Ashton Kutcher surprises Texas mom,He bought running shoes for her son’s team


Ashton Kutcher is known for being a delightful person and the most interesting thing is that he continues to show kindness and gratitude at the highest possible levels. Monica Gutierrez, a mother that needed help to buy her son’s team some shoes, she didn’t really expect any response. But the cool thing is that Ashton Kutcher replied to the message.

He sent brand new shoes to the team, so they can go onward and just become the best that they can be. Gutierrez stated that she doesn’t afford buying new shoes, and she resorted to this idea to see if celebrities would actually help in any way. But the cool thing is that Ashton Kutcher actually replied and everyone found this to be really exciting.

She received a message asking the shoe size after connecting with Ashton Kutcher via the Community app. But the cool thing is that she received a reply and after sharing the shoe size she thought it was just a prank and she would never get the shoes that she needed. It turns out that Ashton Kutcher actually sent the shoes, as they arrived at the front door before the race.

This is the type of thing you rarely get to see. Most celebrities don’t really answer these requests, there are tons of them, and most of them aren’t always true. But the cool thing is that you will also find celebrities that really care about their audience. Ashton Kutcher is definitely one of them, and he wanted to find some cool way to assist.

The approach he chose is amazing and honestly it wasn’t that much of an expense for him. He is a well known investor and he makes a lot of money in the tech world. The most important aspect comes from helping others, he knows that, and he did assist the mother and team when they needed the most.

She is very happy with the results and the fact that a celebrity actually chose to step onward and assist the best way that he could. You rarely see this type of situation, and it shows the commitment that Ashton Kutcher had to help and assist as much as possible.

Of course, this is not a random situation, there are many others like this, but it’s still exciting to see that good things are still happening nowadays. While Gutierrez didn’t get to personally thank Ashton Kutcher, it’s still nice to see that celebrities do care and they want to assist!