the Most Amazing Tree Houses in the World


Treehouses aren’t just for kids anymore. Some of the most amazing treehouses ever built are located in places in the world you’d never expect. Trying to build one for your kid? Maybe these will inspire you. Here are 7 of the most amazing tree houses in the world:

Mirror House

This camouflaged tree house, which is almost completely hidden, is barely recognizable from the outside, thanks to the mirrors all over the outside. This house is part of the Tree Hotel project in Sweden. Swedes would totally have a hotel treehouse.


Ever wanted to eat in style? This is the place to enjoy a meal with a view. The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant is built on a Redwood tree that’s 40 meters high in Auckland, New Zealand. The cocoon shape is truly breathtaking, and we haven’t tried the food, but the view alone is incredible.


This huge treehouse is over 97 feet tall, six trees alone were used for the base. It is one of the largest treehouses in the world, and took over 14 years to build! You can visit this amazing sight in Crossville, Tennessee.


This little sanctuary is tucked away in the woods of Canada, in the city of Whistler. Software developer, Joel Allen wanted to live in this humble abode. After retiring at the ripe old age of 26, he fulfilled his dream of building something cool, which is beyond cool.

There’s something funny about this house, right? That’s because it’s a carbon copy of the homes behind it! Unfortunately, you can’t stay in this home, located  in Ghent, Belgium. It was originally created for the art festival, but hey, at least it looks cool.


This treehouse is located in Japan, and allows you to see into the world of birds, which brings you much closer to wildlife. It’s split into two, one for the birds enjoyment, as well as people’s pleasure.


The UFO treehouse is a Swedish Tree Hotel, one that is quite different from the others. It’s designed in the shape of a UFO, and has a small ladder that leads you into the hub. This is has to take the cake on the coolest treehouse we’ve ever seen!