around you in different parts of the US. Some people also prefer to make life on farmland, away from the bustling city life. Whatever the case, country life can be exciting due to regular annual festivals and many outdoor exploration options. It may also offer you more relief and peace. If you’ve been wondering about how regular country life looks like, you don’t have to look any further. Here are the top 50 things to help you understand country life better.

Muddy Trails

Some people cringe when they hear about muddy pathways in the countryside. This is because the environment does not feel clean to them. However, people living in such areas do not consider such pathways to be gross. Many people also prepare themselves to cross muddy trails using bikes, ATVs, or trucks. The woman in this image does not mind getting dirty, as you can see from her muddy clothes. She also has a gigantic ATV that may remind you of monster trucks. Of course, such a large vehicle was necessary to prevent getting stuck on that muddy trail.

A Long Fish

Fish Tape

One of the favorite activities of many people, especially men living in the countryside, is fishing. Some individuals own personal boats to go fishing every weekend. Meanwhile, other people find good fishing spots that allow them to perform the activity while remaining on land. The man in this picture is also a fishing enthusiast who is showing off his good catch. It is clear that he goes fishing frequently, considering he has a scale tattoo on his leg to measure his catch. The idea is clever because he will never need an actual scale to measure various things in life.

A Strange Way To Mow Your Lawn

image 408

People in the countryside work hard and smart simultaneously. This is why you may see many strange things happening in a small town. The earlier picture is a prime example of such an encounter. Most people use hedge clippers to improve their lawn’s appearance. This man takes things to the next level by calling a friend with a crane to lift his mower. His main is to drive over the hedges to trim various branches. It will also allow it to get rid of weeds easily. Whether this experiment was successful or not, the idea does seem great.

Stuck While Driving

image 340 1

One of the disadvantages of exploring a countryside area is that you can get stuck on the way easily. This is because not all pathways around the area are developed. Some of them include muddy trails that have to be crossed by using trucks or ATVs. The latter can still get stuck if the pathway is uneven, just like in this picture. These girls probably left their homes to enjoy a thrilling experience while driving ATVs. They may have also been driving towards a party or a nearby water body, considering one of them is riding in a bikini.

A Classic Country Girl


Many people are impressed by country girls because most of them know how to take care of themselves without needing anyone’s help. They are also kind, with friendly personalities that make it easier for people to approach them. However, the best thing about country girls is that they are not pretentious. You also notice that many people living in the countryside have blonde hair. Of course, the appearance depends on the personal preference of every woman. A classic country girl such as the woman in this picture is also not afraid around animals. You can enjoy many outdoor activities with them.

The Toilet Seat Game

image 151 1

You will encounter many strange things in a countryside town, but the toilet seat game may top your list. People mainly play this game at various carnivals throughout the year. The competition involves tossing the toilet seat around plungers or other objects. A prize is awarded to the winner with the highest score. This game may also remind you of the ring toss game at amusement parks and other festivals, where you throw a ring around an object to get it as a reward. The toilet seat game is played in various cities, including Dublin, due to its high popularity.

Exploring Nature

image 143

The best thing about country life is that you will be surrounded by lush green scenery. Countryside areas are a safe haven for those who love being in nature. This is because of the relaxing effect of trees and fresh air. The girl in this image must be having the time of her life exploring such a beautiful area. She also has a motorbike that makes it easy to reach various parts of the forest without getting tired easily. The person who took this picture also has amazing skills because the shot captured the girl’s beauty with the scenic landscape.

A Redneck

image 115

You may hear countryside residents talking about rednecks at different gatherings. Those who live in cities consider such talk to be an internal joke, but that is not entirely true. Most people in the countryside work outdoors on their farmland or other places. This is why they get sunburned easily. So you can notice their neck being more red than other parts of their bodies. This image also shows that the man had been working out for hours to get such a strong sunburn. It is likely that the person was wearing a cap, so his head wasn’t affected.

A Car Pool

If you use the word carpooling in front of a kid, they will probably think about a pool in a car. These country folks took the term literally by creating a pool in the back of their truck. It seems they are having the fun of their life and enjoying cold drinks. These people also thought a lot about the pool because they also placed a tarp and secured it before filling the water to protect their truck’s surface. The limited space may not allow them to swim, but it does seem a great idea for beating the heat.

