The Weirdest Trees Ever


Trees are a remarkable aspect of nature. Some are hundreds of years old, some are big, some are small, but overall, they still fulfill the same purpose of providing external beauty to our surroundings. Here are 8 of the weirdest trees you didn’t know about:

Axel Erlandson’s Circus Tree

Axel Erlandson has a passion for something called Arbor Sculpting. In 1947, he opened up a horticulture garden that featured his craft. He has created several masterpieces, one of which is the Circus Tree which attracted a lot of attention worldwide.


Pirangi Cashew Tree- Brazil

The Pirangi Cashew Tree is one of the largest cashew trees in the world. It resembles more of a huge root than a tree, or perhaps more of a bush. But, in fact, this tree covers an area of about 8500 square meters alone, which is massive.


Tree of Life- Bahrain

This tree stands completely alone in the middle of a desert, and because of its location in the desert, it barely has any water available for it. While this is quite sad, it still continues to stand. It’s astonishing just amazing how nature teaches us about other aspects of life.


Chapel Oak of Allouville

People lived in the Chapel Oak of Allouville, and its tip has reached the clouds! To some, this is a realistic depiction of a tree that many read about as children. Unsurprisingly, Chapel Tree is one of the best known trees in all of France.



Baobab it is one of the most charismatic trees in the whole world. It is known as the Teapot Baobab because of its shape. These guys are actually fire resistant, and the trees do not normally have leaves for a majority of the year.


German Sherman

The German Sherman is located in the Giant Forest of the National Park in the US. This tree is more than 250 feet tall and is around 2500 years old, which is pretty old, especially for a tree. Its name is also funny, given that it’s from the states.


Silk Cotton Trees of Taphrom

The temple of Ta Prohm or otherwise known as the Jungle Temple, has the most amazing trees growing in it. The way in which some of them grow, like the silk trees, is something truly remarkable.


Tule Tree of Oaxaca

The Tule Tree of Oaxaca is the most famous tree in Mexico, and is located near the city of Oaxaca. While it’s not the oldest nor the largest tree in the world, its base trunk measures an incredible 164 feet, plus it’s ancient!