70-year-old Richard Gere welcomes second child with his young wife


Long-time Hollywood heartthrob with classic good looks, Richard Gere has just become a dad again. He and his young wife, Alejandra Silva, along with one-year-old big brother, just welcomed their second child, another boy.

Richard Gere has starred in many films and is no stranger to on-screen stardom. Off-screen, he has been heavily involved in human rights causes. Alejandra Silva is a well-known Spanish activist. Gere is possibly best known for films made beginning in the 1970s, a decade before Silva was even born. Some of the most well-known titles include “Looking for Mr. Goodbar,”, “American Gigolo,” “An Officer and a Gentleman,” and “Pretty Woman.” Silva, born in 1983, became well recognized as a cover model. She has also promoted nonprofit initiatives such as Beautiful Life Fund, and participated in Real Madrid Football Club Foundation African initiative project. She met Gere through her nonprofit interests.

Being the age of many great-grandpas didn’t stop Richard Gere from becoming a father again. He and his wife just welcomed with opened arms a baby boy, who is the couple’s second baby and the fourth boy between them. Prior to their latest arrivals, Gere and Silva were no strangers to parenthood. Richard Gere has an older son who recently turned 20, and Silva is the mother of a 7-year-old son. They both have a son from previous relationships. Gere’s first son was born to him and his wife at the time, actress, and model Carey Lowell. Silva’s first son was from her first husband, Govind Friedland.

Richard Gere is 70, and his wife is 37 were married in April of 2018. This came after a four-year courtship after meeting each other in 2014. This December/May romance hasn’t put a damper on starting and raising a family. By August of 2018, the couple had announced that they were expecting their first child together. They became parents of Alexander, their first child, in February 2019.

It wasn’t long before they would make a second announcement. Alexander had barely celebrated his 9-month birthday when Alejandra would announce he would be an older brother. This time, Gere and Silva were expecting a child by the spring of 2020. In spite of Coronavirus shutdowns and health care fears, another baby boy has joined the family.

His age doesn’t seem to be an issue to the couple with neither one seeming to give it a second thought. While the focus tends to be on Gere’s age, Silva is actually at an age considered to be in a higher risk age range for childbearing women. Richard Gere has been quoted as saying he wants to be a hands-on kind of dad. The couple currently live in a ranch located just outside of New York in a city called Pound Ridge. This is where she gave birth at home on the couple’s ranch.