The Lazy Gardener

image 353 1

Maintaining your garden or field is a difficult task in the countryside. This is because it takes a lot of time to clear and trim weeds and leaves. Clearing land for crops also requires high energy. People who don’t like such tasks try to find easy hacks to complete their chores in less time. The man in this picture is also one of those individuals. However, his idea may have done the opposite of saving time. He decided to mow a field while driving an ATV instead of walking with the mower. The man could have gotten himself into an accident.

A Tough Lumberjack

Different Kind of Lumberjack

Most movies and TV series about country life will show you that men mainly cut trees while women perform house chores. However, that is a misconception about country people. Males and females in countryside areas are equally tough and perform outdoor tasks together. The woman in this picture is a prime example of a tough female lumberjack. Her outfit shows that she is a countryside resident instead of a visitor. Felling trees is a common part of country life because many people buy wood for their fireplaces to keep their houses warm instead of using built-in heaters.

A Great Fire Show

image 103 1

It is no secret that country people have weird humor because they are never embarrassed about doing different things. Most people in the countryside don’t have pretentious jokes, which is why many people living in cities don’t like their humor. This picture is an excellent example of uncaring country people. The man in this picture is pretending to be farting a fire. Of course, the image is likely photoshopped, but it does show the bold personality of countryside men. Some people also believe that the man actually stood in front of a fire in that pose and edited the smoke.

The Farting Contest

image 140

Many people have played the farting game using their armpits at least once in their childhood. If you like this game, visiting a countryside gaming competition may be good for you. This is because such events allow you to participate in various strange contests. Some places have an armpit farting contest to see who can create the most noise. The girl in this picture may have loved this game in childhood, considering she has the same joy on her face as a kid does when playing this game. It is true that country people are not embarrassed by anything.

A Family Trip

image 310

People in cities buy RVs to go on camping trips with their families. However, such vehicles are expensive and difficult to maintain. Most country people use a camper for road trips and transferring things. The vehicle in this image has been a part of this family for many years. It has less space, which is why the family has used ropes to secure the items. You should avoid packing your items on a camper like this because they can come off loose at any time. If one of the things falls on the road, it can lead to an accident.

An Odd Birdfeeder

image 368

It is common to encounter birdfeeders in various places in a countryside area. People are more thoughtful about the animals surrounding them, especially birds. You will also see odd things being used to serve as a feeder. For example, the person who set up this birdfeeder used a plunger. It is likely that the individual cleaned the item thoroughly before placing it as a feeder. They may have also bought a new plunger for this purpose. Whatever the case, birds in that area wouldn’t care much anyways as long as the feeder is filled with nectar.

The High Dive

image 319 1

Many people are afraid to dive off from a board at an indoor or outdoor swimming pool. However, this person does not fear anything because he jumped off a tractor. It is likely he forgot to get a diving board made for his home pool. You should avoid taking a risk like this man by using a vehicle as a diving board. Getting on the tractor was clearly tough for this person, as he put a ladder within the vehicle to reach the relevant height. It is also difficult to maintain the right jumping position for the dive on a tractor.

Let’s Go Hunting

image 101 1

Hunting is a common activity for various people because of the thrill it offers. It also serves as a good option for bonding with family members. For example, you may like to go hunting with your dad to spend more time with him. The woman in this picture may have decided to go on a hunting trip with her loved ones. It is clear that she handles herself around a gun due to that confident pose. She is also ready to spend a day outdoors because she is dressed appropriately for hunting. Remember, many country girls love this activity.

Is That A Deer?

image 316

The first thought of many people seeing this vehicle from behind may be, “Is that a deer?” This is because of the realistic image on the back gate of the vehicle. You don’t have to be afraid because the answer is no. That deer isn’t a dead body in the car’s trunk. Instead, it is a wallpaper of a deer lying. Whoever made this image did a really good job because of the realistic appearance. It makes it seem like the gate is transparent, and the deer is lying on the trunk bed of this black truck.

The Monster Camper

image 318

The most common issue that many people experience in their country lives is their vehicle getting stuck on an uneven trail. This is because of the ill-developed pathways in some areas. The person who had the idea of moving their camper on a monster truck may have been onto something. These big tires ensure that the vehicle will not get stuck on a muddy trail. It is also easier to carry a camper on the truck instead of using the camper to pull the other vehicle and move around. The best thing is that the view from the truck will be high.

Lunch At Sea

image 323 1

It is difficult for all people to afford boat trips or enjoy fancy meals in the middle of the ocean. People who don’t have boats mainly enjoy time in the water by using pool floaties. However, eating on this item is not possible due to low stability. These men may have been engineers because of their creative idea of turning a table into a mechanical boat. They also connected the table to metal bars and a motor for driving it. It seems their experiment was successful because they are far from the land. They also seem to be enjoying the picnic.

