Ally Lewber and James Kennedy are dating


Intimacy in everyday life! Our news correspondents have confirmed that James Kennedy of Vanderpump Rules is having an affair with Ally Lewber.

On Monday, March 14, Kennedy’s publicist informed our news reporter anonymously, “James managed to meet Ally lately, and they’re now seeing for a few weeks already.” “He’s overjoyed as well as looking forward to whatever the coming years might hold.”

While being on holiday in Mexico, we were able to get rare photos of the pair kissing. On Wednesday, the 30-year-old Artist posted photographs from their vacation to Social media such as Instagram.

The Bravo celebrity subtitled the film, “That greatest wonderful journey I’ve ever had in my whole life. Here is another small series of pictures of yesterday’s excursion… “Guys, show some love!” Also, optimism! “Because life is too brief.”

Kennedy stated on co-star Lala Kent’s program in February that the two encountered in January, a month following Kennedy when his ex-fiancée Raquel Leviss declared their separation, at Pump Rules actor Tom Sandoval as well the most Extras event in Agoura Hills, California. According to Lewber, the miniseries were popular among his peers.

The Brit uploaded multiple Videos walking hand in hand with both the Belmont University alumnus while in Las Vegas during his birth anniversary the week after their confront.

The formerly SUR busser shared Kent, 31, images of some of his recent girlfriend, who is now an L.A. native, during his appearance on “Start giving People Lala.” He admitted, “I’m sort of seeing everyone.” The Bravo star was apprehensive when questioned whether he’d invite her to the program.

“Look, it’s too soon to say anything truthfully.” “I genuinely like this girl,” he said. “I’m not sure.” We’ll have to wait and see exactly what emerges. That’s something I can’t expect any female to do.”

Kennedy also said that he would not really “want to repeat the similar errors” that he made when bringing Leviss onto the show, which he feels hastened their loving relationship.

“I’m finding my way with [Lewber].” He told Kent, “She gets to determine what she needs to do about the scenario, and then it’s like, I have had to choose as well.” “I understand that I’m trying to do it myself, and now I’m going to have an f—good king time.” Really. Therefore, following Raquel’s departure, it’s as if I don’t have anybody to impress or satisfy but myself… My heart can no longer shatter… I don’t give a damn what anybody else believes or desires… “I’m no longer under anyone’s control.”

According to their own Instagram pages, Kennedy & Leviss confirmed their split in November 2021 with about the same message.

“After these 5 amazing years around each other, we have recognized that we have two distinct objectives and have chosen to break off from the commitment,” the pair wrote. “We care about each other, but we’re not in love.”

The former couple has been in a “complicated connection,” according to an informant, who added that they desired “new activities.”