“Broken but healing,” says posts of- Khloe Kardashian


An emotional year, a change, self-work, 3 important things which define Khloe Kardashian from being self-destructive to a rising soul. Seems like she knows how to get it together and with the end of the year 2019, this one emotional year for her is pointing out newly developed and emotionally better women.


Her Instagram Handle seemed to be full of vaguely cryptic quotes and possibly this is the reason why all her fans were so worried for her. Some pointed out her too and thought all this related to her splitting up from Tristan Thompson.


But mind you whatever it was, it was personal. Some people would lose discussing such situations around but Khloe handled it well. She handled her work as she tried healing herself. She tried setting boundaries, said the references. Her love, Tristan cheated her and it was only she and only she who could have known how it feels like being broken. As per one of the quotes she posted, it showed her true feelings.

It meant, “only a woman known what’s being broken and how much time she takes to be healed back again and get back to herself. She tries to succeed at peace rebuilding and trying to get her happiness back but then, she also has this right to be picky now. Seeing someone you love, cheat you makes you picky and its nothing wrong in that. A woman should know who she tries to bring back again.”

Her other quotes began with the word “Damn” and it was again a start to her heartful shares for the world. She said, “the year was one among the happiest and saddest one. I had the moment which I have experienced.”

Quote after quote to describe feelings. Do you think it is that easy to come out from a hurting feeling? To forget who hurt you?

Her other quote says, “A person glows when they don’t hate, when they don’t hurt or when they are not bitter or when they are not messy” and it’s right. Person happiness, their smile make them glow and show the world how good are they.

But you know the best part of this woman? She still co-parents her daughter with Tristan. She dared to fight her feelings. There might be allegations of Tristan cheating with their family friend named Jordy woods as per the references but things are better now. Tristan seems to have no intentions of getting back in the relationship with the ex.

“He still is charming and all sweet to Khloé,” said the source from the outlet.

The women know when its enough and she knows how to keep it down. Khloe knows its enough and no matter how much Tristan tries flattering and winning her, she seems to be having no interest in coming back together with the person who hurt her, romantically. She is getting better and for sure the upcoming year will get her the reality better for her to be realised and to be okay and to keep growing.