9 Super Creative Christmas Gifts Ideas


Christmas is a time to be creative. With all of the gift-giving, there is no excuse to be unoriginal when it comes to giving your loved ones presents for the holiday season. While not everything is uber-creative, and that’s perfectly understandable, we have some ideas that will help you come up with some pretty creative gifts. Here are 10 super creative Christmas gift ideas:

DIY Ornaments

People love ornaments. Beyond that, however, they are used for decorating the Christmas tree. Because this kind of a gift serves so much purpose, DIY ornaments are a great idea for gift giving. Use various paints to create beautiful, unique designs on them, and wrap them up to put in someone’s stocking.


Seasonal Welcome Mat

This gift idea could be the warmest welcome of the holiday season. This awesome doormat has a chic antler design and makes a special hostess or housewarming gift. Your best bet is to stick to something festive (i.e. trees, snowflakes, even a snowman), or you can get personal by adding a monogram or the receiver’s house number.


Hardware Handbag

You’re looking at the chicest bag of the season, and it’s a DIY bag! Your biggest challenge will be giving this bad boy up. We’re certain no one else will have this bag, unless, that is, you’re planning to make a few. So if you have a fashionista friend who really values items that no one else has, this would be the ultimate gift for that friend.


Magical Snow Globe

If you’ve ever wondered how you can make a snowglobe that is personal, but also friendlier to you budget, this is your opportunity. You’d be surprised as to how far you can get using a mason jar (they’re not just for food). Snow globes are a special gift for this particular holiday, so go for it!


Raindrop Mobile

Mobiles are nice gifts to expecting parents, or for housewarming parties (given that the receivers are into them). You can get really creative making mobiles, so give a raindrop mobile a try. Give the winter an “end-of-summer” feeling by making your loved ones a charming raindrop mobile.


Warm and Fuzzy Felt Mugs

Instead of buying solid-colored (boring) mugs, and gifting those, opt for making warm and fuzzy mugs made of felt! These colorful and super soft sleeves make sipping hot cocoa and coffee that much more tasty, as well as comforting. Keep your friends and families’ hands warm with these unique mugs.


Writing Set

When it comes to a foolproof gift idea, a stationary that has been uniquely personalized can’t possibly be beat. If you’re inspired to create your own set, there are many sources of inspiration available on the web for you to check out. Besides, letter writing is a dying art, so why not revive it by gifting it to someone who enjoys writing?


Vintage-Inspired Cake Stand

Originality means making a cake stand with some vintagey-looking elements to it. Choose any color, because the more the color stands out, the better the cake will look when served on it. Let’s go back to the 1800s, the Victorian era, and bring some of it back to the kitchen for the holidays.



Set the mood, celebrate, bring some light into someone’s life just by giving them a candle for Christmas. Combine the wax with a variety of essential oils to give it an aromatherapeutic kick. This way, the receiver will be able to use it in their bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, pretty much anywhere- all by getting some stress relief from the essential oils.