The Blonde Country Girl

image 153 1

Most people believe that girls don’t enjoy country life, but that is not true. Many women love driving elevated trucks and dressing comfortably in jeans and caps in countryside areas. You will encounter many girls in a similar outfit as the one in this picture when exploring the countryside. Country girls are also not shy about drinking beer in public. We just hope that this blonde girl did not drive after drinking the beverage or that the beer was not alcoholic. This is because it is highly unsafe when drunk people drive around due to a high risk of accidents.

Camping At Home

image 383

Country houses may be well-developed, but they don’t have fire pits in their garden. This is why people find alternative methods when they want to enjoy camping at home. The individuals in this picture decided to use a pot with a high ability to withstand heat for starting a campfire. They also placed it on a lawnmower to protect the grass from catching fire. It seems the plan worked because the mower is serving as an excellent base. People can also use this idea for starting a campfire at designated sites without fire pits for the best camping experience.

The Worst Bull Ride Ever

image 154

People in the countryside love visiting rodeos for a fun experience. Many of them also ride bulls for a thrilling day and to take amazing pictures. This guy may have gotten on a bull because of the same reason. Of course, he must have regretted it later because of the severe fall. He may have also broken a leg or hurt it badly; as you can see, the position of his legs during the fall is strange. This is why you should avoid activities that have a high injury risk. No activity is worth giving up your life for.

A Regular Day

image 90 1

Many people have this misconception that country girls mainly dress up in skirts and stay at home. This may be true in some countries but not in the US. Country girls love to visit festivals and other events throughout the year. You will mainly find them in denim jeans or shorts. Most of them also wear sleeveless crop tops to beat the heat, just like these girls have. They also love to slay their outfit while wearing caps. The earlier picture mainly represents a regular day of country girls. These women are likely camping due to the tents in the background.

The Best Seats

Drive In Movie Bleachers

Many events occur in the countryside every year, but the seats at the venue are limited due to low space. It can be disappointing to reach a concert or sports game and then find out that all seats are sold out. This family likely experienced a similar thing in the past, which is why they came prepared this time. They created their own bleachers using home sofas and a truck. It is obvious they planned this for a long time because of the thoughtful details. They also added a cloth to protect themselves from the sun.

Enjoying A Sunbath

image 142 1

Most country people hate the summer heat because it can be extremely hot. There are also individuals who don’t mind the weather and love taking a sunbath. The woman in this picture falls in the latter category. She must have been accompanying her partner on a trip. The boat seems to have perfect space for her things. There is also a small platform for keeping a bottle right next to her. It is likely that she got an excellent tan after the sunbath. So you should not get too shocked when you see women sunbathing in country areas.

The Land Yacht

image 322

When someone asks you to go with them on a boat drive, your first thought may be exploring the ocean. However, you may not be able to trust that question after seeing this image. The people in this picture have turned their boat into a vehicle with four wheels. This means their boat drive involves roaming different areas on land. It is likely that this boat is serving as an advertisement because of the website address on it. Whatever the case, this land yacht seems an interesting vehicle for people who want to enjoy a boat without getting in the water.

A Road Hazard

image 338 1

People owning two-wheel bikes or quad bikes love to perform thrilling stunts on them. A wheelie is a common thing that many people perform at least once in their life. The person in this image seems to be mocking the local sheriff’s department by doing a wheelie in front of officers. It is likely that he had to pay a fine after the risky move. Remember that wheelies are considered road hazards because they can be fatal for the performer. The bike can lose its balance if the person is not careful. It can also affect other people on the road.

Let’s Enjoy Some Fireworks

image 342 1

The people in this picture are likely celebrating the 4th of July in their country home. There are various indications in the picture favoring this holiday. For example, you can see a woman holding the American flag. Meanwhile, the fireworks in the background are red, which is one of the colors in the flag. One of the men is also opening champagne for the celebration. Overall, this picture exudes a lot of happy vibes. They seem to be enjoying the day with their bikes, guns, and beverages. Let’s hope that their neighbors weren’t disturbed by the noisy environment.

Scared Husbands At Festivals

image 152 1

It is no secret that many festivals are hosted in the countryside throughout the year. You may attend an event to celebrate the first harvest. There is also a high number of married men at various festivals. This picture is a prime example of a man attending an event to have some fun. He is also wearing a funny shirt to show that he is scared of his wife. Many other married men may relate to the statement. It is likely that the woman standing next to him is his partner. The shirt also explains that he likes to enjoy drinking.

A Buffalo Ride

image 345 1

People in the countryside are not afraid of bulls and buffalos because of their daily lifestyle. The man in this image may be an exception due to his odd way of riding a buffalo. Instead of riding on a live animal, the man has made an artificial vehicle with wheels and a motor. Residents of this neighborhood may have been startled seeing this man riding a buffalo. The ride may have been slow because of the heavy weight. People who are afraid of animals can use this creative idea to enjoy a ride without putting their lives in danger.

The Blast

image 155

The kid in this image will not be afraid of fires in the future because of this event. He does not seem bothered by the fire in the background, or it may not have caught his attention yet. His parents also seem to be unbothered by the situation because they decided to put a lighter in their child’s hand to take this funny image instead of controlling the fire. The non-serious attitude may be because of their country lifestyle. People in country areas are rarely afraid of such small fires. They also know how to control them easily.

A Professional Deer Hunter

image 144 1

There are two plausible explanations for why this country girl is holding deer feed. She may be hunting the animal with her friends for a fun evening. This is because the girl also has a pistol with her. Another explanation is that she may be protecting deer in her area. Some country folks are concerned about animal hunting and may form a group to protect them from illegal hunting. Regardless of the case, this country girl knows what she is doing and is proud of it. She also has high strength because she is carrying the feed like it weighs nothing.

A Buffalo Fight

image 119

Many people living in cities don’t believe someone when they talk about animals having a fight in the middle of the road. However, this is because city people do not see many strange things. The same cannot be said for people living in the countryside. Anything is possible in country areas, just like this buffalo fight. It is common practice to drive slowly when driving in such an area because animals can come on the road without any warnings. Many collisions in country areas also happen because of large animals such as buffalos or bulls.

The Boot Beer

image 348 1

Country people are bold enough to do things that many city people consider embarrassing or unhygienic. For example, these cowboys decided to use their boots to drink beer. They may have been challenged by someone to use their shoes as glasses. Another case is that they may have been too drunk already to distinguish between things clearly. The beer may have tasted a bit sour because of the dirty boots, but these men seemed to be enjoying it. However, if you look closely, you will realize that only one of the guys is drinking while the other is pretending.

A BBQ Party

image 350 1

Cooking steaks on a grill can be time-consuming because of limited space. You may be hosting a large party in your country home, so you may require an alternative for cooking a large amount of food. This image will be inspiring because of the efficient grilling system that the person has created. It allows the host to prepare more than two dozen steaks simultaneously. The guests at this party likely didn’t have to wait to get food. However, it may have been difficult to flip the meat because all pieces are placed very close to one another.

Transferring A Bull

image 120 1

Transferring a bull can be very difficult without a bullpen and the right vehicle. This is because the animal can become aggressive at any time, which can lead to devastating effects for nearby people. The person in this image took a risk to transfer their bull in a pickup track. They used silver gates to form a cage for the animal during the transfer. The bull could have gotten out of the pickup truck if it had decided to use its complete force. Remember, animal transfers are not uncommon in country areas, so you should be alert on roads.

Bike Mail

image 370 1

There are many unusual structures in country areas, but this mailbox may rank high on your list. Someone decided to place a children’s bike in a wheelie position and set up a mailbox on it. The strange thing is that there is no house nearby in the picture. So the mailbox is stranded on some highway. The person who created this item may have used their kid’s old bike because it may not be working. This mailbox idea may be creative, but it is futile and a waste of a bike because a mechanic may have been able to fix the bike.

Patriotism At Its Peak

Patriotic Sunburn 2

Many people are patriotic about their countries and love to show their loyalty by keeping their national flag with them. This person decided to show his patriotism by getting sunburned with the flag design for a unique look. He must have done this to parade around the town shirtless to show the flag. The only disadvantage of this idea is that it is temporary. This flag will disappear after some time, and the person will have to find other ways to show patriotism. A tattoo of the national flag would have been a better idea due to its permanency.

Road Hazard 2.0

image 354 1

Getting a new vehicle is an exciting thing for many people. However, not everyone has the funds to get the vehicle delivered to their doorstep in a truck. This person may have been one of those people because he decided to transfer the vehicle by securing it in his car. It is clear that the individual is from the countryside because of the usage of straps. This is a road hazard because the quad bike will cause a collision if the straps break. The person’s vehicle may have also been damaged because of the weight and tires.

A Mud Bath

Not Afraid to Get Dirty 1

It is difficult to figure out what is going on in this image because of the weird position and expressions of this couple. They may have been driving too fast, which caused them to end up in a pool of muddy water. The guy may also be trying to get them out of the dirt by pressing the race button. They may also be trying to enjoy a mud bath. This is because both of them do not have distressed expressions. The girl is also not bothered by the pool of mud around them and continues to hold the guy.

Wakeboarding Or Steam Boarding

image 355 1

Wakeboarding is a thrilling water sports activity that many country people like to enjoy to beat the summer heat. However, there are only a few people who would try this activity using a steam shovel. A steam shovel is an excavator for lifting rock and soil. This image may have been edited using Photoshop because the steam shovel seems to be in mid-air. It is also dangerous to use this vehicle for water sports activities. The person could have gotten injured as well because of this stunt. This is why we hope the image is not original.

A Muddy Wedding

Shotgun Wedding 2

The couple in this image may have eloped from home to get married. They may have wanted a lightning wedding to enjoy their married life promptly. This is why they decided to tie the knot on a monster truck in a muddy area. It also seems that only the bride planned for this wedding because she even got a dress. Meanwhile, her partner is in his regular country clothes. They also don’t have any witnesses or friends around. The other guy on the truck may be their friend, or he may have officiated their shotgun wedding.

A Gaming Contest

Redneck Olympics

Gaming events happen in country areas throughout the year to help the locals and tourists enjoy. The top thing about competitions in country areas is that it includes weird contests. For example, the girls in this image are participating in a race in a muddy landscape. Their likely task may have been to get out of the mud. The muddy area is also separated from the green field in the background through a net. People in country areas seem to enjoy activities that cause them to get dirty or involve mud, which is surprising for most city fellows.

Common Sense Has Left The World

image 369

Many people call country folks smart and love their different daily life hacks. The person who set up their camper to a broken truck in this image does not seem to have intelligence left. This is because they could have attached the camper directly to their working vehicle to save time and effort. It is easier to carry a camper on the truck that one is driving instead of attaching it to another vehicle and towing them. The setup in the picture is redundant, but it probably worked fine for the camper’s owner. People on the highway may have been startled, though.

The Southern Country Girls

image 94 1

People like to see country girls nailing their outfits at various festivals. The girls in this image are likely from southern areas because of their cowboy outfits. They are enjoying a music festival, as indicated by the background setup. The best thing is that they are unbothered by people around them and enjoying themselves to the fullest. Their crop tops are also adding a glamorous touch to their look. They have also figured out how to keep their mobile safe while enjoying the festival. One of the girls has tucked their phone skirt’s waist belt.

Strange Country Footwear

image 377

The traditional footwear option for country folks is leather boots. However, it can be uncomfortable to wear these shoes during the summer. This is because your feet may sweat a lot, and it can make you feel hotter. The person in this image may have thought a lot about a fix for this traditional footwear option. Their solution involves attaching the upper part of their boots to sandals for a more comfortable experience. This look allows them to maintain their countryside essence without compromising on their comfort level. Open boots do seem a good idea for summer.

Cruising Around The Town

image 373 1

The people in this image may not be able to afford a car, which is why they are cruising around in an odd manner. They have attached a wheelchair on the back of a scooter to serve as a third seat while two people are on the scooter. It is also plausible that the person in the wheelchair is actually disabled and holding onto the scooter to move around more easily. The ride must have been uncomfortable for the person sitting on the scooter’s floor. It may have made it difficult to move the scooter too.

A Horse’s Order

image 160 1

Whoever saw this horse last must have been grossed by the dirt on it. This is why they wrote “Wash Me” on the animal’s body to remind the caretaker of the task. You may also see similar instructions on dirty vehicles that need to be washed. It is also likely that a caretaker from the first shift at the ranch wrote this message because they don’t like to wash horses. Whatever the case, we hope this animal got a good bath later. This is because dirt on their bodies can be discomforting and harmful to many animals.

A Unique Balcony System

image 394 1

The man in this picture does not have a balcony or proper roof in his home that allows him to enjoy a good view of the front street. This is why he figured out a solution all by himself. The man shifted a sofa on the roof above his home’s main entrance. It must have been a difficult task because he would have needed a ladder and someone else to help him. The person also has an injured foot because you can see a brace around the left foot. There is also a crutch beside the bag on his open roof.